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evaluatorsCustom aligner system makes it easy for clinicians to straighten teeth using a series of clear, removable aligners

With its clear aligners, ClearCorrect has sought to streamline the process for dental professionals to provide custom treatment for straightening teeth without metal braces. Dentists send in photos, impressions, or scans from an intraoral scanner, and ClearCorrect creates exact 3D models of the patient’s teeth and maps out a complete treatment plan of gradual adjustment that can be viewed and managed step by step at any time.

In its original 2011 product evaluation, ClearCorrect’s Clear Aligners earned a Dental Product Shopper Best Product rating, and it continues to be the clear aligner system of choice for thousands of dental professionals throughout the United States. The manufacturer is regularly making improvements to the product line, and DPS recently checked in with ClearCorrect and some of the original evaluators to see what enhancements have been made to this product in the last several years.


Looking Back

During the original product evaluation, 13 out of 14 evaluators described the esthetics and comfort of ClearCorrect aligners as very good or excellent. One dentist said, “The material is very clear and almost invisible to patients and friends alike.” The same evaluator lauded the ability to monitor tooth movement and make changes faster so treatment fi nishes in less time. While a majority of evaluators described ClearCorrect’s customer service as very good or excellent, many of them specifi cally commended the aligners for their affordability to the doctor and patient, with one evaluator stating that it gives clinicians “more bang for the buck.”


Innovative New Features

quoteClearCorrect has continuously sought to improve its product and services in the years since the evaluation. Here are some highlights of improvements that have been made:

• ClearCorrect is now compatible with all major intraoral scanners.
• For clinically proven superior retention, aligners are trimmed above the gingival zenith.
• In 2014, ClearCorrect began offering starter kits to patients.
• Cases can be submitted for free with no obligation.
• Live support chat was introduced in 2015.
• Web browser-based 3D treatment setups are offered.
• A Flex treatment option allows doctors to pay per appliance; Unlimited includes a fl at rate for 5 years.
• ClearCorrect’s new volume discount grows with every order.

One of the original evaluators, Dr. Derek Draft, said he is still offering ClearCorrect aligners to his patients in Grandville, MI. He praised the company for continually updating its product, and he especially appreciates that ClearCorrect has increased the options for treatment plans and payment methods depending on the type of case selected.

Dr. Draft said he can attest that ClearCorrect listens to and respects its customers. During the evaluation, Dr. Draft had said he would like to see more visible steps on the initial treatment setup provided for approval. Today, Dr. Draft is happy to report that ClearCorrect has updated its initial treatment setup. The web-based 3D treatment setups offer an interactive timeline of every step of the case, including the starting position of the teeth, compliance checkpoints, and anticipated fi nal teeth position.


An Orthodontist’s Take

Melissa Shotell, DMD, an orthodontist in Sonora, CA, has offered ClearCorrect to her patients for years. She shared her 5 favorite things about the company and its clear aligners:

1) ClearCorrect has exceptional customer service, from my local representative to the corporate headquarters in Texas. The level of customer service I receive is excellent, and I feel that my business is valued.
2) It is a cost-effective option for clear aligners.
3) The aligners are very transparent, giving a high level of esthetics while the patients are in treatment.
4) The aligners are very strong. I have not had any diffi culty with patients cracking or deforming aligners.
5) The attachments are small and discrete, giving my patients a high level of comfort during treatment.

Dr. Shotell commended ClearCorrect for innovative technology, including the use of digital impressions. “ClearCorrect has been utilizing digital impressions, making my clinical practice much easier,” she said. “I own 2 different intraoral scanners, and I am able to utilize the digital scans as my initial study models and use them as my fi nal impressions for my ClearCorrect cases. This saves chair time and gives my patients an added level of comfort over taking traditional PVS impressions.”


Overall Satisfaction

Throughout these changes, many of the original features and benefi ts of ClearCorrect have stayed the same, including their “made in the USA” manufacturing process and their customer service. There are also no sign-up fees or required courses, which helps practices increase revenue.


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    Corrects minor/moderate underbites

  • 3.9
    Corrects minor/moderate overbites

  • 4.6
    Patient Comfort

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  • 4.6

  • 4.4
    Ability to align crooked/turned teeth

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Section A AVERAGE : 4.3
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  • 4.6
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.6

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ClearCorrect Retainers
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