evaluatorsAluminum chloride-based retraction paste stops gingival bleeding and seepage that can interfere with accurate impression-taking

Getting an accurate impression—whether through traditional methods or via an intraoral scanner—can be a challenge in itself. But add in sulcular bleeding and subgingival margin placement, and the stakes only get higher. Solutions like retraction paste can be a fast and effective solution, but not all are created equal. That was certainly the case for Dr. Irene Renieris, who, before trying out Parkell’s DryZ Blu as part of a recent DPS evaluation, felt the retraction paste she was using wasn’t dispensing easily or staying where it was placed.

“We just purchased a scanner and I wanted to make sure there was absolutely no bleeding and my margins were spot on and clear enough for the lab to see,” she shared. Fortunately, Dr. Renieris found success in trying out a new solution. “I used Dryz Blu and when the crown came back, I was super excited on the fit and the fact that no adjustment needed to be made.”

Here’s a roundup of what evaluating clinicians throught of Dryz Blu’s key features, including dispensing and delivery, hemostasis, color contrast, and ease of removal.


Ease of Dispensing and Delivery

quoteSeveral evaluators lauded Dryz Blu’s flexible and simple delivery, including Dr. Dana Blalock, who said, “The product dispenses nicely with your regular composite compule gun.” Dr. Renieris agreed, saying, “I love the dispensing of the product and the fact that it can be used in any composite gun,” while another clinician felt that “some guns could not push out the product because the plunger was too large.” Dryz Blu is delivered in single-dose capsules for more precise placement and to protect patients from cross-contamination. When asked what he liked best about using Dryz Blu, Dr. Brandon Stapleton noted, “I like that it’s dispensed in a capsule.” Dr. Diane Casey also appreciated the single-unit dispensing, and Dr. Duy Nguyen said the “individual capsules help reduce patient-to-patient contamination.”


Level of Retraction/Adequacy of Hemostasis

According to Parkell, Dryz Blu contains aluminum chloride to provide fast, effective hemostasis, and has a stiff consistency that easily displaces sulcular tissue. Dr. Abraham Speiser recently had a case where gingival oozing would not stop after excavation of a subgingival root resorption, and he needed a clear field for adhesive bonding and restoration of the root. “Dryz Blu solved the problem for a successful restorative outcome,” he shared, adding that his practice now incorporates the product in its armamentarium.

Dr. David Mastrota used Dryz Blu during a case where packing cord had failed, and said that it helped in situations “with difficult bleeding.” Dr. Debra Ferraiolo had similar thoughts, sharing, “For those using cord, this is by far better. I usually use a laser, but this minimized having to prep for laser.” Commenting that the hemostasis was “amazing,” Dr. Renieris said that it “surpassed my current product in all categories,” while Dr. Blalock was able to “finalize a crown preparation, dry the tissue, and scan for the lab” without using local anesthetic or her soft-tissue laser. “If the patient is not numb, it is great to be able to just use the paste and get the results that I am looking for,” she added.


Color Contrast and Ease of Removal

Dryz Blu has an aqua blue color that allows for easy detection of where the material is placed. Most evaluators appreciated the color contrast and said it helped them remove the paste. Dr. Mastrota said the product was easy to use and clean up, adding, “Love the color to set it apart to see.” Dr. Nguyen said, “[The] blue color is better than [the] previous version so I can adequately remove all the material,” and Dr. Renieris shared that her favorite feature was “the color and ease of removal.” Although she appreciated the color contrast, Dr. Casey said she would like to see the product’s “rinseability” improved.


Overall Satisfaction

The majority of evaluators said their overall experience with Dryz Blu was very good, and all but 3 of them would recommend the retraction paste to their colleagues. “Overall, I think that it is a great product, and I will be ordering more in the future,” said Dr. Blalock, and Dr. Nguyen said it reduced his chair time by only having to use it once for each case. Dr. Speiser summed up his experience by saying, “Using Dryz Blu gave me clean impressions with detailed margins and controlled gingival oozing during placement of restorative materials.”


Evaluation Snapshot

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