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DDS GP Patient Education Application Evaluation

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DDS GP Patient Education Application

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This patient education app is easy for the dentist to use and the patient to understand.

Dr. Bob Marcus developed the DDS GP patient education application for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch in reaction to his frustration with his current attempts at patient education. He found he had little control over video presentations and most other forms of patient education were too static or hard for the patient to understand. Working with developers, Dr. Marcus created an education tool that patients can hold in their hands, is customizable, and easy to understand and use.

We invited 10 current users of DDS GP to participate in an evaluation of the application. They had all used the application long enough to be familiar and comfortable with its use. They rated and commented on such features as ease of use, quality of presentations, value to patients, and the ability to increase case acceptance.

Ease of Use

The DDS GP app can be downloaded to any iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. The price of the download is $399.99, but there is no subscription fee and all updates are free. After the application is added to the device, the user has access to more than 200 unique demonstrations, everything from periodontal disease and palatal expanders to CAD/ CAM onlays and gingivectomy. In addition, users can draw on the screen to elaborate on a demonstration, add their own photos and videos, and email and print for patient convenience.

When asked to rate the ease of use of the DDS GP app, all 10 evaluators rated it as excellent. One evaluator said that his favorite feature of the app is its “simplicity of use.” Another evaluator said, “It’s so easy to use. I honestly can’t say enough about this product!” A third evaluator said, “I like the fact that I am able to customize the app by adding my own cases and pictures.”

Quality of Presentations

Nine of the evaluators said that presentation quality is very important to them when considering the purchase of a patient education system. When asked to rate the quality of the presentations on the DDS GP app, 6 rated them as excellent and 4 rated them as very good. One evaluator described his favorite feature as the “great presentations at an affordable price.” Another evaluator noted that when using the presentations to explain treatment, “patients easily understand what I am trying to tell them.” When asked what he would like to see improved about the product, one evaluator said, “Some of the application’s graphics can be a little better.”

Value to Patients

The DDS GP application was designed to make it easy for dentists to provide patients with a valuable patient education experience so that they understand their diagnosis and treatment options. When asked to rate the value of the DDP GP application to patients, all 10 of the evaluators rated it as excellent.

One evaluator said, “In my experience, patients do not understand big complicated presentations. They do better with simpler, easy to understand presentations. DDP GP does that.” Another evaluator said, “I like that I am able to customize the app by adding my own cases and pictures. It personalizes the experience for the patient when I tell them that the beautiful work they are seeing is mine.”

Increased Case Acceptance

Quality patient education should help patients understand the treatment options being presented by the dentist so they can make an informed decision. The range of presentations provided with the DDS GP app, as well as the interactivity and ability to customize, enable dental professionals to be thorough and precise, yet easily understandable.

When asked to rate the DDP GP application’s ability to help increase case acceptance, 8 evaluators rated it as excellent and 2 rated it as very good. One evaluator said, “Something about the patient holding the iPad and looking at what you have shown them really works. It’s like they take possession of it.” Another evaluator, who said he would definitely recommend the DDS GP to colleagues, said, “Patients really like being able to hold the device and they seem to pay more attention to the demos because they are holding the screen.”

Overall Satisfaction

All 10 of the evaluators said they would definitely recommend the DDS GP application to their colleagues and would purchase it in the future. When asked to give their overall satisfaction rating for the application, all of the evaluators rated it as excellent.

One evaluator called the DDS GP patient education app an “outstanding bargain. Even with the cost of an iPad, it is significantly less expensive than the competition.” Another evaluator summed up his evaluation by saying, “Best patient education tool I’ve seen on the market yet.”

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DDS GP Patient Education Application
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