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Centrix GripStrip maximizes efficiency with finishing and polishing capabilities combined in a single strip.

Easy to use, excellent final results,? is how a California dentist described his overall impression of GripStrip.

GripStrip finishing and polishing strips from Centrix combine finishing and polishing in a single tool with a unique design that incorporates 2 areas of different grit sizes in each strip. The autoclavable strips are designed for use on general anterior and posterior composite restorations and fillings. Each product evaluator was sent an assorted pack that contained the following: Fine Grit (15 ?m/8 ?m), Medium Grit (40 ?m/15 ?m), and Coarse Grit (80 ?m/40 ?m). According to Centrix, the individual grit sizes are also available for purchase, aside from the assorted pack.

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Ease of Use and Design

Manufacturer Description: GripStrip maximizes ease of use and efficiency by combining finishing and polishing.

Evaluator Feedback: Ease of use and handling for anterior and posterior restorative work was rated as excellent or very good by 10 of the 15 dentists who evaluated the strips. One dentist noted, ?The design made this product easy to use and effective,? and another dentist described it as ?very thin and easy to use.?

A California evaluator in practice for 18 years remarked,?The flexibility of the strips are just right; not too rigid.? When asked what he?d like to see improved, this same evaluator, who said he would definitely purchase the strips and recommend them to colleagues, said, ?It would be nice to offer a strip that is end cutting only for cement removal purposes, where we would want a contact preserved.? Other suggestions included ?a serrated saw on one side of the strip to allow easier access to very tight composite contacts.?

The evaluators also rated ease of use in terms of design dimensions (length, width, thickness), and 12 rated this feature as excellent or very good. ?The length was perfect,? said a dentist who called the strips much better than similar products. A New Jersey dentist in practice for 31 years, who noted that he ?liked the overall design,? went on to say that he ?would like the strips be a bit longer.? A dentist who called GripStrip ?a good and useful product,? noted that, ?more sizes (lengths) would be beneficial.?

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Manufacturer Description: GripStrip?s wide, perforated ends provide a secure and comfortable ergonomic grip. The ergonomically designed handles facilitate pulling through tight contact areas.

Evaluator Feedback: With comments such as, ?very easy to hold,? and, ?the wider handles help with the grip,? 14 of the 15 evaluators rated ergonomics and handling of the tabs/grips as excellent or very good. ?The handles are a nice touch and help with handling of the product,? noted an evaluator who said he would definitely purchase the strips and recommend them to colleagues. A dentist who gave the strips an overall rating of excellent said, ?I was pleased with their performance because they were easy to hold and did not slip at all.?

Finishing and Polishing Quality

Manufacturer Description: The autoclavable GripStrip contours and bevels while also removing excess material and overhangs in filling surfaces and crown borders. Each strip has an uncoated ?free middle zone? for easy access to the designated contact point on the restoration. The tool?s diamond coating increases strength while maximizing flexibility for access to curved surfaces without breakage.

Evaluator Feedback: ?I really liked using these polishing strips. They cut and polished effectively because the diamonds stayed in place?? noted a dentist who called the strips much better than similar products. When asked what they liked most, evaluators shared feedback such as, ?effective polishing and IPR reduction,? and, ?different grits and ease of getting into interproximal spaces.? Thirteen evaluators rated finishing and polishing quality as excellent or very good.

Overall Satisfaction

?I enjoyed using these strips. I think they?re well designed,? said 1 of 14 evaluators who rated their overall satisfaction with GripStrip as excellent or very good, and 13 who described them as much or somewhat better than similar products. Ninety-four percent of the evaluators said they would definitely or probably purchase the strips and 93% said they would definitely or probably recommend them to colleagues. ?I prefer a rigid handle IPR strip, but this is the best handle-free strip I?ve used,? said a dentist in practice for 14 years.

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Case Study

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