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Bite Registration Material

DEFEND brand VPS Bite Registration Material flows easily without running or slumping, optimizing dimensional accuracy and minimizing distortion.

Mydent describes its DEFEND brand Bite Registration Material as mousse-like and fluffy. The thixotropic VPS material has a durometer of more than 80 and, according to the manufacturer, flows easily without running or sagging. In addition to bite registration, the material also is indicated for copying transfers and for primary impressions with bite trays. The “hard” bite material can be used in conjunction with all laser CAD/CAM systems. DEFEND brand is available in regular, fast, and super-fast set formulations, and in Mint Chocolate Chip.

Fourteen dentists participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation of DEFEND Bite Registration Material, both Standard and Clear Bite versions. They rated such features as ease of dispensing, setting time, and dimensional accuracy.

Dispensing and Stacking

According to the manufacturer, DEFEND’s Bite Registration Material is dispensed with minimal effort and is easily stacked without slumping. Nine evaluators rated dispensing effort as excellent, 4 rated it as very good, and 1 rated it as good. Comments included “very little force needed” and “easy to dispense using traditional methods.”

When asked about stacking ability (lack of slump), 3 evaluators rated it as excellent, 7 rated it as very good, 3 rated it as good, and 1 rated it as fair. One evaluator called it “a good product,” another described it as “firm but light-weight,” and another called it “somewhat difficult to stack as the material kept slumping over onto itself.” One dentist said it was “difficult to manage,” explaining that it “didn’t flow into itself after dispensing easily.” The dentist who reported “good flow through tips and onto teeth without slumping” also “liked being able to stack it in edentulous areas for RRD impressions.”

Setting Time

The manufacturer reports setting times of 60 seconds for the regular- and fast-set formulations and 30 seconds for the super-fast-set material. When asked about DEFEND’s setting time with respect to reduced chance of movement, 5 evaluators rated it as excellent, 6 rated it as very good, and 3 rated it as good. Comments included “just right,” “sets fairly quickly,” and “faster than most materials I’ve used, but that’s good!” One evaluator noted “about the same rapid set (<1 minute) as most other materials.”

Dimensional Accuracy

Dimensional accuracy achieved with DEFEND was rated as excellent by 6 evaluators, as very good by 7, and as good by 1. One evaluator said it “doesn’t seem to distort,” another said it “stays stable for a long period of time,” and a third said it “seems very accurate.”

When asked about the manufacturer’s claims of low deformation, 5 dentists rated it as excellent, 8 rated it as very good, and 1 rated it as good. The dentist who said it “has a slight pull to it, allowing it to deform” also noted that the movement “was minimal and no worse than with other products.” One evaluator reported “some deformation upon closing by the time you dispense onto the teeth” and another said it “did not distort after setting.”

Resistance to closing of teeth was rated as excellent by 7 evaluators and as very good by 7. Two evaluators reported “no problems,” 1 said the “soft, creamy consistency was easy to bite on,” and another said it “doesn’t impede closing of the teeth…allows for accurate capture of bite material.”

Overall Satisfaction

Eleven evaluators said they would definitely or probably recommend DEFEND to their colleagues. Overall satisfaction was rated as excellent by 2 evaluators, as very good by 10, as good by 1, and as fair by 1. One dentist noted that it “shows up very well on CAD/CAM, with very little additional powdering needed.” Another dentist who “didn’t need to powder” with CAD/CAM called DEFEND “the best material I have ever used!”

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DEFEND Bite Registration Material
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