Deep Bleaching System

KöR formulations produce optimal whitening in both average and difficult-to-whiten teeth.


According to KöR Whitening, recent advancements have made the system faster, easier, and more economical. The new Dual Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide formulation, developed by Dr. Rod Kurthy, whitening science researcher since 1977, achieves predictable, permanent whitening results for any patient because of its foundation in science and logic.

Although KöR Whitening is effective on extreme discoloration like tetracycline, fluorosis, and geriatric staining, its ability to dramatically whiten the teeth of average patients is also important because every patient asking for teeth whitening wants truly white teeth.

Chemical stabilizers in whitening gels are responsible for increasing osmolarity and sensitivity. By relying on scientific principles, such as continuous refrigeration of whitening gels from the instant of manufacture until received cold by the dental practice, no chemical stabilizers are needed. As a result, the gels are received at virtually 100% of their original effectiveness, cause significantly less sensitivity, and have an extremely long shelf life. A unique at-home daily desensitizer that plugs dentinal tubules instantly is also included with every patient whitening kit. To maximize convenience, KöR Whitening offers a whitening solution for any patient type, including an at-home-only option.

KöR Whitening states that by relying on science and logic, they are the only whitening company in the world to offer a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Because of required training, this Dental Product Shopper evaluation features the comments and ratings of 8 dentists who currently use the KöR System.


Gels and Bleaching Trays

KöR’s refrigeration process is intended to ensure optimal bleaching gel quality. The proprietary Deep Bleaching Trays are designed to ensure effective results with each use.

All 8 evaluators rated the consistent quality/ freshness of the bleaching gels as excellent. Three dentists cited the importance of product refrigeration. One dentist called it “a huge plus,” and another said refrigeration “makes a huge difference in potency and transport.”

The fit/effectiveness of the KöR Deep Bleaching Trays was rated as excellent by 7 evaluators and as very good by 1. One evaluator called them “the best fitting by far.” Another said, “The trays made on these models have a perfect fit. This results in awesome whitening.” A third evaluator said, “Dr. Kurthy’s impression technique is incredible. It’s easy and predictable.”



Use of the correct tray design and chemical formulations of whiteners may reduce both gingival and tooth sensitivity. 1 When asked if sensitivity issues were minimal, 6 evaluators rated KöR as excellent and 2 rated it as very good. One evaluator called it “a tremendous improvement from the past.” Another dentist said, “Everybody wants white teeth but many of my patients couldn’t stand to have the [other] gels in their mouths long enough to get a nice result…a thing of the past since I started using KöR.”


Whitening Results

The evaluators rated whitening results on both average and difficult teeth/cases. Results on average teeth were rated as excellent by all 8 evaluators. For difficult cases, results were rated as excellent by 3 evaluators and as very good by 5. One dentist said results “have always been excellent, even on young tetracycline-stained teeth.” Two dentists called it “better than anything we’ve used before,” and 1 evaluator said, “I give it a 4 [out of 5] for patients with tetracycline stains who are over age 50…the really tough cases.”

Consistency of clinical results and positive patient responses were both rated as excellent by 5 evaluators and as very good by 3. One evaluator noted that “patient satisfaction is very high.” Another dentist said, “Compliant patients achieve a 5. When patients achieve so-so results it’s because they’re not following instructions.”


Overall Satisfaction

All 8 evaluators called KöR much better than similar whitening products, and all 8 said they would definitely purchase and definitely recommend the system to colleagues. One evaluator noted that patients “are always very satisfied” and another reported “great results and quality… always.” The dentist who noted that “very reliable materials take away the failures” also said, “I switched to KöR when it first came out and I still stare at each model in amazement at the incredible detail.” Overall satisfaction was rated as excellent by 7 evaluators and as very good by 1.



1. Deliperi S, Bardwell DN, Papathanasion A. Clinical evaluation of a combined in-office and take-home bleaching system. J Am Dent Assoc. 2004;135:628-634.

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