Diapaste Calcium Hydroxide Paste

Diapaste Calcium Hydroxide Paste Evaluation

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Diapaste Calcium Hydroxide Paste

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Diapaste is a premixed calcium hydroxide barium sulfate paste for root canal treatment

Calcium hydroxide is one of the most popular root canal treatment materials on the market, and adding barium sulfate increases its radiopacity. Barium sulfate is safe for patients who are allergic to iodoform, another chemical that increases radiopacity. In addition, some dentists do not like the strong smell of iodoform.

DiaDent?s Diapaste is an iodoform-free premixed calcium hydroxide barium sulfate paste for root canal treatment. It is water-soluble so it is easy to clean and remove, and it is also radiopaque and antibacterial.

Fourteen evaluators with a combined 251 years of experience participated in Dental Product Shopper?s evaluation of Diapaste. Evaluators rated several features, including ease of use, delivery system, radiopacity, convenience of syringe delivery, and overall satisfaction of the product.

Ease of Use

According to the manufacturer, Diapaste is easy to use because it is premixed and prefilled. It is also water-soluble so cleanup and removal are easy. The included tip is packaged in a blister pack and can be bent according to preference. DiaDent describes the tip as very thin so material can be inserted into hard-to-reach places in the canals.

Diapaste?s ease of use was well-received by evaluators; 10 rated it as excellent and 4 rated it as very good. An evaluator with 3 years of experience said, ?Its ease of handling and radiopacity allowed for greater visualization of the pulpal anatomy.? An evaluator with 26 years of experience agreed: ?The biggest plus was that the product worked well and predictably with little effort.?

Delivery System

According to the manufacturer, Diapaste is very stable and does not solidify nor separate. The premixed paste has a high flowability and is packaged in a convenient syringe.

When the 14 evaluators were asked to rate the delivery system and its ease of delivery into the canal, 7 rated it excellent, 5 rated it very good, and 2 rated it as good. A dentist from Vista, CA, said, ?The product was immediately available: mixed and ready to deliver.? Another evaluator from Waxahachie, TX, said, ?It was easy to dispense and to remove after treatment of the infected canal.?

When asked if they would recommend Diapaste to colleagues or contacts within the dental profession, both of these evaluators answered ?definitely.?


When asked to rate Diapaste?s radiopacity, 7 evaluators rated it as excellent, 5 rated it as very good, 1 rated it as good, and 1 did not provide a rating. A clinician with 8 years of experience said, ?I was able to see on x-rays filled canals due to excellent radiopacity.?

Convenience of Syringe Delivery

The premixed Diapaste is packaged in a convenient syringe. According to DiaDent this packaging eliminates mixing and provides an ideal vehicle for application to the root apex.

When asked to rate the convenience of Diapaste?s syringe delivery, 9 evaluators rated it as excellent and 5 rated it as very good. A clinician from Philadelphia, PA, said Diapaste was ?easy to place in a very convenient syringe.?

When asked what he would like to see improved about Diapaste, an evaluator from Marina del Rey, CA, said, ?I would like a bigger syringe volume and a more comfortable syringe grip.? This evaluator went on to rate Diapaste?s syringe delivery as ?excellent.?

Overall Satisfaction

When the evaluators were asked if they would recommend Diapaste to their colleagues, 13 said they ?definitely? or ?probably? would. Twelve of the 14 evaluators said they ?definitely? or ?probably? would purchase Diapaste in the future.

Evaluators were asked to rate their overall satisfaction with Diapaste. Five evaluators rated it as excellent, 7 rated it as very good, and 2 rated it as good. An evaluator with 16 years of experience summarized his evaluation of Diapaste saying, ?The product is great, easy to use, and very radiopaque; and no pain after treatment.?

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Diapaste Calcium Hydroxide Paste
Diadent Group International
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