Crosstex STEAMPlus Class 5 Integrators

Crosstex STEAMPlus Class 5 Integrators Evaluation

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STEAMPlus Class 5 Integrators provide a simple, accurate method of assuring that proper conditions for sterilization have been met during a sterilizer cycle with immediate distinct pass/fail results.

Described by a dentist who practices in California as a ?quick and easy check for reliable sterilization,? Crosstex?s STEAMPlus is an immediate read-out integrator designed for use in gravity, prevacuum, and flash cycles. 

The 12 dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants who participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation rated features such as ease of use, time savings, and staff satisfaction.

Ease of Use 

Manufacturer Description: STEAMPlus Class 5 Integrators are easy-to-use, and through moving-front technology, provide a simple visual indication that the critical sterilization variables (time, temperature, steam) have been met. When the bar reaches the endpoint, as indicated by the ?safe? zone on the strip, users can confidently release non-implant loads immediately. However, it is important to note, that STEAMPlus Class 5 Integrators do not replace weekly biological spore testing as they do not contain live spores. 

Evaluator Feedback: Ease of use was rated as excellent by 10 of the 12 evaluators, 7 of whom cited this as the feature they liked most. ?[I like the] small size and ease of use,? noted a dentist who rated all features as excellent. 

Another dentist, who also rated all features as excellent, identified its ?overall simplicity? as her favorite feature and also said she would definitely purchase STEAMPlus and recommend it to colleagues. 

When asked about the ease of integrating STEAMPlus into the practice?s daily routine, 9 of the evaluators rated this feature as excellent. 


Time Savings 

Manufacturer Description: STEAMPlus Class 5 Integrators do not replace weekly biological spore testing as they do not contain live spores, however since they parallel spore testing so closely, the more frequently used, the less disruption of potential costly recalls when alerted to biological failures. 

Evaluator Feedback: With comments such as, ?No need to wait for results,? 8 of the 11 evaluators who rated time savings with STEAMPlus rated it as excellent. When asked what features they liked most, one evaluator identified ?immediate feedback about sterilization conditions by a method other than pouch indicators,? and another evaluator cited, ?not having to wait for results.?

?It?s great to know there?s a product that can be used while waiting on spore testing to be received from the service we use,? said an Indiana dental assistant who called the integrators much better than similar products. One dentist, who rated all features as excellent, suggested changing the indicator color from blue to green in order to provide more contrast with the print on the label.


Staff Satisfaction 

Manufacturer Description: By helping to detect sterilizer failure, the FDA-cleared STEAMPlus helps practitioners to safeguard patient safety and detect potential sterilizer failures.

Evaluator Feedback: Identified by 83% of evaluators as a ?very important? consideration when selecting such products, staff satisfaction was rated as excellent by 9 evaluators. 

When asked about the added confidence that their sterilizers were meeting all sterilization criteria (time, temperature, steam), 10 evaluators rated STEAMPlus as excellent. 

One of those evaluators identified, ?the comfort of knowing the sterilization process was completed and passed? as the feature she liked most, and a hygienist who noted that integrators hadn?t been used previously in her office described them as ?another assurance in infection control.?

?We placed a few of these inside our surgical kits to confirm that temperature and process time inside were adequate,? noted an evaluator who rated the indicators as excellent.

Overall Satisfaction 

With descriptions such as, ?great product,? 7 evaluators rated all features of STEAMPlus as excellent. When asked about potential improvements, one evaluator said, ?They seem to work every time. No improvement needed.?

Eight evaluators said they would definitely or probably purchase STEAMPlus and 10 said they would definitely or probably recommend it to colleagues. Overall satisfaction was rated as excellent by 7 evaluators and as very good by 4.

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Crosstex STEAMPlus Class 5 Integrators
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