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"We always hated wasting the end of the impression material cartridge,” said Dr. Richard Saunders, who, like most dentists, tries to save on costs by using every bit of material possible. While looking for an easy way to transfer the remaining impression material from a nearly empty cartridge to another cartridge, he tried Dentazon’s EZ VPS Connector for this DPS evaluation and discovered that transferring material was easy and fast.

Because of the locking connector, Dr. Saunders found that there is no leakage or cross contamination, and said the EZ VPS Connector is designed better than other similar products that he’s tried. “As long as we use the cartridge system, we will use EZ VPS Connectors,” he concluded.

Ergonomic Design
The EZ VPS Connector connects two 50 ml 1:1 impression material cartridges together so that one can be emptied into the other. It consists of two pieces—a disposable transfer connector and a reusable ribbon holder—which are attached to the cartridge that needs to be emptied. The cartridge is inserted onto a dispensing gun, and the receiving cartridge is connected to the other side of the ribbon holder. A simple turn of the ribbon holder will lock the two cartridges securely together, and the user then transfers the impression material from one cartridge to the other. After the transfer is completed, the ribbon holder is turned again to disconnect the cartridges. The transfer connector is disposed with the empty cartridge while the ribbon holder can be reused.

“The design is great,” shared Dr. Pamela Brennan Clarke, who said she really likes the “quick ease of the connection and transfer.” Dr. Stephen Glick appreciates that “only the central part of the device needs to be disposed of and replaced, instead of the entire apparatus.” Prior to using the EZ VPS Connector, Dr. Saunders said he had tried another product, but it was messy and ineffective compared to the Dentazon product, which was quick and easy with no mess.

Ease of Connecting Cartridge and Transferring Material
“Connecting the cartridges with the butterfly connector is pretty easy,” noted Dr. Tiffany Lee, adding, “It takes no time to assemble and empty the cartridge.” She said that sometimes the circular transfer connector piece would stick to the full cartridge. Dr. Mihaela Popa “found that the ribbon connectors are very efficient and easy to use,” yet she would like an easier way to insert the transfer connector into the cartridge.

Dr. Mark Taira praised the ease of use and great instructions, saying, “It allowed us to retain every bit of impression material. Agreeing that the EZ VPS Connector was very easy to use, Dr. Glick said, “It allowed transferring small leftover amounts together to refill one cartridge,” which, according to Dr. Ray Morse, “solves a frustrating problem of consolidating nearly-empty cartridges.” Dr. Philip Harper pointed out the cost savings, noting, “Impression material is expensive so any amount you can save is great.”

Save Material, Reduce Clutter, and Reduce Procedure Time
“This is a great product that helps to save lots of previously wasted impression material,” shared Dr. Oleg Amayev. Calling it easy to use and economical, Dr. Glick said the EZ VPS Connector “allows you to save and use all of the expensive VPS material with no waste.” Dr. Saunders was happy that his assistants were able to clean up a lot of nearly empty cartridges, which leads to another advantage—reduced clutter.
“I loved consolidating half-empty cartridges,” shared Dr. Lee, who acknowledged that she has an aversion to clutter and that almost-empty cartridges waste valuable storage space. “We cannot toss empty cartridges because they’re so expensive,” she said, but by combining cartridges using the EZ VPS Connector, Dr. Lee was able to consolidate and clear out wasted storage space.

In addition, Dr. Lee said procedure time is saved by using one full cartridge instead of using two partial cartridges and having to change guns mid-impression to reload a new cartridge when one runs out. “It’s stressful to manipulate this transfer midimpression and swap cartridges, especially when you have a 2-minute set time,” she pointed out, adding, “This product allows you to never have to worry about that again because you always have full cartridges.” Dr. Pedram Mastour agreed that the EZ VPS Connector allowed him to take impressions faster because “I didn’t have to switch and put another carpule on the gun.” He concluded, “It’s a good product to consider for saving time and money chairside.”

Richard Saunders,
DDS; Pleasant
View, UT
Overall Satisfaction
All of the evaluators agreed that they would recommend the EZ VPS Connector to colleagues, and the group collectively deemed it a DPS Best Product. “This is a great product to provide a solution to the problem of wasted PVS material in cartridge form,” Walter Davies, III, DDS, declared, adding, “Material was transferred easily from one cartridge to the other.” Dr. Lee concluded, “It’s a great idea that reduces waste, saves time, saves space, and saves mental energy.” Dr. Taira said, “We were able to make the most of the materials that we purchased. It’s a great product that allows us to save material and money!”
Connects two 50ml impression material cartridges together so they can be consolidated into one
Consists of two easy-to-use pieces, a disposable transfer connector and a reusable ribbon holder
Quick and easy to connect and transfer material
Strong, secure connection with no leakage
Reduces wasted material and saves cost
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Section A
  • 4.7
    Ease of connecting cartridge to connector

  • 4.9
    Ease of transferring material from cartridge to cartridge via connector

  • 4.8
    Secure fit between cartridges and connector (doesn't leak)

  • 4.7
    Ergonomic design of connector

  • 4.9
    Ability to save material/ reduce waste/ save cost

Section A AVERAGE : 4.8
Section B
  • 4.9
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.9

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B
EZ VPS Connector
Dentazon Corp.
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