CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS Light-Cure Dental Adhesive System

CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS Light-Cure Dental Adhesive System Evaluation

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CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS Light-Cure Dental Adhesive System

Kuraray America

With its single-bottle liquid, CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS dramatically simplifies bonding procedures.

CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS is a light-cure, self-etching, 1-step, fluoride-releasing bonding agent. It offers reduced postoperative sensitivity and high bond strength because of Kuraray?s original MDP technology, the same used in CLEARFIL SE BOND and Panavia. With its 1- bottle liquid, CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS dramatically simplifies bonding procedures. It also features a catalyst that provides high bond strength as well as improved working time.

According to the manufacturer, CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS has minimal technique sensitivity and is indicated for light-cure composites, root surface treatment, and cavity sealing. This innovative bonding agent is ideal for use in pedodontic restorative procedures in which speed and comfort are factors in patient care.

CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS, when used with Kuraray?s complementary component CLEARFIL DC CORE PLUS, can achieve dual-cure core buildup/ post cementation without an additional bottle. CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS is available as a bottle or single-dose.

Dental Product Shopper enlisted 13 dentists across the country to test CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS in their practices. They used the product on patients regularly for a total of 4 weeks and reported their experiences.

Clinician Benefits

CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS is simple and straightforward to use. It does not require shaking, mixing, scrubbing, or multiple applications. Kuraray?s MDP Technology provides a water-resistant chemical bond to enamel and dentin that does not require etching.

Nine of the 13 evaluators participating in this review called ?ease of use? their favorite feature of CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS. An evaluator with 10 years of experience called the product ?very quick and easy to use.? In terms of score, 8 evaluators rated ease of use as excellent, 3 as very good, 1 as good, and 1 as fair. Another evaluator, who called the product somewhat better than similar products, mentioned, ?It seems very viscous for a one step.?

The evaluators also rated technique sensitivity, with 5 calling it excellent and 8 calling it very good. An evaluator with 14 years of experience in dentistry enjoyed the fact that CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS had a ?lack of need for multiple steps.? An evaluator who rated his overall satisfaction as very good noted, ?It makes the matrix bands stick and hard to remove.?

Working time earned a 4.2 rating. Six evaluators said that working time was excellent, 4 said it was very good, 2 said it was good, and 1 said it was fair.

Patient Benefits

With a complete solution in a single bottle, CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS allows the clinician to quickly and easily perform the procedure, increasing practice efficiency and reducing the patient?s chair time. Additionally, this adhesive system is designed for virtually no sensitivity to ensure the patient has the best possible experience.

In judging the speed of the procedure when using CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS, 8 called it excellent, 3 called it very good, and 2 called it good. One evaluator said his favorite feature was the ?speed of use,? and another said it was ?very quick and easy to use.?

Postoperative sensitivity was also rated by the evaluators, with 3 calling it excellent, 6 calling it very good, 2 calling it good, and 1 calling it fair (1 evaluator declined to rate this feature). A Florida-based dentist said, ?I have not had any complaint of sensitivity.? She added that CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS is ?great with children.?

Overall Satisfaction

When asked to rate their overall satisfaction with CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS, 5 evaluators called it excellent, 6 called it very good, 1 called it good, and 1 called it fair. Five of the evaluators said they would ?definitely? purchase this product in the future, based on their experience during the evaluation. A dentist in Maryland said, ?It?s too early to say about long term bond strength, but I had no debonds with this product so far.? Another evaluator, with 30 years of experience in dentistry, added, ?Everything is great.?

Evaluation Snapshot

CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS Light-Cure Dental Adhesive System
Kuraray America Inc.
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