Endo-Clear Endodontic Solution

Endo-Clear Endodontic Solution Evaluation

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Endo-Clear Endodontic Solution


Endo-Clear optimizes access to hard-to-reach areas for effective cleaning of the root canal.

Endo-Clear is a new endodontic solution from Diadent that delivers superior microbicidal treatment while effectively clearing the root canal of debris and removing the smear layer. According to the manufacturer, the waterbased (17%) formulation affords important advantages over gels and creams; it improves access to the hard-to-reach apical area for optimal removal of the smear layer, and it is easier to remove at the end of the procedure.

Endo-Clear is sold separately (100 mL) and is also available in a set, which contains 100 mL of solution, 1 Diafl ex irrigation syringe, and 3 disposable tips.

The 12 dentists who participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation of Endo-Clear rated and commented on a range of features, including effectiveness and ease of delivery into the canal.


Endo-Clear is formulated for easy canal enlargement and optimal debridement, including dissolution of pulp remnants, removal of the smear layer, and clearance of dentin tubules and the apical area. According to the manufacturer, the solution’s chelating effect softens the canal wall and dissolves and removes calcium. The solution also enables facile movement of canal instruments.

When the evaluators were asked how effectively Endo-Clear cleans the canal, 3 rated it as excellent, 7 rated it as very good, and 2 rated it as fair. A dentist from Massachusetts who gave the solution an overall rating of excellent cited its consistency as the feature she liked most. Another evaluator said it “seemed to work fast,” and a third said the “ability to clean debris from the canal” was his favorite feature. Two evaluators said that they would like the material to be more viscous to ensure it “stays in the canal better.”

Ease of Use (Delivery System)

Formulated for ease of use, Endo- Clear is simply drawn up into the Diafl ex irrigation syringe and slowly placed into the root canal. After 2 to 5 minutes, the canal is rinsed, fi rst with sodium hypochlorite, followed by hydrogen peroxide solution, and then with water. According to the manufacturer, the water-based solution is easier to remove than gels or creams.

Ease of delivery into the canal was rated as excellent by 5 evaluators, as very good by 4, and as good by 3.

One evaluator cited the “ability to transfer into the syringe/delivery system” as the feature he liked most, and the dentist who reported “pressure release or escape in the dispensing tip” identifi ed ease of delivery as his favorite feature. Ease of use/delivery was cited as a favorite feature by 5 additional evaluators. One of these evaluators “liked the fl exible tip,” and another noted, “The micro tips were very easy to use and deliver into the canal close to the apex.”

When asked what they’d like to see improved, 3 evaluators commented on syringe size. Another dentist suggested “prepackaged, multiple, single-use syringes.”

Overall Satisfaction

Ten evaluators said they would defi - nitely or probably recommend Endo- Clear to colleagues and 9 said they would definitely or probably purchase it for use in their practices. Overall satisfaction with the solution was rated as excellent by 4 evaluators, as very good by 6, and as good by 2. One evaluator said she was “glad to have found out about” Endo- Clear. An evaluator from California, who called Endo-Clear much better than similar products, described it as “a wonderful solution that makes life very easy when doing root canals.”

Endo-Clear Endodontic Solution
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