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evaluators.jpgThe ContactPro System ensures optimal Class II restoration contacts with consistency, reliability, and ease of use

It’s a basic necessity for any Class II restoration, but achieving optimal contact is often more challenging than it seems. Microbrush International designed its sectional dental matrix system, ContactPro, to ensure successful Class II restoration outcomes with ease and reliability. A team of Dental Product Shopper evaluators recently tested the system of rings, bands, wedges, and forceps in their practices for 4 weeks. Dr. Eric Van Zytveld was impressed with the system, commenting that “all 3 components of the system work well together to provide excellent interproximal restorations.”


SmartBands: Placement, Contouring, and Range of Sizes

Available in uncoated or with a nonstick coating for ease of pickup and placement, each naturally curved SmartBand has a clearly defined marginal ridge and is made of super-thin stainless steel for optimal contouring. The bands come in 3 sizes: 3.5, 4.5, and 5.5 mm.

Several evaluators commented on the ease of band placement. Dr. Van Zytveld explained, “The shape of the bands contour the restorations well and their tabs facilitate their placement and removal,” and Dr. Ken Bendik remarked, “[The band] fits the tooth nicely so it stays in place.” George Dimitri, DDS, who in the past had difficulty placing classic Tofflemire retainers and bands, cited ease of placement as the feature he liked most about the Smart-Bands, and Dr. Glushefski said his patients noticed that it was less intrusive than past methods. When asked about potential improvements, Dr. Glushefski said he’d like to have some additional intermediary sizes of bands and wedges.


Ring: Placement, Visibility and Retention

quote.jpgMade with exclusively engineered memory metal for consistent results, the ContractPro Ring fits securely around the gingival margin and
enables optimal visibility and improved access for light curing, according to Microbrush. A consistent clamping force helps achieve excellent contact and minimal flash, while soft silicone tips adapt to the tooth shape and provide a firm grip without pinching the gums.

“The ring provides excellent separation of the teeth, and its low profile and larger size allow my curing light to be closer to the tooth, which assures me that I am curing deep interproximal restorations,” said Dr. Van Zytveld.

Dr. Antony DeSantis remarked, “The rings are a versatile product that can be adapted for use with narrow and wide preps, short and tall teeth.” He added, “The silicone tips adapt very well in a variety of clinical situations and hold the bands firmly against the tooth.” Jeffrey Golden, DDS, noted that the rings tended to stay where placed, and Dr. Glushefski said the system allowed him to successfully treat a patient with “severely crowded posteriors where conventional matrix placement is virtually impossible.”


Final Results: Contact Benefits

“The matrix rings, combined with the wooden wedges and matrix bands, provide excellent tooth separation,” shared Dr. Van Zytveld. Hoping to achieve proper contact contour with minimal flash and to have greater stability of the band and clamp, Dr. Bendik said ContactPro fulfilled that need. Similar feedback was provided by Dr. Irving Lebovics, who said he achieved better contact in Class II restorations. Glen Goldstein, DMD, said ContactPro “took a difficult situation and made it easy.” Dr. Goldstein noted that “wide and deep preps closed beautifully.”

Explaining that the larger footprint of pads prevented penetration into the prep and consistency of the material improved retention in most cases, Dr. DeSantis decided, “The results were more predictable than those achieved with [our other matrix system] on wider Class II preps.” He added, “We maintained the same degree of retention without having to stock multiple products for different situations.”

Alfred Bassin, DMD, said the Contact-Pro system produced better results than other matrix bands he has used, and Dr. Denise Habjan said the system proved critical in achieving a successful outcome “when I would have had trouble getting good contact with conventional matrices.”


Overall Satisfaction

Most evaluators said they would recommend the ContactPro dental matrix system. Allan Raden, DMD, said he would recommend it “to anyone struggling with contacts.” Dr. Bendik said he would highly recommend this dental matrix system, even for first-time sectional band users, and Dr. Golden concluded, “It made life a little easier.” Dr. Glushefski summed up his experience by proclaiming, “The system provided the optimal proximal contact, which all clinicians constantly seek.”


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 3.9
    Ease of placement and removal of bands

  • 4.1
    Ability of band to contour around tooth

  • 4.0
    Range of band sizes

  • 3.3
    Ease of placement and removal of rings

  • 3.5
    Visibility of working area with ring in place

  • 3.5
    Stability/retention of ring

  • 4.0
    Final result of achieving contact

  • 3.9
    Reduction of flash

  • 4.0
    Reduction of overhang

  • 3.8

Section A AVERAGE : 3.8
Section B
  • 4.0
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.0

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B




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