Cranberry Evolve 300 Nitrile Exam Gloves

Cranberry Evolve 300 Nitrile Exam Gloves Evaluation

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Evolve 300 nitrile gloves combine high tensile strength with excellent comfort and tactile sensitivity.

"The best non-latex gloves I have used?ever,? is how a Wisconsin dentist in practice for 33 years described Evolve 300 nitrile exam gloves.

New from Cranberry USA, Evolve 300 is a lightweight, soft, powder-free nitrile glove that combines high tensile strength with exceptional tactile sensitivity. Five dentists and 8 hygienists, with a combined 303 years of experience, evaluated the gloves and rated features such as comfort, ease of donning, and tactile sensitivity.

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Manufacturer Description: Evolve 300 gloves conform precisely to the contour of the hand, while providing maximum stretch and comfort during extended wear. Cranberry?s new proprietary EvoSoft formulation gives the gloves a silk-like feel, further maximizing user comfort.

Evaluator Feedback: With comments such as, ?very soft and comfortable?great gloves,? and, ?They had a silky feel,? 92% of the evaluators rated comfort as excellent or very good, and 100% rated softness as excellent or very good. ?They fit snug. There?s plenty of give and they?re comfortable,? noted a hygienist who rated all features as excellent. Another hygienist, who rated all features as excellent, and who said the gloves were ?very light, and feel smooth and comfortable,? noted, ?[I] let the other 2 hygienists, the assistant, and even our sales rep try the gloves. They were all pleasantly surprised at how nice the gloves felt.?

?This is a very comfortable product that molds well to the hand without impinging,? said a dentist who called the gloves much better than similar products. ?It is especially nice that it is so pliant and soft as a non-latex product.?

Ease of Donning

Manufacturer Description: Evolve 300 gloves are manufactured to don easily, and to be soft yet strong.

Evaluator Feedback: ?I thought the gloves donned well,? said a New York hygienist who reported that she would definitely purchase the gloves and recommend them to colleagues. This same evaluator, with 33 years of experience, went on to explain, ?They weren?t sticky on the inside, which allowed your hand to enter smoothly.? A Maryland dentist who called the gloves much better than similar products noted that they ?come out of the box nicely when grabbing a set.?

Twelve evaluators rated ease of donning as excellent, very good, or good. When asked about strength, a few of the 11 evaluators who rated this feature as excellent, very good, or good reported some problems with tearing, including a hygienist who said the gloves ?ripped easily,? noting, ?Ithink they?re just a bit too thin.?

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Tactile Sensitivity

Manufacturer Description: In addition to maximizing comfort, Evolve 300?s EvoSoft formulation also provides excellent tactile sensitivity. Textured fingertips provide both agility and dexterity, ensuring excellent grip, even in wet conditions.

Evaluator Feedback: With comments such as, ?thin material, easy to use, good tactile sensitivity,? both tactile sensitivity and grip were rated as excellent or very good by all 13 evaluators. A New Jersey dentist in practice for 39 years noted, ?The thinness and the feel were excellent,? and a New York hygienist with 33 years of experience said the gloves ?fit snug in between my fingers, which I liked for accurate tactile sense.? ?I like the slender fingers with the wider palm,? noted a hygienist who gave the gloves an overall rating of very good.

Overall Satisfaction

Evolve 300 gloves come in a 300-count box and are available in sizes XS to XL. Exclusive First Touch technology ensures no skin contact prior to first use. ?We like the higher quantity per box. Not having to change out the boxes so often is a definite plus,? said 1 of the 10 evaluators who described the gloves as much or somewhat better than similar products. Eleven evaluators reported that they would definitely or probably purchase the gloves, and 12 said they would definitely or probably recommend them to colleagues. ?It will be nice to have one glove to use on all our patients and not have to stock both latex and non-latex products,? remarked a dentist who rated the gloves as excellent. When asked what she?d like to see improved, a hygienist who rated all features as excellent responded with, ?I can?t think of a thing. They?re great.?

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Cranberry Evolve 300 Nitrile Exam Gloves
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