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While every dentist wishes for a composite that’s exceptionally strong and highly esthetic, most would argue that there is no perfect material—especially when the desired features also include easy handling, full curing capability, and bulk filling capability.

Described by GC America as “the ideal convergence of adaptation, strength, and esthetics,” G-aenial BULK Injectable is a single-step, injectable bulk fill composite that offers exceptionally easy placement, handling, and adaptation, as well as a 4 mm depth of cure. High flexural strength protects against chipping and fracture, and outstanding wear resistance produces restorations with exceptional color and gloss retention.

Dory Stutman, DDS, was “looking for a strong, long-lasting posterior composite that can be used to restore teeth efficiently and dependably.” After trying G-aenial BULK Injectable, he told DPS that it “easily meets those needs. I’ve been using G-aenial for quite some time now, and think the bulk fill takes it to a new level!” he said.

Placement, Handling, and Adaptation
G-aenial BULK Injectable is easy to place and easy to shape, yet stays in place. A full coverage silane coating of ultra-fine particles allows the material to adapt to the cavity preparation. “I like the larger size of the syringe,” noted Dr. David Leners, one of the dentists who evaluated this material for DPS. Dr. Jeffrey Cranska said the composite is easy to apply, and Frank Friedman, DMD, said it offered “excellent consistency and handling.” Several evaluators cited flow/viscosity as a favorite feature, including Joseph Casey, DDS, who said it “seems to flow well and adhere to the tooth,” and Dr. Frank Siracusa, who said it has “good viscosity for areas where that is needed.”

Ease of use and “the ability to flow effortlessly into all the details of the cavity preparation,” were Dr. Stutman’s favorite features, and he was pleased that x-rays always showed a dense void-free fill. “It is overall an easier flowable composite to work with,” said Dr. Leners, adding, “The viscosity is just right for shaping class V restorations.” When asked to suggest improvements, Dr. Daniel Song said, “Bendable/ shapeable tips with a smaller diameter would work better for handling and placement.”

Depth of Cure
Thanks to its excellent viscosity and thixotropic characteristics, G-aenial BULK Injectable is ideal for bulk filling in a single layer with syringe delivery. It has the ability to cure up to 4 mm without capping or veneering.

While hoping for a material that would cure to a greater depth, Dr. Siracusa found that G-aenial BULK Injectable has “great flowability” and “cures completely.” Dr. Song called it “much more efficient than other bulk fill composites due to the filling depth,” and Dr. Leners said, “I believe it cured well to at least a 4 mm depth.”

Dory Stutman,
Park, NY
“It has the ability to flow effortlessly into all the details of the cavity preparation.”
Dr. Stutman commented on the overall advantages of bulk filling. “A traditional cavity preparation for packable composite would have destroyed a very large amount of tooth structure” in a cuspid with “huge deep root surface decay,” he said. “Having a bulk-fill flowable composite allowed me to modify the preparation to something much more conservative.” With G-aenial BULK Injectable, he was able to “fashion a matrix to allow me to inject the composite under pressure through a small hole and light cure, leaving a beautiful, dense, voidfree restoration.” He added, “This could not have been done this with a traditional packable composite!”

Available in shades A1 and A2, G-aenial BULK Injectable comes in a 3.4g (2.0 mL) syringe with plastic mixing tips. It has ideal polishability and gloss retention with the ability to self-polish. “The color match is very good and it polishes nicely, leaving an apparently very hard surface,” Dr. Leners shared. “I really loved this composite,” said Dr. Friedman, who appreciated the good chameleon effect in the A1 shade but felt that the A2 shade was too dark. Dr. Cranska, who said he used the A1 shade for sealants and for the first increment in Class II restorations, appreciated the material’s good control and polish.

Overall Satisfaction
G-aenial BULK Injectable is ideal for bulk filling to the occlusal surface of large cavities, according to GC America, and evaluators shared feedback on its successful use in a variety of applications. “I have seen many new uses for this material,” said Dr. Stutman. Dr. Siracusa found it “very useful in post build ups,” and Joseph Ritz, DMD, said, “It increased efficiency in class I and II fillings of small to medium size.” Dr. Song said his patients had zero sensitivity upon follow up. He also said he was confident with the product and that it “increased efficiency and quality of care.” Calling it superior to several similar products, Dr. Siracusa said he would recommend G-aenial BULK Injectable to others, and Dr. Friedman shared, “I found myself using it as often as possible.”
A single-step, injectable bulk fill with easy placement, handling, and adaptation
Full-coverage silane coating of ultra-fine particles facilitates cavity prep adaptation
Cures up to 4mm without capping or veneering
High lexural strength protects against chipping and fracture
Outstanding wear resistance with excellent color and gloss retention
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 4.1
    Ease of delivery with syringe

  • 4.4

  • 3.6
    Ease of handling and maneuverability

  • 4.6
    Adaptation to cavity

  • 3.8
    Esthetics- shade selection and match

  • 4.1
    Esthetics- polishability and glossiness

  • 4.6
    Full curing capability

Section A AVERAGE : 4.2
Section B
  • 4.3
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.3

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B




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