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DentiMax Practice Management Software

DentiMax optimizes efficiency, productivity, and patient care


Front Desk team using DentiMax Practice Management SoftwareCalifornia dentist Michael Cooley wanted to go paperless with a HIPPA-compliant, integrated clinical and practice management system. Sophia Ungria was looking for reliable, easy-to-use software to help her employer start a new practice, and office manager Brittney Weinholtz needed to run 2 offices with a single system. Each of them ultimately implemented DentiMax, a complete digital sensor and practice management system that streamlines and optimizes efficiency, productivity, and patient care.


Did the DentiMax system improve efficiency and streamline the workflow, allowing these practices to focus on patient needs? Did it offer all the tools they needed and more? We spoke with these and other professionals to find out about their experiences for this Dental Product Shopper evaluation.


Implementation, Navigation, Training & Support

DentiMax imaging software is designed for ease of integration, implementation, and navigation, with no need for a third-party bridge between the imaging and charting systems. “We have used many programs and none have come close to the ease of use or functionality of DentiMax,” said practice manager Joann Carr, who has been using the system for 11 years. “It’s inexpensive, everything works, and I’m not constantly inundated with complex and costly upgrades,” shared Dr. Scott Sutton. Peter Yang, DDS, called DentiMax easy to use, and Ungria said it has a very intuitive interface and praised the comprehensive training and excellent support provided by DentiMax.


The company’s 5-step training program quickly brings staff up to speed, according to these evaluators. Office Manager Meg Dilger called the on-site training “spectacular” and said DentiMax gives them “the biggest bang for the buck.” Describing the DentiMax support team as the best he’s experienced, Dr. Sutton is impressed that any customer can call the company and talk to its founder. After switching to this software, Dr. Sutton reported, “My computer bug problems stopped, and my computer- and software-related expenses are a fraction of what they were.”


Appointment Scheduling and Billing

DentiMax’s scheduling program can be customized to fit virtually any need and preference. Appointments can be color-coded, specific times can be blocked for can be printed out, emailed, or texted to patients. Waiting times and treatment times can be monitored, and the program will keep track of schedules for multiple providers. “I now can look at one calendar and scroll through to schedule appointments. Not having to flip-flop back and forth has saved me a lot of time,” said Weinholtz, adding that the ability to run both Offices from one system has been hugely beneficial. Ungria said the program integrates all patient information and makes it easy to plan their days and book appointments. “We spend less time on paperwork and more time on patient care,” Carr said.


The system improves reimbursement and facilitates patient payments through multiple customizable features, including electronically submitted x-rays and attachments, bulk insurance payments, and the creation of estimates with digitally captured patient signatures. “Billing to all insurance companies makes a great difference when you can edit claims from the claim form,” Nicole Johnson-Pollard noted. “More importantly, our system/software never crashed and [has] maintained all information for years without a glitch.” She suggested that the software show account balances when posting payments automatically, and DentiMax imaging software has since changed the program so that patient and insurance balances can be immediately identified after autoposting payments.


Improved Efficiency

As the only front-desk employee, Marie Mick said the program has streamlined the time it takes her to check patients in and out. Dr. Linscott noted, “We are streamlined, charts no longer get lost, and radiographs are always a click away.” Johnson-Pollard said the program met all the needs of running an efficient practice, from appointments and medical records to billing.


DentiMax’s practice management software is integrated completely with state-of-the- art digital x-ray sensors. The new clinical note builder enables quick and efficient recording of clinical notes; a simple click on a patient’s charting screen provides instant access to digital x-rays; and prescriptions can be electronically generated. Dr. Cooley said that with DentiMax “everything is streamlined, allowing us to focus on patient needs.” He also noted that the quality of his images surpasses or meets industry leaders. Dilger was pleased with the smooth transition to DentiMax imaging software and liked that the company bundled a package that was tailored to their office.


"It has made patient care and management easier. It’s a true partner for our practice."
-Sophia Ungria, Social Media Director
Sacramento, CA


Overall Satisfaction

“I have used DentiMax in 4 of my offices over the last 10 years and rarely even think about operation of the computer systems. We all can focus on patients now,” said Dr. Sutton. Ungria added that DentiMax has made patient care and management easier, calling it “a true partner for our practice.”



•Easy, intuitive navigation and functionality
•Streamlined applications improve practice efficiency
•Scheduling program can be customized to meet all needs
•DentiMax provides comprehensive training and excellent support

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 5.0
    Appointment book functionality

  • 4.9
    Patient and insurance collections

  • 5.0
    Increased efficiency of clinical processes

  • 5.0
    Digital sensor integration

  • 5.0
    Support and training

  • 5.0
    Improved practice efficiency and productivity

  • 5.0
    Intuitive navigation and ease of use

Section A AVERAGE : 5.0
Section B
  • 5.0
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 5.0

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B




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