In the world of dentistry, impressions are often dreaded by clinicians and patients alike. These are technique-sensitive tasks that consume time, cause discomfort, and require cleanup. With their EXA family of VPS impression materials, GC America strives to make the impression-making process easier both for dental professionals and patients. Comprising an assortment of viscosities, setting times, and dispensing methods, the EXA family includes EXAFAST, EXAMIX, EXABITE II, EXAFLEX, and EXAJET.

Like most dentists, Dr. Adam Beno makes every effort to take consistent impressions free of voids or pulls to minimize the need for retakes. While participating in this DPS evaluation, which focused on the EXAFAST and EXAMIX products, Dr. Beno was pleased to discover that the impressions “captured the anatomy and margins on the first try, and any pulls that did occur were very minimal and inconsequential for clinical accuracy.” Noting that “the viscosity was very adaptable and easy to work with,” Dr. Beno said he appreciated the variety of products offered in the EXA line, both in viscosity and setting time.

Working and Setting Time
Providing up to 60 seconds of working time, EXAFAST sets in 90 seconds and is available in heavy, injectable, monophase, and regular viscosities. Dr. Abraham Jaskiel was delighted with the accuracy and speed of EXAFAST. “I used EXAFAST with fullarch Invisalign impressions and got great accuracy in record time of 3 minutes. It’s not only fast, but has no pulling of impression as I sometimes see with other fast-set materials,” he shared. In addition, Dr. Jaskiel said his patients were more comfortable because they spent less time with impressions in their mouths.

With a working time of up to 3 minutes, regular set EXAMIX is available in heavy, injectable, monophase, and regular viscosities. Noting that using EXAMIX and EXAFAST made the impressiontaking process move faster, Dr. Andrew Mogelof explained, “The colors make it easy to read the impressions. The faster set manages time, and patients are happier. I was pleasantly surprised.” Calling the materials “good for single-unit crowns,” Dr. Albert Klitzke said the setting time was a minute faster than his previous material, but his working time was longer with larger cases.

Viscosity, Tear Strength, and Flavor
“It’s easy to get a good impression, and the many different viscosities can be applied to all impression needs,” noted Dr. Ashish Arya, who sometimes found it hard to extrude the heavy body material out of the gun. “I needed a good hand-mixed putty for multiple applications, and this provided a viable material,” reported Dr. Arthur Volker. “The bite registration was great,” according to Dr. Marianne Baran, who said her previous brand of bite registration material was too runny and thin and tore easily.

Dr. Anthony Boyd found that EXAMIX and EXAFAST stayed in place, and he was able to take impressions of multiple teeth with no slumping. He said the consistency allowed for expression around the margin, which led to clean impressions, and “it also proved superior in moist environments.” Dr. Frederick Bonds said the regular body material was a little too viscous but determined, “The tear strength was quite good and the resulting impressions were impressive.”

Alfred dela
Cruz, DDS
San Ramon, CA
“ It eliminated remakes and reduced chair time when making adjustments to IPS e.max and zirconia restorations during delivery.”
GC America points out that the EXA materials are virtually tasteless and odorless, and Dr. Mogelof said his patients didn’t complain about the taste. Dr. Alfred dela Cruz suggested, “If it were flavored mint or fruity, it would make it more pleasant for the patient and reduce gagging.”

Accuracy of Impression and Final Restoration
Noting that EXAMIX and EXAFAST performed more consistently than other materials, Dr. Baran said she achieved very nice final impressions for implant and clear aligner cases. Dr. Bonds reported “very accurate impressions with good crown seats and minimal remakes,” and Dr. Mogelof said, “The reline of this material was crisp, and yielded correct fitting crowns no matter whether porcelain, gold, cast gold inlays, zirconia, or feldspathic veneers.

Compared to similar materials, Dr. dela Cruz said he had much better impressions and accuracy when using EXAMIX and EXAFAST. Even in a case with a lot of gingival bleeding, “GC’s impression material still captured the margins and subgingival margins very well with no bubbles or distortion,” he noted. “It eliminated remakes and reduced chair time when making adjustments to IPS e.max and zirconia restorations during delivery.” Dr. dela Cruz said the final crowns and bridges fit very well with minimal adjustments, adding, “The final results speak for themselves.”

Overall Satisfaction
Calling the EXA family “simply awesome,” Dr. Artin Manoukian would recommend these products because they’ve given him accurate, stress-free impressions. With “good fast-setting times and accurate impressions,” Dr. Akis Sinesi said they made impression taking much easier. “It’s an excellent product with great versatility.”
EXA family includes 5 VPS impression materials to meet any clinical needs
EXAFAST has a 60-second working time and sets in 90 seconds
EXAMIX presents a working time of 3 minutes and a setting time of 4 minutes
Predictable, precise, and durable impressions
Excellent elasticity and tear strength
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Section A
  • 4.3
    Working time

  • 4.6
    Setting time

  • 4.1

  • 4.3
    Tear strength

  • 4.6
    Accuracy at the margin

  • 4.3
    Smell and taste

  • 4.7
    Fit of the final restoration

Section A AVERAGE : 4.4
Section B
  • 4.5
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.5

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Section A and B
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