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Embrace WetBond Resin Cement Evaluation

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Embrace WetBond technology ushers in the era of tooth integrating composites and advances conventional scientific approaches to the fundamental behavior of dental restorative resins. These materials exhibit unique characteristics that are ideally suited to working in the moist oral environment.

This dual cure resin cement bonds in a moist environment and requires no bonding agent, eliminating a step and saving time.

Pulpdent’s Embrace WetBond Resin Cement, a dual cure cement, offers a unique technology that bonds in a moist field. The product self-etches to dentin and self-adheres, requiring no primers, silane, or bonding agents. Because the tooth is not dessicated, a frequent cause of sensitivity is eliminated. All of the dentist evaluators rated sensitivity reduction highly. One dentist who reviewed the product said: “There were no sensitivity issues with my patients.”

The Science
According to Pulpdent, Embrace WetBond’s enhanced formula provides improved strength. It is margin-free and tooth integrating, eliminating microleakage. Clinical trials, which began in May 2002 and have not yet been published, indicate that the material provides excellent retention and marginal integrity in the oral environment and appears to be “marginfree.”
At the same time, according to the manufacturer, the product provides the esthetic qualities, strength, and durability most often associated with restorative resins. The manufacturer states that Embrace WetBond incorporates di-, tri-, and multi-functional acrylate monomers into a hydrophilic, resin acid-integrating network (RAIN). The material is activated in the presence of moisture and is recommended for slightly moist surfaces. When activated, the material is acidic. In the cured state, the RAIN network is no longer affected by water so the cured material has a neutral pH and low water solubility. According to one of the dentist evaluators, however, he sometimes forgot to leave the tooth wet. He agreed that the product performed well in a wet environment, but “since there could still not be saliva, it’s just as easy to dry the tooth as it is to keep it damp.”

Product Uses
Embrace WetBond Resin Cement is designed for cementation of porcelainfused- to-metal, gold, CEREC, and reinforced ceramics for crown and bridge; gold, metal, and fiber posts; and for inlays. It is also used for bonding stainless steel and nylon splinting materials.
For bonding to ceramic, a welletched or roughened surface is indicated. Optimum mechanical retention is indicated for bonding to zirconia type surfaces, the manufacturer states.

Ease of Use
The product instructions hint at its ease of use:

  • Remove cap and place a mixing tip on the automix syringe.
  • To ensure an even mix of base and catalyst, first dispense 2 mm to 3 mm of cement onto a pad and discard this material.
  • Dispense evenly mixed cement directly onto the tooth or into the restoration.
  • Discard mixing tip. Recap syringe. Do not cross-contaminate base and catalyst.

Ease of use was rated very highly by all the evaluators, but as mentioned above, 1 noted that he occasionally forgot to have the tooth damp. He found that the product worked well on a dry tooth.

Time Savings
Two of 3 dentists who tested Embrace WetBond Resin Cement rated it as excellent for time savings, but 1 indicated that the self-cure time was too long—7 minutes.


Packaging and Instructions
All reviewers rated the packaging and instructions highly. One evaluator, however, asked if it would be possible to have a “smaller mixing tip and still get a good mix.” He reported that “a lot of material is left in the tip and unused—especially when cementing a small single unit.”

Overall Ratings
The overall rating from the evaluators was good to excellent. When asked if they would purchase Embrace WetBond in the future, the evaluators said that they probably would. They also indicated that they would probably recommend the product to their colleagues.

Evaluation Snapshot

Embrace WetBond Resin Cement
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