G-Cuff Temporary Gingival Support for Dental Implant Impression

G-Cuff Temporary Gingival Support for Dental Implant Impression Evaluation

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G-Cuff is a complete tissue management solution for dental implants that retracts and supports tissue, safely carries an abutment, and blocks the flow of cement.

“This is a simple product that really does a nice job of controlling both tissue and cement flow,” reported a dentist from Ohio who evaluated the G-Cuff for Dental Product Shopper. A Michigan evaluator said, “I liked how easy it was to use and the ability to carry the abutment to the mouth and not worry about dropping it.”

For this evaluation, 11 dentists used G-Cuff for about 4 weeks and used it in a variety of clinical procedures. They then rated it for ease of use, abutment isolation, and impression accuracy along with other factors.

Ease of Use

Manufacturer Description: G-Cuff is an easy-to-use, multipurpose implant accessory that allows for noninvasive tissue retraction, supports the tissue to prevent collapse, creates a barrier to prevent cement and adhesive from invading the tissue, and effortlessly transports and handles an abutment. G-Cuff’s unique size succession makes it universal and compatible with almost any implant brand and system. A kit contains 48 disposable G-Cuffs, 6 of each size from 1 to 8.

Evaluator Feedback: “G-Cuff made it easy to carry the abutment to the implant while trying to insert,” reported a dentist in practice for 20 years. Many evaluators liked that G-Cuff is easy to use and some evaluator comments were, “Easy to handle,” “Easy to use, clean, and convenient,” and “Easy to hold the abutment.” A Burbank, CA, dentist liked the “simplicity” of the product best but suggested the “fit” be improved. Another California evaluator commented, “It is hard to remove the plastic ring.”

Abutment Isolation

Manufacturer Description: The G-Cuff device allows for noninvasive tissue retraction to isolate an abutment for clear digital scans and accurate impressions. It’s compatible with popular digital technology such as CEREC, E4D, iTero, 3SHAPE, and others.

Evaluator Feedback: A dentist from Philadelphia who rated abutment isolation as excellent said the G-Cuff “isolated very well.” When asked what he liked best about the product, a Virginia evaluator said, “Tissue management control and retraction and isolation.” One dentist had trouble getting the cuff to go around the abutment, and another would like to see improved “sizes of abutments on G-Cuff.” G-Cuff is “definitely a product that makes implant isolation use much easier,” concluded an evaluator who has been practicing dentistry for 10 years.

Accuracy of Impression

Manufacturer Description: When used as an alternative to any retraction method or technique, a G-Cuff collar creates an accurate impression where the core is visible and the margins are clear.

Evaluator Feedback: “When placed, [the G-Cuff] kept the tissue retracted for my impressions,” said a dentist who rated accuracy of impression as excellent. Another evaluator reported, “We do a lot of screw-retained implant crowns due to concerns over cement flash. G-Cuff will allow us to use more cementable crowns in the future.”

Overall Satisfaction

A Pennsylvania dentist reported his overall satisfaction as excellent and called the G-Cuff a “neat product” and said he’s “excited to try it more.” Eight evaluators said they would definitely or probably purchase G-Cuff in the future, and 8 would definitely or probably recommend it to a colleague. When asked what they would like to see improved about the product, 6 evaluators said nothing needed to be improved. Another evaluator, who rated his overall satisfaction as very good and would definitely purchase the G-Cuff in the future, summarized, “It’s an ingenious idea.”

Evaluation Snapshot

G-Cuff Temporary Gingival Support for Dental Implant Impression
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