FibreKleer 4X Fiber Post

FibreKleer 4X Fiber Post Evaluation

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FibreKleer 4X Fiber Posts

Pentron Clinical Technologies

FibreKleer 4X Fiber Posts safely retain core build-ups while providing excellent radiopacity and esthetics.

The main purpose of a post is to help the retention of the core build-up during restorations.

Pentron Clinical Technologies? FibreKleer 4X Fiber Posts integrate with resin core material, resin cement, and the tooth?s root to create a monoblock with similar flexural properties. The end result is a post that safely retains core build-ups while preserving the integrity of the tooth structure. According to Pentron, FibreKleer 4X provide excellent radiopacity, core retention, tooth preservation, and esthetics.

Thirteen dentists with a combined 286 years of experience participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation of FibreKleer 4X Fiber Posts. They rated features such as ease of use, esthetics, radiopacity, and overall satisfaction.

Ease of Use

Packaged in a kit and bur block, FibreKleer 4X Fiber Posts are color coded to coordinate with the corresponding drill, which can help streamline the drill and post selection. These posts are available in 3 unique body designs in 3 different sizes to suit dentists? preferences and to meet the challenges with each individual clinical situation.

When asked to rate FibreKleer 4X?s ease of use, 3 evaluators rated them as excellent, 5 rated them as very good, and 5 rated them as good or fair. The evaluators were also asked to rate the product?s clarity of instructions. Eight evaluators rated this feature as excellent or very good, and 5 evaluators rated it as good.

Seven evaluators rated ease of use as their favorite feature. A dentist with 22 years in practice said FibreKleer 4X is ?a well organized, easy to use product.? A second evaluator from Montvale, NJ, said, ?The ability to bond build-up and post at the same time in one step with a bonding agent is great.? A third evaluator added, ?In comparing systems of other manufacturers, the FibreKleer system is easier to use.?

When asked how the product could be improved, 2 dentists said they would like to see sharper or more flexible post drills. Both evaluators went on to say they would definitely recommend and purchase FibreKleer 4X in the future.


According to the Pentron, FibreKleer 4X?s translucent glass fibers can help create natural looking esthetics. They are designed to preserve the integrity of the remaining tooth structure while providing retention of the core build-up. In addition, FibreKleer 4X flexes with the tooth and transmits stress evenly along the remaining tooth structure, which minimizes the instance of root fractures compared to metal posts.

When asked to rate the esthetics of FibreKleer 4X, 5 evaluators rated them excellent, 6 rated them as very good, and 2 rated them as good. An evaluator with 30 years in practice said his favorite feature of FibreKleer 4X was its ?esthetics, especially in anterior cases.? Two evaluators said they would like to see the product improved with more retention. Both dentists they would probably recommend the posts to others within the dental profession.


FibreKleer 4X features a radiopacity of up to 400% of aluminum to ensure they are easily identified on a radiograph during placement and at follow up appointments.

The evaluators were asked to rate FibreKleer 4X?s radiopacity and how easily it was indentified on radiographs. Three evaluators rated this feature as excellent, 5 rated it as very good, and 4 rated it as good.

Overall Satisfaction

Four evaluators said they would definitely recommend FibreKleer 4X to colleagues in the dental porofession, 7 said probably, and 2 were unsure. Nine of the 13 evaluators said they definitely or probably would purchase the product in the future.

Eight evaluators rated their overall satisfaction as excellent or very good, 4 rated it as good, and 1 rated it as fair. A New York-based dentist summarized his experience by saying, ?Overall, FibreKleer 4X is a good product.?

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FibreKleer 4X Fiber Post
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