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100% Cotton Pellets Evaluation

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100% Cotton Pellets Evaluation

Available in 6 sizes, the ready-to-use, preformed cotton pellets are highly absorbent and suitable for a variety of clinical procedures


100% Cotton Pellets from Richmond Dental With all the product purchasing decisions that dental practices need to make, they may not put a lot of thought into low-value items like cotton rolls or cotton pellets. But sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big dif­ference. Richmond Dental & Medical’s 100% Cotton Pellets may be small in size, but they make a powerful impact in the operatory. The convenient ready-to-use cotton pellets have many clinical uses such as deliver­ing medicaments, drying cavities, applying solutions, and controlling moisture.


Dr. Andrew Chen, who mainly uses cotton pellets during endodontic procedures, said he appreciates the preformed, pre-sized cotton pellets instead of having to make them from cotton rolls. “The ready-to-use cotton pellets are convenient and make our treatments go a little faster and smoother,” he said.


A group of dentists, including Dr. Chen, tested all 6 sizes of the 100% Cotton Pellets in their practices for a few weeks and decided that this high-quality product provides excellent absorbency for a variety of procedures.


Absorbency, Nonstickiness, Durability

Made of 100% purified, medical-grade, USA-grown cotton, Richmond Cotton Pellets are highly absor­bent, will not stick to mucosa, and do not shred or fall apart, according to the manufacturer. “The small pellets allowed for isolation and a dry field. It isolated the bleeding site and kept it dry,” said Dr. Shari Mathew. With previous cotton products, Dr. Steven Berk sometimes experienced over-saturation, but he said the Richmond Cotton Pellets “were very absor­bent and did not tear apart when wet,” noting that each pellet maintained its shape even when wet.


Shahin Mahallati, DDS, said the cotton surface did not stick to the mucosa, which was his favorite feature. “Since it did not adhere to the mucosa, it would clean the margins nicely,” he noted. Hoping to improve on “shredding of cotton fibers that get left behind when removing,” Dr. Philip Aurbach said the cotton pellets “performed well, leaving minimal fibers.”


Range of Sizes and Convenience of Dispenser

Made in the USA with all-natural, biodegradable material, the pellets are available in a range of 6 sizes, with the largest size 0 measuring 11/32 inches in di­ameter and the smallest size 5 measuring 3/32 inches in diameter. “There are different sizes of cotton pel­lets in the box. It is convenient to pick up the size that fits your needs,” said Dr. Orapin Horst. A single pellet can be easily grasped with a forceps. Calling them “a great product that saves chair time by just being able to pick out the right sized pellet,” R. Kevin Maloney, DDS, said he also saved time by not having “to cut or reduce the pellet size to fit the access opening in endo procedures.”


Three types of dispensers are available for conve­nient storage, easy dispensing, and infection control. The Chrome Tiltop Dispenser holds one size pellet (for sizes 1 through 4), while the Plastic Temple Dispenser holds 4 sizes at a time; both are fully autoclavable. The EZ UP Pellet Dispenser (for sizes 1 through 5) features an interchangeable size grid and is made of chemical-resistant materials for easy disinfecting.


“I liked the dispenser as it made proce­dures quicker knowing there was a pellet ready that would be just the right size,” shared Anthony Carroccia, DDS. Reporting that sometimes the pellets stuck togeth­er and came out in a bunch, Dr. Mahallati recommended individual packaging of the pellets. “Having the different sizes of pel­lets held together in one dispenser allows you to reduce clutter and access the sizes in one place,” concluded Dr. Aurbach.


Sage White, DDS, Evaluator

"We used the
cotton pellets
every day, and
they are perfect
for our needs."

Steven Berk, DDS, Evaluator

"These pellets
were very
absorbent and
did not tear
apart when wet."

Andrew Chen, DMD, Evaluator

"The ready-to-
use pellets are
convenient and
make our
treatments go a
little faster and


Sage White,
Cedar City, UT
Steven Berk,
Annandale, VA
Andrew Chen,
Frisco, TX



Ideal for drying surfaces, controlling hemostasis, and applying solutions, the versatile pellets can also be used as a temporary filler and in place of Teflon tape. Restorative dentists often use them during implant procedures and to carry medica­ments like chlorhexidine and hemostatic solution. As Dr. Chen discovered, the small­er pellets are useful in endodontics as well as in oral surgery. Dr. Mahallati said he used them to clean the margins after placing hemostatic solution on the tooth. “I was able to restore a sub-gingival restoration by applying a hemostatic solution onto the pellet and controlling the bleeding in the area,” shared Dr. Berk, who said the pellets reduced the time it took to restore teeth. Suggesting a brighter white color for the pellets, Dr. Horst said he mainly used the pellets for cold testing and for cleaning up an access cavity after root canal treatment. Dr. Aurbach noted, “I used it on an infected tooth prior to root canal completion to allow the medicine placed to work and provide easy access to the canals to finish.”


"A great product that saves chair time by just being able to pick out the right sized pellet."
-R. Kevin Maloney, DDS
Hamilton, OH


Overall Satisfaction

All of the staff members in Dr. Sage White’s dental practice tried the pellets, and he said everyone agreed on how excellent they are. “We used the cotton pellets every day, and they are perfect for our needs. We had no issues with them; they are just excel­lent pellets!” Dr. White concluded.



• Convenient, ready-to-use, preformed cotton pellets in 6 sizes
• Suitable for delivering medicaments, drying cavities, applying solutions, and controlling moisture
• 3 types of pellet dispensers for convenient storage, easy dispensing, and infection control
• Highly absorbent pellets do not stick to mucosa and do not shred or fall apart


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  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 4.8
    Ability to absorb moisture

  • 4.2
    Does not adhere to mucosa/ tissue

  • 4.6
    Durability- does not shred or fall apart

  • 4.9
    Fit/ size- range of sizes available

  • 4.6
    Convenience of dispenser for storage and dispensing

  • 4.7
    Usefulness/versatility for a variety of procedures

Section A AVERAGE : 4.6
Section B
  • 4.5
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.5

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B




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