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G-ænial Universal Flo Universal Flowable Composite

GC America Inc.

G-ænial Universal Flo provides easy handling without sacrificing esthetics and is indicated for Class I to V restorations.

According to GC America, its newest universal flowable composite, G-ænial Universal Flo, is the next advancement in this product category. The research and development group at GCC in Japan focused on creating a composite that handles like a low-flow flowable and performs like a restorative.

Other features include high flexural strength (167.00 MPa), high wear resistance (3.00 ?m), and a new filler technology that uses 200 nm size particles. In addition, the product includes a delivery system that is designed to minimize waste and improve visibility.

Fourteen dentists participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation. Each evaluator commented on such product features as handling, viscosity, shade options, and delivery system. In addition, they told us what they like best about the product and what they would like to see improved. At the end of the evaluation, each evaluator gave the product an overall satisfaction rating.

Handling and Viscosity

Designed to work like a low-flow flowable, Gænial Universal Flo is recommended for Class I, II, III, IV, and V restorations. According to the manufacturer, the thixotropic properties of the material allow it to flow well under pressure.

When asked to rate the handling of G-ænial Universal Flo, 3 rated it as excellent, 6 rated it as very good, 4 rated it as good to fair, and 1 rated it as poor. Five evaluators rated the viscosity as excellent, 5 rated it as very good, 2 rated it as good, and 2 rated it as fair.

Nine evaluators named handling, flowability, or viscosity as their favorite features while 3 said that they would like to see handling improved. Those who suggested improvement indicated that they found the material to be somewhat stiff or sticky.

Among those evaluators who liked the handling properties, one found it to have a “very stable flow.” Another evaluator said, “The high viscosity…made it very easy to place.” A third evaluator said, “Consistency of the material handled very controllably.”

Shade Options

G-ænial Universal Flo is available in 15 shades in 3 opacities. When the evaluators were asked to rate the shade options of this composite, 7 rated it as excellent, 6 rated it as very good, and 1 rated it as good. With regard to final shade of the restorations, 7 evaluators rated G-ænial Universal Flo as excellent, 5 rated it as very good, and 2 rated it as good.

One evaluator said, “The material polished easily, with the esthetics being in the very good to excellent range, especially compared to other flowables.”

Delivery System

According to GC America, the Gænial Univeral Flo delivery system syringes and tips are easy to use and provide excellent visibility. The evaluators were asked to rate the product’s delivery system. Four rated it as excellent, 5 rated it as very good, 1 rated it as good, and 4 rated it as fair.

Three evaluators named the delivery system as something they would like to see improved, with one evaluator saying he “had to place a lot of pressure to release the composite.” Another evaluator, who called the delivery system his favorite feature, said, “Delivery was very easy with the long tip…good access to all areas of the prep.”

Overall Satisfaction

When asked if they would recommend G-ænial Universal Flo to their colleagues, 12 evaluators said definitely or probably. Eleven evaluators said they would definitely or probably purchase it in the future. At the end of the evaluation, the participants were asked to give their overall satisfaction rating for Gænial Universal Flo. Six rated it as excellent, 5 rated it as very good, and 3 rated it as fair.

One evaluator said, “I like this product and I am switching to it immediately.” Another evaluator said, “I really have found a material that is easy to work with and gives an excellent result. This has become our ‘go to’ material for most of our composite restorations.”

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G-aenial Universal Flo
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