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With improved visibility and ergonomics, dentists can provide better dentistry with the Evolution XR6.


“All my restorative and crown work is better, I can diagnose cracks and decay better, and it keeps me from inadvertently making mistakes.” That’s what a dentist from Wilmette, IL, said when Dental Product Shopper asked him to list 3 reasons why the Evolution XR6 microscope has been an invaluable addition to his practice.

Eleven dentists from around the country participated in this DPS evaluation of Seiler Precision Microscopes’ Evolution XR6 dental microscope. It offers 6 levels of magnification, superior optics, an LED illumination system, live video and digital camera accessories, and a lifetime guarantee on optics and mechanics.

The evaluators rated several features of the microscope, including ergonomics, magnification range and image sharpness, illumination and visibility, and mounting options.


Ergonomic Working Position and Head Posture

Manufacturer Description: The Evolution XR6 was designed specifically for dental professionals, who spend most of the day in postures that can lead to neck and back injury. By using magnification, whether it is loupes or microscopes, they can ensure better posture and extend the duration of their careers.

Evaluator Feedback: When asked why he purchased this microscope, a Texas dentist responded, “My posture with loupes was not good, and I was concerned about injuring my back or neck due to bad posture.” Another evaluator, who said he would definitely recommend the Evolution XR6 to his colleagues, noted that he experiences “less back and neck strain” with the microscope. “[The Evolution XR6 has] probably extended my life as a dentist,” said a doctor who has been in practice for 47 years and who rated ergonomics as very good.


Magnification Range and Image Sharpness

Manufacturer Description: The Evolution XR6 has a 6-step turret magnification system that includes 2.3X, 3.2X, 5X, 8.2X, 12.8X, and 19X. In addition, the microscope is equipped with apochromatic lenses for superior optics.

Evaluator Feedback: “This level of magnification allows me to perform to a higher standard,” a dentist from Tucson, AZ, said when asked why he purchased the Evolution XR6. “The reward for me is an enhanced enjoyment of dentistry,” he added. Another evaluator commented, “I feel a scope is necessary to do root canals for visualization of morphology and canal arrangement. My scope has enabled me to treat patients at the highest level possible.” Other comments included: “Far better than loupes,” “It is amazing what one can see with magnification,” and “High magnification through microscopy is invaluable in any practice.”


Illumination and Visibility

Manufacturer Description: With an ultra-bright LED lighting system, the Evolution XR6 provides 80,000 LUX of illumination. It has true coaxial through-the-lens illumination and 10X wide field eyepieces, with 12.5X and 20X also available.

Evaluator Feedback: When asked what they liked best about the Evolution XR6, several evaluators said it was the lighting, and an Illinois dentist noted the clarity of the magnification. “It provides much better visibility of the operating area due to increased magnification and lighting,” said a dentist from Houston, TX. One evaluator requested “an even brighter light source,” while a dentist from British Columbia said he liked the “simple, dual light source.”


Overall Satisfaction

Ten of the evaluators said they would definitely recommend the Evolution XR6 to their colleagues. One dentist, who has 4 other Seiler microscopes and “loves them all,” was not satisfied with the base of the Evolution XR6 and found it difficult to maneuver. Eight of the evaluators rated the mounting options for the microscope as excellent.

Although not specifically asked in the evaluation, several evaluators commented on the reputation of Seiler Precision Microscopes and their customer service. The evaluators shared these comments: “Excellent technical support from Seiler,” “Seiler is a great company and the service was terrific,” and “I needed a reliable scope at a reasonable price from a dependable company, and this scope met the requirements.”

An evaluator who has been practicing dentistry for 45 years summed up his evaluation of the Evolution XR6 by saying, “I enjoy working under magnification. As I have become older, I am demanding more of myself. The Seiler microscope allows me to perform at a higher level.”

Evaluation Snapshot




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