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EvaluatorsCarestream Dental’s CS 3600 simplifies the move to digital with “smarter” scanning for restorative, orthodontic, and implant procedures

"Going digital” can be intimidating for any practitioner to think about, even when such products are promised to bring greater accuracy and streamlined treatment. But when it comes to digital intraoral scanners, there are other advantages, such as patient comfort. Dr. Andrew Nalin, for one, was ready to move beyond traditional impressions. “Patients hate alginate impressions,” he said, noting that digital impressions are much more convenient, comfortable, and accurate.

Dr. Nalin was among a group of dentists who evaluated Carestream Dental’s CS 3600 intraoral scanner for this Dental Product Shopper evaluation. He said that after integrating the product in his office, “We have almost completely eliminated alginate impressions in our practice, and our patients love it!”

According to Carestream Dental, the CS 3600 simplifies digital imaging with easier, faster, more open, comfortable, and “smarter” scanning for restorative, orthodontic, and implant procedures. We asked the evaluators to share their experiences with the scanner.


Ease of Use and Image Acquisition

The lightweight, portable, ergonomic CS 3600 simplifies digital impressions with high-speed continuous scanning and an Intelligent Matching System. “The CS 3600 is fast, accurate, and easy to use. Dental assistants can be trained to use it with ease,” said Dr. Joseph Mazzola. Michigan orthodontist George Ash commented on portability, explaining, “[You] don’t need a cart to drag the whole unit around; [you] can use the chairside computer at each station.” When asked what he liked most, Dr. Michael Kelly said he appreciated that the scanner was simple, fast, and easily portable, with an open platform.

CS 3600’s HD 3D color images provide superb digital impressions with vivid color and texture, according to the manufacturer. Two interchangeable tips (normal- and side-oriented) capture details in hard-to-reach areas, and high-speed, continuous scanning reduces acquisition time.

“If the camera can see it, it can scan and accurately capture it,” said Dr. Kelly. “It’s so fast and easy, and the patients love the ‘wow’ factor,” shared Dr. Ziyad Maali, who added, “So far the accuracy is better with less retakes. I can just see and rescan the area in question.” Eric Hopkins, DDS, agreed that the final restorations are more accurate and require fewer adjustments. Dr. Ash said he’d like less interference with data acquisition from reflective metal surfaces.


Software Design

The CS 3600 features dedicated workflows for restorations, orthodontics, and implants with an intuitive interface. Models are stored digitally, and open-system scanning provides optimal flexibility via .STL and .PLY files, which are easily exported to third-party design software or labs, according to the manufacturer.

“The software is intuitive, allowing ancillary [staff] to use it with little training,” said Dr. Mazzola, who said it’s simple to transfer open digital files to any milling laboratory. When asked why he chose the CS 3600, Dr. Ash explained that it’s easy to integrate with his 3D x-ray scanner and practice management software, and it can be used with multiple computers. Robert Pauley Jr., DMD, described a case involving the imaging of 2 implant scan bodies, and said, “A nice feature in the software allows you to lock a scan (not pick up additional images of an area you’ve already imaged), eliminating the possibility of overlapping the scan body images. This case was returned, seated, and delivered with minimal chair time adjustments.” Dr. Pauley also told DPS, “It gives me the ability to scan a preparation, upload it into the CS Connect portal, and forward, along with the Rx and digital images, directly to the lab.”


Practice Benefits

quote“I’ve waited for something to make my small and large cases easy to send to the lab. [The CS 3600] gives us an opportunity to use a wonderful technology that takes the guesswork out of it for the lab,” shared Dr. Maali. Dr. Pauley said he can now obtain single-unit crowns, implant crowns, and full-arch impressions for orthodontic aligner therapy without PVS, and Dr. Ash said the CS 3600 speeds workflow and improves communication with other specialists and referring dentists. “Use of this scanner for crowns on natural teeth and implants has entirely changed workflow, and the accuracy has been great,” noted Paul Boger, DMD.

“Patient comfort is paramount and this is easily accomplished with this system,” said Dr. Mazzola. Compared to traditional impressions, Dr. Boger said, “[We have] no more gagging kids, much faster crown prep appointments, and patients love it.” Dr. Hopkins said his patients are less apprehensive and more likely to share their positive experience with others.


Overall Satisfaction

All of the evaluators said they’d recommend this DPS Best Product to colleagues, and Dr. Boger said, “It’s the best I’ve demo’d and it’s a great value.” Dr. Pauley summed up his experience with the CS 3600, saying, “While incorporating dental imaging equipment and software may seem daunting, it has advantages for both the dentist and the patient—it’s a win-win. I find myself looking for new uses each day.”


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CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner - High Speed, Intuitive, and Accurate Digital Impressions

The CS 3600 is your choice for clinical excellence. With high speed, intuitive, and accurate scanning, you have the power to create full HD 3D images - helping you achieve outstanding clinical results. The CS 3600 allows you to scan in a continuous, uninterrupted pattern, making dual arch and quadrant scanning fast and easy for you and your patients. No matter your workflow, the digital impressions you create streamline restorative, orthodontic, and implant planning. With the CS 3600, the way you acquire digital impressions is truly made easy....

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