DEFEND+Plus Wipes Hard-Surface Disinfecting Wipes

DEFEND+Plus Wipes Hard-Surface Disinfecting Wipes Evaluation

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DEFEND+Plus Wipes Hard-Surface Disinfecting Wipes

Mydent International

DEFEND+Plus Wipes clean, disinfect, and deodorize without harming hard surfaces.

Mydent International’s DEFEND+Plus Wipes disinfect, deodorize, and clean hard, non-porous surfaces safely and effectively. The wipes—which contain a stable, low-pH-formulated disinfectant and deodorant— feature a new 2-minute kill time for 11 organisms, including: methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, influenza A, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and hepatitis B and C, as well as a 1-minite kill time for human immunodeficiency virus-1.

The broad-spectrum, nonallergenic wipes come in canisters of 160. Each of the Dental Product Shopper evaluator received 3 cannisters and judged the wipes on a number of features related to their convenience and effectiveness.

Ease of Use

Mydent describes DEFEND+Plus Wipes as fastacting, non-toxic, and easy to use. Two of the 10 hygienists and dentists who evaluated the wipes cited ease of use or convenience as the feature they liked most. When asked about ease of removing the wipes from the container, 5 evaluators rated them as excellent, 2 rated them as very good, and 3 rated them as good. A New York dentist who said he would definitely recommend and purchase the wipes said they “sometimes stick up a little when you remove one, and you need to close the container very carefully.”

“The wipes were much easier to remove from the container than my current brand,” said a hygienist who liked the “easy-to-use threader,” adding, “They were very easy to pull through the threader but had enough resistance so as not to pull out more than needed.”

Moisture and Durability

When asked how well all wipes in the container maintained moisture, 6 evaluators rated the DEFEND+Plus Wipes as excellent, 3 rated them as very good, and 1 rated them as good. A hygienist who rated all features as excellent said they “could be a little more saturated” and another evaluator said they “stay wet.” One evaluator reported “a crack in the canister” but added, “The wipes still maintained enough moisture.”

The evaluators also rated the wipes’ sturdiness and durability throughout use; 7 as excellent and 3 as very good. One dentist called them “good and firm” and 4 evaluators identified durability/sturdiness as their favorite feature; describing them “quilted and thick,” as well as “very durable,” and noting that their durability “allowed for more surface area cleaning.”

Effectiveness and Surface Compatibility

Targeted disinfection of frequently touched environmental surfaces is a well established component of infection control.1,2 DEFEND+Plus Wipes reduce the risk of cross-contamination via a dual-chain quaternary ammonium/ alcohol formula, and do so without harming surfaces.

“The slight textured feel helped not only to disinfect, but to pick up more debris,” said a hygienist with 30 years of experience. Another hygienist said the texture “allows for easy cleaning.” One evaluator noted that “surfaces dry very quickly, which could allow you to get patient rooms set up quicker” and another said the wipes “leave the area wetter than our current brand, which means less wipes used per cleaning.”

When asked if the wipes left surfaces unharmed, 8 evaluators rated them as excellent and 2 rated them as very good. One evaluator said they “leave streaks on surfaces like lights and mirrors” and another said they “don’t harm surfaces.” Nine evaluators responded when asked if a single wipe covers a large area; 5 rated this feature as excellent and 4 rated it as very good.

Overall Satisfaction

The DEFEND +Wipes were rated by 7 evaluators as much or somewhat better than similar products; 8 said they would definitely recommend them to colleagues and 8 would definitely or probably purchase them. Overall satisfaction was rated as excellent by 6 evaluators, as very good by 3, and as good by 1. “The product works great,” said one hygienist. “Honestly, I see no room for improvement.”

“We’ll definitely continue using this product,” said a dentist who gave the wipes an overall rating of excellent.


1. Dettenkofer M, Spencer RC. Importance of environmental decontamination--a critical view. J Hosp Infect. 2007;65 (Suppl 2):55-57.

2. Rutala WA, Weber DJ. Surface disinfection: should we do it? J Hosp Infect. 2001;48 (Suppl A):S64-68.

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DEFEND+Plus Wipes Hard-Surface Disinfecting Wipes
Mydent International
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