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Uniquely formulated to provide immediate sensitivity relief while enhancing bond strength and disinfecting


DesensiMAX Desenitizer and MMP InhibitorWhen a desensitizer performs as promised and provides patients with much-needed relief, it’s a win-win for the patient and the dentist. When that relief is immediate, it’s icing on the proverbial cake. Would it be asking too much to expect even more from a desensitizer? The answer, according to  Vista Apex , is an outright “no.”


Described as a “desensitizer on steroids,” DesensiMAX (formerly BondSaver D) provides instant sensitivity relief with several added benefits, according to the manufacturer. It disinfects the tooth surface with potent antimicrobial agents, rewets the surface for an ideal restorative-tooth interface, and provides fluoride in an easy-to-apply formulation. In addition, DesensiMAX strengthens bonds by stiffening and repairing collagen fibers and protects long-term integrity by preventing MMP generation which leads to bond degradation, according to Vista Apex.


We put those claims to the test for this product evaluation. Dr. Gary Berman, who was among the evaluators to use the product in his practice for several weeks, said DesensiMAX provided patients with immediate relief from sensitivity. “It allows for consistent results with no sensitivity after,” he said, praising its ease of use. “The rewetting surfaces property allowed me to continue with my procedures knowing that I will have an optimal outcome.” Dr. Berman said he now uses the material for almost all dental procedures. “It became an every-procedure product, replacing the [desensitizer] we were using.”


Gary Berman, DDS

"It became an
product, replacing
the [desensitizer]
that we were using."

Glen Willis, DMD

"Provided quick
and predictable
results for dentin



Byron Barker, DMD

"I know the tooth
is wetted properly
when product
calls for not drying
tooth very much."
Gary Berman, DDS
Belleville, MI
Glen Willis, DMD
Rock Hill, SC
Byron Barker, DMD
Highland, IL


Desensitizing Ability

DesensiMAX is “great when needing to calm down a sensitive tooth,” according to Bennie Clark, DMD, who said he was “pleasantly surprised at how effectively it worked for reducing sensitivity.” Many others expressed their admiration for the product’s immediate desensitizing ability, including Dr. Christopher Thielen, who said, “It does a very good job reducing sensitivity at the time of application,” and Dr. Gregory Farber, who said it provided immediate relief of symptoms for root surface sensitivity. “It acted as a desensitizer in cases at risk of sensitivity without loss of bond strength,” noted Nilay Nanavati, DDS.


“It provided quick and predictable results for dentin hypersensitivity,” said Dr. Glen Willis, who shared one patient’s success story. “A patient was experiencing temperature and air sensitivity on tooth No. 6 due to recession, and 3 coats immediately resolved her sensitivity.” Bill Ligon, DDS, said he removed a newer composite on a tooth that had been very sensitive since placed by another dentist. After applying DesensiMAX and replacing the composite, Dr. Ligon and his patient were pleased that there was now “zero sensitivity.”


Ease of Application and Tooth Surface Rewetting

Offered in a 10 ml bottle, DesensiMAX is easy to apply with a small micro-applicator, with no drying, rinsing or scrubbing required. “The ease of handling and application made this product easy and quick to use,” noted Dr. Nanavati. “It didn’t affect the time to complete a procedure as it is fast and easy to use,” he added. Dr. Byron Barker called it “very easy to apply after etch and dry,” and one dentist suggested adding instructions on the bottle.


Another added benefit provided by DesensiMAX is its ability to rewet the tooth surface for an ideal restorative-tooth interface. “DesensiMAX can provide a moist dentin layer prior to bond and composite placement that can help reduce or prevent sensitivity following resin restorations or bonding procedures,” Dr. Eric Bellis explained. “I know the tooth is wetted properly when product calls for not drying the tooth very much,” shared Dr. Barker, and Douglas O’Connor, DMD, said, “It appears to be a great product for rewetting.”


"It acted as a desensitizer in cases at risk of sensitivity without loss of bond strength."

-Nilay Nanavati, DDS

Lindenhurst, NY



Formulated for use under virtually every restoration, DesensiMAX is especially beneficial with total etch and selective etch adhesive systems and for the treatment of sensitivity resulting from exposed dentin.


When he placed DesensiMAX under a Class V composite after etching, Dr. Barker said his patient’s sensitivity was completely resolved. Several dentists reported using DesensiMAX to relieve sensitivity during ultrasonic scaling procedures. Dr. Clark explained that it reduced hot and cold sensitivity with fillings and crown preps, and Dr. Thielen placed it at the time of crown preparation to decrease the need for local anesthetic at the crown insertion appointment. Reporting that she successfully treated cervical sensitivity with a few applications, Dr. Elaine Gantz also cemented a few crowns after application and patients were more comfortable thanks to immediate relief of temperature sensitivity.


Overall Satisfaction

Dr. Clark reported that his “patients left happy when we could apply this and make their teeth less sensitive.” Dr. Willis remarked, “It’s nice to have a product you can depend on to address patients’ sensitivity issues.” Dr. Gantz said she would continue to use DesensiMAX, adding, “I look forward to trying it for other applications, especially under new restorations on patients prone to postop sensitivity.”



•Provides immediate sensitivity relief

•Increases bond longevity by preventing the formation of MMP generation which leads to bond degradation

•Rewets tooth surface for ideal restorative-tooth interface

•Ideal for use under virtually every type of restoration

•Ease to apply with no drying, rinsing or scrubbing required


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 4.9
    Ease of application with brush/ microapplicator

  • 4.9
    Speed of application

  • 4.3
    Ability to work in moist field

  • 4.0
    Immediate desensitizing ability- in office day of application

  • 4.6
    Ability to re-wet tooth surface prior to bonding

  • 4.7
    Versatility for a variety of procedures

Section A AVERAGE : 4.6
Section B
  • 4.5
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.5

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B




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