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EZ PickUp offers a unique tissue-colored, automixing, self-curing attachment processing material. EZ PickUp (formerly called ERA PickUp) is a self-curing attachment pickup material designed to be simple to use and speed up the procedure. It can be used to pick up any attachment, and it is odorless and tasteless for the benefit of the patient. When used with the ERA Implant System, it will not irritate freshly sutured tissue like methyl methacrylate will. According to Sterngold, it features a low curing temperature and less than 1 percent shrinkage, resulting in a more accurate and complete pickup of the attachment. Dental Product Shopper enlisted 10 evaluators to test ERA PickUp in their practices for 4 weeks. They then evaluated and commented on 4 features: ease of use, time savings, patient response, and esthetics.

Ease of Use

ERA PickUp is both automixing and self-curing, which makes the material easy for the dentist to use. This allows the clinician to focus on the technique of their procedure, instead wasting time and effort on these extra details. Ease of use was most commonly cited as the evaluators? favorite feature, and it earned the highest score of all the criteria they tested, at 4.3. Five evaluators rated ease of use as excellent, 3 rated it very good, and 2 rated it good. An evaluator who gave the product an overall rating of excellent liked the "excellent delivery system that is both efficient and easy to use." He continued, "The material is thin enough to flow around the attachment but viscous enough not to run out of the prosthesis, and it offers great versatility for attachments, implant component pick-ups, and prosthetic retro-fits." Another evaluator, with 18 years of experience in dentistry, said ERA Pick- Up was "very easy to use with predictable results." Time Savings The same features that make ERA PickUp easy to use also help save clinicians time. Time savings was rated as excellent by 3 evaluators, as very good by 5, and as good by 2. An evaluator who called ERA PickUp much better than similar products said, "The quick set time is perfect." Another liked the products "efficiency" and the fact there was "no time wasted preparing separate powder and liquid containers and mixing." One evaluator, who has been in practice for 7 years, said it "takes longer" than his current product. A second evaluator would like to see Sterngold "speed up the set time." An evaluator who rated all features as excellent or very good said, "The viscosity and set time are excellent."


Being odorless and tasteless, ERA PickUp is designed to engender a positive patient experience. When asked to rate patient response to the material, 3 called it excellent, 3 called it very good, and 1 called it fair (3 declined to rate this feature). One evaluator appreciated that the material has "no odor or taste." Regarding the esthetics of the material, 1 called it excellent, 4 called it very good, and 1 called it good (4 declined to rate this feature). One of the evaluators said he would like to see the addition of "various shades." Another evaluator, who called it "overall a terrific material," mentioned the "esthetics could be slightly better with fibers and varying colors."

Overall Satisfaction

When asked to rate their overall satisfaction with Sterngold's ERA PickUp, 6 evaluators called it excellent, 2 called it very good, and 2 called it good. An evaluator with 20 years of experience who said he would definitely recommend the product to colleagues said, "This material blows away acrylic. Its versatility and ease of use make it a top performer." Another said, "It was the best I have used so far for this purpose." Nine out of the 10 evaluators said they would definitely or probably recommend the product to others in the future. A reviewer from West Palm Beach, FL called it a "good, well-thought-out product." She went on to say she is "happy to have it in my bag of tricks."

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EZ PickUp Material
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