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A truly universal adhesive with unique rapid bond technology that reduces procedure time and achieves consistent, predictable results

Every dentist knows that an excellent bonding material is essential to the success of all direct or indirect restorations. Not only does it need to provide excellent adhesion, but a bonding agent should be easy and quick to use, and be adaptable for use in a variety of clinical situations.

According to Kuraray, CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick offers a simple solution to bonding procedures; it’s versatile, quick and easy to use, reduces postoperative sensitivity, and has excellent clinical results.

A team of dentists put those qualities to the test for this DPS evaluation.


Ease of Application/Handling

CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick is “easy to handle, easy to dispense, disperses where placed and spreads well,” shared Rishi Verma, DDS, a New Jersey dentist who said ease of application was his favorite feature of what he described as an excellent product. Several evaluators called the material easy to use, and that’s exactly what Kuraray was aiming for when developing the product.

A single-bottle, universal adhesive, CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick’s unique chemistry creates a rapid bond due to a more hydrophilic property, but it absorbs less fluid than HEMA and provides higher polymerization, according to Kuraray. Available in a one-bottle dispenser or in unit doses, the material is applied with a brush and no waiting time is necessary before etching or curing. It also reduces technique sensitivity and application time without compromising bond strengths, reports Kuraray.

“Application was quick,” described Dr. Benjamin Johnson, and Dr. Pasha Hakimzadeh appreciated that no waiting time was required. Dr. Joel Doyon said, “The viscosity of it results in seeing where the bonding agent needs to be.” Dr. John Horn and Dr. Brad Barker said they would like the bottle dispenser improved so that less material is wasted.


Overall Length and Speed of Procedure

Dr. Joshua Howard is always looking for greater efficiency with his bonding procedures, and, with CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick, he said he definitely spent less time on bonding. “The time savings is great. It really adds up when working on multiple teeth or restoring a quadrant,” Dr. Howard shared.
“With larger cases, we can now book the case with a unit less of time. That is what we are looking for because each unit of time equals money saved for the practice.” He added, “I only wish we didn’t have to cure it first when using it with indirect bonding procedures.”

This product allowed for “quick, efficient bonding in a single step,” said Dr. Barker, and it “cut the need for a separate primer step for our direct restorations.” By having the material ready to cure in 3 seconds, Dr. Verma said the restoration process was more efficient overall and they were able to complete procedures in less time. Dr. Horn, who was seeking a simpler solution to his bonding procedures, called CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick “a versatile, easy to use product” that reduced his chairside patient treatment times. “[This material is] as simple to use as it gets,” he added.


Post-Operative Sensitivity and Versatility

When Dr. Barker tried CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick, he was searching for a material that offered “efficient, predictable bonding with no post-op sensitivity.” He found that CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick “provided an easy to use, predictable solution” and said his “patients exhibited little to no post-op sensitivity.” Dr. Doyon reported “significantly reduced instances of post restoration sensitivity” and said no patients called indicating they had sensitivity or needed to have a restoration replaced. Reporting “excellent clinical results,” Dr. Horn performed 158 direct composite restorations with the material and also had no complaints of post op sensitivity or failed bonds.

The versatility of CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick is why Dr. Gary Dong would recommend this material to his colleagues, and “its ability to be used for all products” is what Dr. Hakimzadeh likes best. According to Kuraray, it’s indicated for use with all etching techniques and with light-, self- or dual-cure materials. It directly bonds to dentin, enamel, metals, zirconia and lithium disilicate restorative materials. Thomas Karagiannis, DMD said this material was critical for “cementation of Maryland Bridge retainer wings in which there is limited surface area and much of the retention is based on the bond strength of the material.”


Overall Satisfaction

CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick is “easy to use and a real time-saver,” according to Dr. Howard. “I’m looking forward to incorporating it into my daily practice life,” he added. Dr. Karagiannis declared that the material produces predicable , reliable and repeatable results, and said that evaluating this product “was an overall favorable and a positive experience for both myself and my patients.”

Most importantly, said Dr. Hakimzadeh, CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick saves time during cementation and “helps our team to be more efficient.”

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Section A
  • 4.8
    Ease of application/handling

  • 4.8
    Working Time

  • 4.7
    Overall length/speed of procedure

  • 4.7
    Initial bond strength

  • 4.6
    Versatility/ability to use with variety of materials and etching techniques

  • 4.8
    Postoperative sensitivity (as reported by patients)

  • 4.7

Section A AVERAGE : 4.7
Section B
  • 4.5
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.5

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B




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