Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Liquid Kit

Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Liquid Kit Evaluation

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Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Liquid Kit

Cetylite Industries

Cetacaine Liquid provides rapid-onset, long-lasting anesthesia without the pain of injection.

Cetylite Industries’ Cetacaine Liquid provides rapid-onset, long-lasting anesthesia in a non-injectable, cost-effective formulation. The anesthetic’s “triple-active” formula (benzocaine 14.0%, butamben 2.0%, tetracaine hydrochloride 2.0%), quick onset, and long anesthesia duration make it ideal for a range of applications, including pre-injection, cleaning in sensitive patients, scaling and root planing, and laser procedures.

Designed for cost-efficiency, the 14-g bottle yields up to 34 full-mouth applications at a cost comparable to that of injectable anesthetics ($2 per full-mouth; $0.50 per quadrant). A new and unique dispenser cap enables accurate filling of Luer-lock syringes, reducing waste by allowing the clinician to measure and use only the amount of product needed.

The Cetacaine Liquid Kit contains a 14-g bottle of Cetacaine Liquid with a dispenser cap, 20 Vista 1.2-mL Luer-lock syringes, and 20 Vista- Probe 27-gauge tips.

Effectiveness (Anesthesia Onset and Duration)

Cetacaine Liquid can be applied directly to the site at which pain control is required. Onset of anesthesia is rapid (approximately 30 seconds); the duration of anesthesia is typically 30 to 60 minutes, when used as directed.1 When the 14 dentists who evaluated the Cetacaine Liquid Kit were asked about time to onset of anesthesia, 10 rated it as excellent and 4 rated it as very good. Duration of anesthesia was rated as excellent by 8 evaluators, as very good by 4, and as good by 2. A dentist who stated he would probably recommend and purchase the liquid said, “When placing the needle subgingivally I’m not sure I got as profound an effect as I would have liked.” Six evaluators cited fast and/or profound anesthesia as the feature they liked most, reporting “very good onset and depth,” “fast, profound anesthesia,” and “deep effectiveness of the numbness.” A New York dentist in practice for 25 years said its “quick onset and deep anesthesia compared to a generic topical” is what he liked most, and a Wash ington dentist in practice for 27 years reported “profound anesthesia that lasted well throughout the dental hygiene appointment.” One evaluator noted that it “works well for laser procedures.”

Patient Reaction

Patient reaction to Cetacaine Liquid’s anesthesia effect was rated by 13 of the evaluators—excellent by 3, very good by 8, and good by 2. One evaluator said his patients told him that “their throats got very numb but their gums didn’t get as numb.” A dentist who called it much better than similar anesthetics said it “made scalings on sensitive patients much more tolerable,” and an ev aluator who said she would definitely recommend and purchase it noted that “patient response was terrific.” Three evaluators cited taste as a feature they’d like to see improved, and another evaluator reported “no complaints about taste.”

Ease of Use

Cetacaine Liquid can be applied with a cotton applicator or directly to tissue; no dispenser is needed. The Luer-lock port enables a single dip of the microbrush for drop application. For subgingival delivery, the 1.2-mL Luer-lock syringe is locked into the port and the bottle inverted to draw up the maximum recommended dosage (per dental visit) of 0.4 mL liquid. The 27-gauge Vista-Probe tip (which may be bent to improve access) or a tip of the clinician’s choice is attached, and the syringe plunger is depressed slowly for drop application to all accessible mucous membranes except the eyes.

Ease of use was rated as excellent by 8 evaluators, as very good by 4, and as good by 2. When asked what they’d like to see improved, 1 evaluator said it “runs too much; ironically, it’s difficult to dispense out of the syringe.” Another evaluator suggested “a slight tint so I can more easily see where it’s going,” and a third “would like an additional canula tip with the brush inside to enable a sweep of the sulcus.”

When asked what they liked most, 6 evaluators cited ease of use and/or delivery, with comments including “no special guns or syringes needed,” “easy to use and apply,” and “we really like the dispensing system from the bottle.” A New Jersey dentist who reported that she would probably recommend and purchase Cetacaine said, “It’s an easy-tohandle, no-mess version of benzocaine.”

Overall Satisfaction

All 14 evaluators said they would definitely or probably recommend Ceta caine to colleagues. Over all satisfaction was rated as excellent by 5 evaluators, as very good by 5, as good by 3, and as fair by 1. “This is an easy-to-use system and we liked it a great deal,” noted an evaluator who said she would definitely purchase and recommend Cetacaine. “Thank you for the op portunity to evaluate it.”


1. Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic (Cetylite). Drug Reference Encyclopedia, June 30, 2007. http:// www.theodora.com/drugs/cetacaine_topical_a nesthetic_cetylite.html (Accessed June 17, 2010).

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Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Liquid Kit
Cetylite Industries, Inc.
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