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Clio and Cliosoft Eval HeadshotGo digital in just one touch with Clio Digital X-Ray Sensors and Cliosoft Imaging Software.

Dr. Tran Han was looking for digital x-ray technology that allowed for easy, immediate case presentations, and that improved the tech savviness of the practice. “Our patients love seeing their teeth up close and in their laps,” said Dr. Han, a dentist in Altadena, CA, who was among a team of dental professionals to evaluate the Clio Digital X-Ray Sensors and Cliosoft Imaging Software for Dental Product Shopper. For Dr. Han, the technology from Sota Imaging represented a user-friendly solution that would help with case acceptance.

Sota Imaging describes its Clio sensors and Cliosoft software as simple, friendly, and powerful. Clio allows state-of-the-art imaging with just a tablet, sensor, and imaging software. No large computer systems are necessary, allowing offices to go digital without a huge investment. The learning curve is minimal, allowing more time for patient care. “[It’s] easy to train auxiliaries on the program,” Dr. Han said.

According to Sota Imaging, the Clio sensor has precision casing and sensor engineering, which minimize cutoff space to mimic the size of traditional x-ray film. When the Clio sensors are coupled with Cliosoft’s automatic image processing technology, top-notch quality images are produced.

The user-friendly system features large colored buttons ideal for touch-screen tablets, making it easy to show images to patients and automatically increase case acceptance. “[The] visuals provided by the software and touch-screen technology allow patients to better understand why they need treatment,” resulting in increased ROI for the practice, according to Dr. Han.


When asked what she liked best about the Clio system, Dr. Han said she liked the seamless integration and touch-screen technology. She told DPS that she purchased the Cliosoft system because of its “ability to integrate with practice management software and the ease of use of the imaging software.” Dr. Han rated her overall satisfaction with Clio and Cliosoft as excel-lent and would definitely recommend the products to colleagues within the dental industry.

When DPS asked Gustavo Assatourians, DDS, what he liked best about Clio and Cliosoft, he said, “The quality, the service and the touch-screen ease of use.” In fact, several evaluators praised Sota Imaging’s customer service for their technical sup-port, skillfulness, and for going above and beyond as a family-run business.

Dr. Assatourians said the Clio system improved both the diagnostic quality of his images and the educational experience for the patient, which ultimately increased his ROI. “Between the digital x-rays and the intraoral, our treatment planning acceptance has increased 70% from the previous year,” he noted.

A couple of the evaluators mentioned they would like to see smaller sensor sizes. Dr. Julita Trimor said, “The pedo sensors are too small for adults,” and recommended a size between adult and pedo. She has learned to adjust patient positioning for those with smaller mouths or narrow arches, and often lets the patient hold the sensor instead of using the sensor holder.

When she was introduced to the Clio system at a seminar, Dr. Trimor said she was convinced it was the one that met her specifications. She said the Clio system is highly recommended and easy to use at an affordable price. She likes the clarity of the image best and also appreciates the technical support. She described the Clio system as “very valuable” to her practice and said that “patients are amazed” when they don’t have to wait for processing of traditional film x-rays.

Another Clio user, Dr. Harold Block from San Diego, has been a dentist for 42 years and admitted, “I was very reluctant to go digital, but very glad I did—especially since I didn’t have to rewire my office and [Sota] was able to do it all wireless.” He praised the ease of transition to digital radiography and was impressed that “the tech support helped me immediately.”

This digital x-ray system has several ad-vantages, according to Dr. Block, including the clarity of images and less radiation. “[The] patient is able to see what I see on the radiograph,” which helps the patient really see the problem, he added. “All my patients are impressed. I recently took a new partner into my office and when I showed him Cliosoft for the first time, how his eyes opened wide!”

All of the dentists who evaluated Clio and Cliosoft for DPS said they would recommend the products to colleagues. Due to this positive feedback, Sota Imaging has earned a “Best Product” rating from DPS. Dr. Han summed up her thoughts by saying, “I can’t wait for the new and improved updates! It can only get better!”


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