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PreviDent Varnish

PreviDent varnish offers an improved formula for patients with sensitivity.

When asked what he liked best about Colgate Professional's PreviDent varnish, a dentist with 14 years of experience in dentistry said, "[It's] quick and easy to use, [with] no messy tray."

PreviDent varnish is a topical fluoride indicated for the treatment of dentinal sensitivity. Offering a smooth, even, and quick application, PreviDent varnish dries to a natural enamel color to guide application. Available in raspberry and mint flavors, PreviDent varnish also contains xylitol.

A mix of 12 dentists and hygienists participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation of PreviDent varnish, rating features such as ease of application, consistency, and dosing size.

Ease of Application

Manufacturer Description: PreviDent varnish has a strong desensitizing action when applied to dental surfaces, treating hypersensitivity quickly and easily.

Evaluator Feedback: PreviDent varnish's ease of application was rated as excellent or very good by 67% of the evaluators. A hygienist evaluator from Rome, NY, who noted that PreviDent varnish was much better than similar products, said, "[I like the] unit dose with the nice applicator brush. [It was] very easy to apply, [it] did not need to be stirred, [and there was] no separation." This same evaluator said she would definitely use PreviDent varnish again in the future and recommend it to her colleagues.


Manufacturer Description: PreviDent varnish sets rapidly on contact with saliva, resulting in patient comfort and acceptance, and it leaves a thin film on the teeth after application.

Evaluator Feedback: A hygienist who rated all aspects of PreviDent varnish as excellent said, "[The] texture seemed smoother on tooth surface once varnish had set compared with other varnishes I have used." Another evaluator reported that "[PreviDent varnish is] not as sticky as other products and applies smoothly."
When asked how PreviDent varnish could be improved, one evaluator noted "I had a hard time opening the packaging. If one side was a little longer it would be easier to grab," while a Columbia, MO, hygienist in practice for 30 years said, "[I had a] slight difficulty getting varnish to thin out on tooth surface, but perhaps just need to load less on brush initially to resolve problem." Both evaluators rated PreviDent varnish's viscosity as very good.

Dose Size

Manufacturer Description: Offered in a ready-to-use unit dose treatment, PreviDent varnish contains 22,600 ppm fluoride, demonstrated to provide effective dentin hypersensitivity relief.

Evaluator Feedback: Seven evaluators rated PreviDent varnish's dose size as excellent or very good. "[There was] enough in reservoir to complete an adult dentition," said an evaluator who cited ease of application and working time as her favorite features. Another evaluator said, "The single dose size is a great volume for application."

Overall Satisfaction

Seven evaluators called PreviDent varnish much or somewhat better than similar products with comments such as, "[It] applies smoothly," "[It has a] pleasant flavor," and "Great volume for application." A hygienist in practice for 13 years said, "PreviDent varnish is very easy to apply, which increases patient comfort," while a dentist evaluator in practice for 30 years said, "It works and patients like it; simple enough."

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Colgate PreviDent Varnish
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