Directa DryDent® Sublingual - Unique saliva control

Directa DryDent® Sublingual - Unique saliva control Evaluation

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evaluatorsDryDent’s super-absorbent foam absorbs saliva produced by both the parotid and sublingual glands


Most dentists will agree that controlling saliva and moisture during dental procedures is essential, but not always easy. “Keeping a dry field is very important in a modern dental practice, and sometimes is a real challenge,” Dr. James DeFilippo told Dental Product Shopper. With so many moisture control products available— from cotton rolls to traditional dry angles to suction devices—how does a dentist choose an effective and efficient product?

For DeFilippo and more than a dozen other dentists, one way to find out was to evaluate Directa’s DryDent Sublingual over several weeks for this DPS product evaluation.



Reducing Moisture; Maintaining a Dry Field

quoteMade of super-absorbent foam, DryDent Parotid and DryDent Sublingual soak up unwanted moisture to keep a dry field for impression taking, cementation, and other dental procedures. “This product is very absorbent and easy to use,” Dr. Donald Jetter shared, adding, “[It] was very effective at controlling saliva during crown impressions and was easily removed from the impression.” Agreeing that DryDent helped to control moisture and isolate the field, Dr. Patrick Wells said, “The parotid pad worked great and helped to keep cheek out of way. The sublingual pad was a little harder to use, but when i moistened it a little, it was a lot easier to use.”

Several dentists praised DryDent for its excellent absorption of saliva, including Dr. Steve Dater, who said it worked better than traditional cotton rolls, and Dr. Mary Gadbois, who shared, “This was good for power-whitening patients in conjunction with lip retractors to keep salivary flow at a minimum.” In several crown insertion cases where the patients had copious saliva, Dr. Robert Beatty said, “The product worked very well for easy precementation isolation.”


Coverage of Parotid or Sublingual Area/Resistance to Leaking

Available in large and small sizes, DryDent Parotid is placed directly over the open ducts of the parotid gland where saliva is optimally absorbed. Placed under the tongue and also offered in 2 sizes, DryDent Sublingual is a unique product that collects and controls the saliva produced by the sublingual glands as well as the submandibular glands.

“The parotid angle was great with its flexibility— better than stiff varieties,” shared Dr. Albert Clark, while 2 doctors recommended that the product be a little stiffer. Dr. Joseph Ritz called the DryDent Parotid a nice improvement over the cardboard version he had been using, but did not find the DryDent Sublingual as helpful, commenting, “The lingual is still a challenging area for isolation.” According to Dr. Derek Noonan, “The sublingual version helps with isolation of the mandibular anteriors,” and Dr. DeFilippo commented, “The sublingual is new to me and works well.”

DryDent dental dry angles are designed to keep moisture under control, even when fully saturated, according to Directa. Dr. DeFilippo observed, “It absorbs saliva well and resists leaking when saturated,” while Dr. Lisa Cohoe felt that it became full too quickly and needed to be changed too often. A couple doctors recommended a larger size, while Dr. Dater suggested a smaller size for pedo.


Patient Comfort

Made of smooth soft materials for maximum patient comfort, DryDent is flexible and very easy to remove, according to Dr. Beatty. He said he could remove it without soaking it in water and was impressed that no residual layer was left on the mucosa. “I loved the flexibility of the parotid angles,” shared Dr. Clark, adding that they work very well and are comfortable for the patient.

Several dentists, including Dr. Cohoe, Dr. Noonan, and Dr. Mark Edington, said their favorite feature was the softness. “The softness of the product was great for sealants compared to [another product] that sometimes cut into the tissue,” shared Dr. Kari Haganman. Regarding patient comfort, doctors commented that it did not cause irritation to the tongue and cheek when using suction, and that it worked well as a cheek protector when using a handpiece. Another dentist said the product is very thin and unobtrusive, and that patients may have been unaware of its presence.


Overall Satisfaction

Rating his overall satisfaction as excellent, Dr. Jetter shared, “We appreciate any product which helps procedures go smoothly, and this product is certainly one of those.” He added, “I cannot think of any way that it could be improved.” Calling it a good product that delivers as promised, Dr. Tony Storace said he most appreciated the DryDent Sublingual's ease of use and universal application. He noted that his hygiene staff and assistants also liked the dental dry angles. “And if they are happy, the doctors are happy,” Dr. Storace concluded.


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Section A
  • 4.0
    Ability to reduce moisture and maintain a dry field

  • 4.4
    Patient Comfort

  • 4.1
    Coverage of parotid or sublingual area

  • 3.8
    Resistance to leaking/when full

  • 3.8
    Cheek protection

  • 4.0
    Ease of use

  • 3.7
    Usefulness/versatility for a variety of procedures

  • 4.0

Section A AVERAGE : 4.0
Section B
  • 3.9
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 3.9

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B
Directa DryDent® Sublingual - Unique saliva control
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