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evaluatorsThe Carestream CS 8100 3D optimizes diagnosis and treatment planning with simple, efficient 2D and 3D imaging

Proper visualization is crucial for making an accurate diagnosis and planning the appropriate treatment for a dental procedure. For Dr. Derek Townsend, Carestream Dental’s CS 8100 3D extraoral imaging system allows him to better visualize challenging endodontic cases and assists in treatment planning for implant cases. “[The CS 8100 3D is] absolutely indispensable for sinus lift procedures, implant placement in the posterior mandible, and all difficult endodontic cases,” Dr. Townsend explained.

Endodontist Nathaniel Behrents, DDS, said the CS 8100 3D allows him to better understand the cases he is diagnosing and treating, and called it “extremely valuable in diagnosis and treatment planning.” Drs. Townsend and Behrents are part of a group of CS 8100 3D owners who evaluated the system for Dental Product Shopper, collectively deeming it a Best Product. According to Carestream Dental, the CS 8100 3D system combines high-quality 2D imaging with 3D power and features a level of flexibility that makes it ideal for a broad range of applications.


Ease of Use

quotePraising its smooth workflow, Gloria Alvarez-Kiely, DDS, said, “The CS 8100 3D is easy to use and has a very gentle learning curve, and the software is very intuitive.” She added, “I use Carestream Dental for intraoral digital radiographs, which made integration of the new 3D software completely seamless into my existing software.” Compact, powerful, and easy to use, the CS 8100 3D makes 3D technology simple, with an adjustable 3D field of view (from 4×4 cm to 8×9 cm). The result is more efficient acquisition of 2D and 3D images, including everything from full panoramic x-rays to bitewing-like viewing.

Dr. John Pullman called the software package “far and away the easiest to use for treatment planning,” and Dr. W. Murray Cutbirth Jr. said he purchased the CS 8100 3D because of its ease of use, excellent design, small footprint, and seamless integration with his TDO software. Dr. Robert Landman explained, “Data can be read by any DICOM reading software [or] I can export into [my dental implant software].”


Image Quality

Among the evaluators who weighed in on the system’s award-winning image quality were Dr. Pullman, who called image clarity “excellent,” and Dr. Townsend, who said the CS 8100 3D allows him to capture excellent tooth and bone details. Noting that limiting scatter with anything metal would be helpful, Hillary Caruso, DMD, said, “[I] love the detail, especially to see fourth canals in molar endo,” and Dr. Landman shared, “3D imaging provides greater insight into what I’ve been questioning looking at periapical radiographs.” Dr. Cutbirth said his patients and staff are amazed at the technology of the CS 8100 3D system and added, “[I] honestly feel it is indispensable to the practice of endodontics.”

Dr. Landman, who lauded the CS 8100 3D for providing an excellent diagnostic tool with maximum convenience, said, “I can, in real time, give patients guidance relevant to their [implant] treatment plan.” Calling it a “wonderful aid in diagnosis and treatment planning,” Dr. Cutbirth noted, “It has helped to visually ‘show and tell’ patients of their specific issues.”

Dr. Pullman said, “Clear imagery coupled with an extremely user-friendly software package facilitated diagnosis and subsequent treatment planning.” Dr. Alvarez-Kiely noted that it gives her confidence that she’s placing the implant in the safest and most ideal position for it to be successful, adding, “I am able to plan the surgery with the software and also use it as an education tool with the patient.” Dr. Irving Lebovics agreed that the CS 8100 3D helps patients understand things better, which then makes them more likely to accept the treatment plan.

Several evaluators described cases in which the CS 8100 3D proved critical to successful outcomes, including Dr. Alvarez-Kiely, who used it to diagnose an 8 mm x 5 mm submandibular gland duct sialolith in a patient.

Donald Lucca, DMD, used it for implant treatment planning and, in one case, the 2D imaging showed ample bone for placement without sinus involvement, but the 3D image revealed collapsed bone on the palatal aspect, indicating the need for additional sinus augmentation. In a case involving severe calcification, Dr. Cutbirth used the Carestream CS 8100 3D to locate the chamber and all four canals, enabling him to continue treatment.


Overall Satisfaction

All evaluators said they would recommend the Carestream CS 8100 3D to colleagues, with Dr. Colin Richman commenting, “[We] cannot work without it.” Using the CS 8100 3D reduces stress during procedures for Dr. Alvarez-Kiely, who said, “Having this kind of technology at my fingertips has had a great impact on my implant surgery journey.”

Dr. Townsend, who called Carestream Dental “a good company to deal with, [as it has] knowledgeable staff and installers,” told DPS, “We are now doing considerably more implant cases as a result of the Carestream Dental CBCT.”


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