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Forza V3 Piezo Ultrasonic Handpiece Evaluation

The Forza V3 piezo ultrasonic handpiece combines improved access, visibility, power delivery and patient comfort in a compact and intuitive design


Forza V3 "I like this product. I'll probably replace my ultrasonic scalers with this when they quit," said a California dentist who rated all features of the Forza V3 piezo ultrasonic handpiece as excellent.


Brasseler's Forza V3 features an intuitive design that maximizes both efficacy and efficiency. The compact unit is ideal for a wide variety of applications, including general scaling, perio, endo, endo surgery, and restorative procedures.


The 14 dentists, endodontists and hygienists who evaluated the Forza V3 for Dental Product Shopper rated features such as plaque and calculus removal, access and visibility, and patient comfort.


Plaque and Calculus Removal

Manufacturer Description: The Forza V3 features a piezo accelerator mode that provides consistent power and stable frequency output, and instinctively provides additional power when it's needed most. No vibration in the handpiece increases the tactile feel and, with more than 80 tips, the handpiece is ideal for a wide range of general, periodontal and endodontal applications.


Evaluator Feedback: One of the 13 evaluators who rated the ability to remove plaque and calculus as excellent or very good was an endodontist who noted that, "the small, simple layout made it easy to use and its power made it very effective." A hygienist with 31 years of experience said, "I loved the tactile sensitivity of the tips," and a dentist who noted that, "my hygienist really enjoyed using it," went on to say, "I tried it a few times to clean up cement and it worked well." When asked what they'd like to see improved, one hygienist said her students "loved the light but they had difficulty removing calculus with the tips," explaining that, "the tips for scaling were too thick," and one dentist said, "it needs a longer handpiece cord."



Access and Visibility

Manufacturer Description: At only 33 g, the Forza V3's slim design maximizes access and visibility while improving user comfort by reducing hand fatigue. Both vision and visibility are further optimized by the unit's dual LED illumination.


Evaluator Feedback: With comments such as, "the light made visibility so much better," "the light allowed me to see in the mouth very well," and, "I love the light. It improves visibility, and I wear loupes and a light," 10 evaluators rated light intensity as excellent and 2 rated it as very good. Both visibility and accessibility in the oral cavity were rated as excellent or very good by all 14 evaluators, one of whom noted that, "tip selection made access extremely easy."


Patient Comfort

Manufacturer Description: The Forza V3 operates with linear motion, which enhances patient comfort by reducing sensitivity.


Evaluator Feedback: Described by all 14 evaluators as a very important or important consideration when selecting an ultrasonic handpiece, patient comfort with the Forza V3 was rated as excellent or very good by 93% of the evaluators. "My patients have stated that this scaler is much more comfortable than the previous one," noted a general practitioner who said she would definitely purchase the handpiece and recommend it to colleagues."


Twelve evaluators rated the noise level as excellent or very good, with comments such as, "the product is much quieter than the piezo we have in our office," and, "I loved that there was barely any noise."


Overall Satisfaction

The compact, space-saving design of the Forza V3 makes it easy to install in any operatory, and was identified by 8 evaluators as one of the features they liked most. These evaluators, several of whom commented specifically on the unit's "small footprint," made remarks such as, "the small unit allowed it to be placed wherever necessary," "very small size size; easy to mount to a dental unit," and "the small foot print allows it to be present but not intrusive." Overall satisfaction was rated as excellent or very good by 12 evaluators. Citing budget as an issue in her public health clinic, one hygienist noted, "If our clinic were in a better financial state, I would insist that we purchase the one I used."

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Section A
  • 4.3
    Patient comfort

  • 4.5
    Light intensity

  • 4.5
    Ability to remove plaque and calculus

  • 4.6
    Visibility (in oral cavity)

  • 4.5
    Noise level

  • 4.4
    Accessibility (in oral cavity)

Section A AVERAGE : 4.5
Section B
  • 4.4
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.4

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B
Forza V3
Brasseler Usa
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