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galileos-pe-evaluators.jpgGALILEOS captures the entire oral-maxillofacial region in 3D CBCT imaging and assists in planning treatment for the complete dentition, sinuses, airways, and temporomandibular joints (TMJ).


GALILEOS 3D imaging technology provides dentists with clear, high-quality x-rays while requiring one of the lowest amounts of radiation to produce the images.

A dental professional who has been practicing for 11 years said, “The GALILEOS 3D imaging system has revolutionized our practice. Our confidence with implant placement has skyrocketed and so has our case acceptance rate. We feel that we are providing a greater level of care now that we have this CBCT scanner.”

Dentsply Sirona focused on the patient and dental practitioner when designing the GALILEOS. The unit ensures maximum certainty during implantation procedures through use of integrated surgical guides with guaranteed accuracy. GALILEOS comes with state-of-the art 3D software that assists practitioners for implant preparation and all diagnostic dental equipment.



Manufacturer Description: Paired with CEREC technology, GALILEOS offers safety during surgical and prosthetic implantation and a better illustration of the comprehensive treatment process for patient presentations.

Evaluator Feedback: With ease of use and a seamless integration being cited by participating evaluators, 7 evaluators rated the software and hardware ease of use as excellent, with 1 clinician rating it very good.

“The included software is the fastest and most powerful CBCT volume imaging software that I own or have used,” an evaluator said. “I have Dolphin Imaging and Anatomage as well as Galaxis. The integration with Dolphin imaging is excellent and the ability to integrate facial surface scans and IO scanner stl files into the GALILEOS scan is amazing.” An evaluator who has been using GALILEOS for over 3 years noted that the “hardware and software are very user friendly.”


Image Quality

Manufacturer Description: GALILEOS ensures the lowest effective dose of radiation while still getting the best image quality. The optional HD mode of the GALILEOS Comfort Plus guarantees the clinician the highest quality image and a quick, clear diagnosis.

Evaluator Feedback: Six evaluators rated the image quality of GALILEOS excellent while 2 believed it was very good. An evaluator with over 30 years experience and who has been using GALILEOS for 3 years said it “improves your diagnosis with distortion-free imaging.”


Patient Experience

Manufacturer Description: Using facial scanning capabilities, GALILEOS allows patients to better understand treatment recommendations and to follow through with them compared to standard x-ray practices. With more comfortable patients, the dental practice will be able to generate more patient recommendations and build trust.

Evaluator Feedback: All 8 evaluators rated better communication of the treatment to patients and an improved patient experience as excellent. One of the evaluators said the GALILEOS “improves my patients dental experiences by allowing for uneventful implant procedures.” An evaluator with 11 years of experience from New Hampshire said, “As a general dentist, it is imperative that we plan a tooth for a patient, not just an implant. The GALILEOS system has allowed us, via CEREC integration, to design the perfect final restoration for our patients, and then place an implant in an ideal location for it.”


Overall Satisfaction

All 8 evaluators rated their overall satisfaction with GALILEOS excellent. An evaluator with 16 years experience said, “I love the affordability and space requirements of the unit. The software was what had me completely sold versus others.” Another evaluator from Minnesota said, “This is a fabulous machine that is very user-friendly to operate. It has revolutionized my dental implant practice. It may be the biggest game changer that I will see in my career.”

Evaluation Snapshot


Case Study

Case Study

Guided Implantology to Replace Over-Retained Primary without Removal of Impacted Canine

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