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GC America designed G-CEM LinkAce to deliver high bond strength in a single step.

An evaluator who practices in New Jersey said, ?G-CEM LinkAce has great handling properties, including working time, set time, and viscosity. I?ve had no reports of any post-operative sensitivity.?

GC America?s G-CEM LinkAce is a dual-cure, self-adhesive universal resin cement delivered in a double-barrel automix syringe. It is designed for the adhesive luting of all-ceramic, metal, or composite indirect restorations. Offering the highest polymerization in self-cure mode, G-CEM LinkAce ensures ideal results, regardless of the type of prosthetic material that is being cemented. The proprietary phosphate monomers of G-CEM LinkAce provide excellent bonding durability. The high wear resistance and color stability provide confidence when luting CAD/CAM and metal-free restorations.


Thirteen dentists participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation. Drawing on an average of 28 years of experience, the evaluators rated G-CEM LinkAce on its handling, initial bond strength, and more.


Manufacturer Description: Through an innovative initiator system, G-CEM LinkAce offers high polymerization in self-cure mode. Its easy handling makes it simple to place.

Evaluator Feedback: An evaluator who practices in Arizona said his favorite feature of G-CEM LinkAce was the handling, adding, ?I like the fact that it is a bit runny, but the clean-up is very easy.?

A New Jersey evaluator said, ?Handling was very good and consistent.? This same evaluator rated all features of G-CEM LinkAce as excellent, including his overall satisfaction with the product.


Manufacturer Description: The proprietary phosphate monomers of G-CEM LinkAce provide a high bond durability to zirconia restorations that actually increases over time. For optimal esthetics, G-CEM LinkAce shows very low water sorption and is HEMA-free, delivering exceptional color stability.

Evaluator Feedback: An evaluator who practices in Utah said, ?I really liked the delivery system for cementing posts after root canal treatments. The other characteristic was the ability to use the cement in both posterior and anterior cases without having to worry about esthetics.? This evaluator rated all features as excellent and said he would definitely purchase G-CEM LinkAce in the future and recommend it to colleagues.

Another evaluator said, ?I am hesitant to rate higher without seeing long term bond performance, but assuming it is excellent, this is a great product.? This evaluator rated his overall satisfaction as very good and called G-CEM LinkAce somewhat better than similar products offered by other manufacturers.



Manufacturer Description: Excess cement is easily removed in one piece after only a 1 to 2 second tack cure for maximum convenience. For patient satisfaction, G-CEM LinkAce offers little to no postoperative sensitivity.

Evaluator Feedback: An evaluator with 31 years of experience said, ?As with most resin cements, if your timing is a bit off, the removal of excess cement is difficult. I think that as a user becomes familiar with the product most of that problem can be resolved.?

An evaluator who practices in Wisconsin said, ?A 1-second flash cure makes it very easy to remove. I also like the variety of tips supplied.?

Overall Satisfaction

At the end of the evaluation period, 11 of the 13 evaluators said they would definitely or probably recommend G-CEM LinkAce to colleagues. Ten of the 13 evaluators called the cement somewhat better than similar products offered by other manufacturers.

When asked what could be improved about G-CEM LinkAce, an evaluator with 21 years of experience said, ?I can think of no needed improvements at this time. The product met my expectations.? This same evaluator rated his overall satisfaction as excellent.

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