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Ceramir Restore QuikCap Evaluation

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Ceramir Restore QuikCap Evaluation

A self-curing restorative that combines a conventional glass ionomer with bioceramic technology, resulting in a tissue-friendly bioactive material


Ceramir QuikcapBecause each patient’s clinical situation is unique, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all restorative material in dentistry. When deciding which material to choose for a patient, dentists must consider a variety of factors, such as a patient’s diagnosis and prognosis, caries risk, remaining tooth structure, and desired esthetics, along with the length and affordability of the procedure. While many patients can benefit from a bioceramic restorative material like Doxa Dental’s Ceramir Restore QuikCap, it is particularly useful when significant decay is present and when procedures need to be performed quickly, as with pediatric or geriatric patients and those with special needs.


When asked to try Ceramir Restore QuikCap for this DPS product review, the participating dentists hoped it would solve some of their everyday restorative challenges. For example, one dentist was seeking “a methacrylate-free bioactive restorative material” and another was searching for a “glass ionomer for geriatric patients with anti-caries characteristics and excellent long-term viability.” When these dentists used Ceramir Restore QuikCap to restore their patients, its unique chemistry proved to be the key driver that led to successful outcomes.


The Chemistry

Ceramir Restore QuikCap is a self-curing bioceramic restorative material that combines a conventional glass ionomer with Ceramir technology. This combination yields a unique bioactive material that helps create chemical integration and a permanent seal with teeth. Apatite formation helps fill crevices, an alkaline pH and biocompatibility reduce sensitivity in preparations, and continuous calcium and fluoride release help strengthen enamel and rebuild and strengthen dentin, according to Doxa.


Because “it has bioactive properties and releases fluoride and calcium ions,” Ceramir Restore QuikCap is an ideal restorative solution for areas with significant gingival decay, said Dr. Divyang Patel. Dr. Dominic Raymond appreciates “that it seals margins that have micro-openings,” Dr. Neil Fabricant called it a good treatment for sensitivity, and Dr. Rishi Verma said, “It releases calcium and fluoride into compromised tooth structure.” Stating that it’s “important to be able to deliver a bioactive material to patients,” Dr. Teresa DeStefano said Ceramir “was ideal for fillings in my senior/geriatric population, notably for Class V lesions in non-esthetic zones,” and said she doesn’t need to worry about allergic reactions for patients sensitive to PMMA.” Dr. Edward Lew said the material’s bioceramic and glass ionomer properties “help give fillings for geriatric patients an excellent prognosis long term,” and added, “It’s great for restorations that are hard to isolate and in areas prone to decay.”


Teresa DeStefano, DMD

"It's important to
be able to deliver
a bioactive
material to

Edward Lew, DMD

"It helps give
fillings for
geriatric patients
an excellent
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Victoria Sullivan, DDS

"It's easy to work
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Teresa DeStefano,
Raritan, NJ
Edward Lew,
San Gabriel, CA
Victoria Sullivan,
Las Vegas, NV


Application & Handling

After mixing for 10 seconds, each QuikCap capsule is placed in a specially designed applicator and dispensed directly into the prep for immediate packing and contouring. Calling the consistency excellent, Dr. Raymond said Ceramir Restore QuikCap is “easy to mix and use,” and Dr. Fabricant said it was more packable and easier to work with than 2 competing products, although he had to modify the tips to fit in his amalgamator. Dr. William Lieberman found the capsules sometimes difficult to activate, while Dr. Ryan McNeil said the mixing was easy and the unique mixing capsules were his favorite feature, although he had difficulty dispensing the material and controlling its placement. Dr. Lew said the quick and easy application reduced chair time for some geriatric patients, and Dr. Verma agreed that it was easy to place and “is a good alternative to traditional glass ionomers.” Appreciating the “easy, fast application,” Dr. Tiffany Brady enjoyed having another restorative option following SDF treatment.


Working/Setting Time & Polishability

Ceramir Restore QuikCap has a short working time and a setting time of 6 minutes, which Dr. Lew called “just about right.” Using it for Class II lesions on primary teeth, Dr. Victoria Sullivan called the material “easy to work with and strong, with nice marginal adaptation.” Although he prefers “a little more working time and a softer consistency,” Dr. Patel liked “the ability to pack the cavity much faster than a typical resin restoration.” Dr. Teresa DeStefano said the material initially sets very quickly and she needs to leave sufficient time for final set. Dr. Fabricant would like a longer self-cure set time, and Francia Mercedes, DDS, suggested a light-cured option and called it “a great restorative material in highly wet areas [that are] difficult to isolate.” Available in an A2 opaque shade, the material’s shade and translucency progresses with time. Dr. William Simon said he likes Ceramir Restore QuikCap’s contouring and polishing and called it “a nice option for indications similar to glass ionomers.”

Divyang Patel, DDS
"I am always happy to use Doxa products because they are cutting edge and benefit my patients."
-Divyang Patel, DDS
Palm Harbor, FL


Overall Satisfaction

“I am always happy to use Doxa products because they are cutting edge and benefit my patients,” shared Dr. Patel. He said Ceramir Restore QuikCap is a unique product with several good properties, and he has added it to his toolbox. “It is a reasonably priced excellent product,” Dr. Raymond concluded. “I really like using it in my practice. It worked well in every instance.”



• Combines glass ionomer and bioceramic technology to achieve a bioactive material
• QuikCap capsules are easy to mix
• Indicated for a variety of procedures and well suited for pediatric and geriatric patients
• Contains fluoride-and calcium-releasing ions to help strengthen enamel
• Apatite formation helps fill crevices and an alkaline pH and biocompatibility reduce sensitivity

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 3.4
    Ease of mixing and dispensing

  • 3.3
    Ease of application/ placement

  • 3.9
    Ability to pack and contour the material

  • 2.9
    Working and setting time

  • 3.6
    Adaptation to margins

  • 3.4

  • 4.3
    Lack of postop sensitivity

Section A AVERAGE : 3.5
Section B
  • 3.7
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 3.7

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B




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