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When using a glass ionomer restorative material, it can be cumbersome and time-consuming to mix a capsule prior to delivery, especially in cases where time is of the essence. Dr. Greg McGann, a pediatric dentist, knows all too well that restorations in children—who tend to be wiggly, impatient, and anxious in the dental chair—need to be performed quickly. While testing GC America’s GC Fuji Automix LC for this DPS evaluation, Dr. McGann was impressed with how quickly and easily he could apply the material from an automix syringe compared to separately mixing a capsule and then dispensing it. “It made the restorative process faster and less cumbersome,” he noted. “It has proven to be an easy alternative which is fast for pediatric restorations.”

GC Fuji Automix LC is ideal for many indications, according to GC America, and Dr. Jeffrey Briney can attest. He used the glass ionomer for several treatment protocols, including adult Class V restorations, as a liner for inlay/only preparations, as a core buildup material, and to restore primary teeth. “This product exceeded my expectations in every case,” Dr. Briney said. In fact, he enjoyed GC Fuji Automix LC so much that he found himself pondering, “Where have you been all my dental life?!”

Ease of Dispensing and Handling
With the ergonomic dispenser, dentists can avoid the hassle of mixing with a triturator. Clinicians simply load a cartridge into the dispenser, attach a specially designed mixing tip, and dispense into the prepared cavity. The rotatable tip allows for precise placement into the preparation, which is especially beneficial in confined areas.

Dr. Jayendra Patel said it was easy to dispense the material in hard-to-reach areas, noting, “The automix delivery makes it easy to restore teeth where isolation is hard.” Calling it easier to dispense than using a triturator, Dr. Joshua Haremza said, “It’s a nice upgrade on a delivery system, but it is still the same product that can be bought in powder or liquid form.” Dr. William Lieberman, a long-time user of GC Fuji II LC, liked the consistency and flow of GC Fuji Automix LC, saying, “The tip is well designed and allows access to areas that would be difficult to reach with the capsule format. The new automix delivery greatly enhances this product.”

Dentists had mixed opinions about handling, with comments that the material is easy to place in the prep, sometimes sticks to instruments, and is a quicker fill than the sandwich method. Dr. Haremza said, “The product works well for quick temporizarion of broken and chipped teeth.” Dr. Briney concluded, “The simple and easy placement was superior to my previous material, and the reliability in bond strength to dentin never failed.”

Time Savings
Because no etchant or adhesive is required, using GC Fuji Automix LC requires fewer steps and saves time. “The product was ideal for anxious high-risk pediatric patients since you do not need to etch and bond,” said Dr. Shohreh Sharif. “It is a step-saving material and the fluoride release is a plus,” she added. Dr. Victoria Sullivan listed speed and adaptability as her favorite features but would like to see the setting time improved. Dr. Briney said using GC Fuji Automix LC greatly decreased the time and effort required for placement compared to his previous bioactive material. When using it as a liner in deeper inlay/onlay preparation, he said the process was simple, and he was able to refine the prep within 60 seconds from the initial placement of the liner.
Polishability and Lack of Sensitivity
The small filler particles in GC Fuji Automix LC allow for superb polishability and excellent esthetics, according to GC America. When using in adult Class V’s, Dr. Briney said he was comfortable working in a wet environment without the concern of losing bond strength. He noted, “The polishability was excellent and provided a beautiful final result, and I had zero reports of sensitivity.” Dr. Briney suggested more shade options, while Dr. McGann said the “color match was perfect.”

Jeffrey R.
Briney, DDS;
Dana Point, CA

Using GC Fuji Automix LC “has created much less sensitivity,” said Dr. Kenneth Siegel, and Dr. Kenneth Chae noticed a “decisive decrease in postop filling sensitivity.” Dr. Briney said he hasn’t had a phone call from any patient complaining of sensitivity.

Overall Satisfaction
Before trying GC Fuji Automix LC, Dr. Briney said, “I was looking for a replacement for my existing glass ionomer restorative material that would provide consistency in performance and reliability of adhesion in multiple environments.” After using the material in many different procedures, he concluded, “I am entirely convinced that GC Fuji Automix LC is a significant upgrade from my previous restorative material for Class V’s. I have already replaced my previous choice for bioactive restorative material with GC Fuji Automix LC.”
A radiopaque resin-reinforced glass ionomer available in automix delivery
Ergonomic dispenser allows for precise placement into prep
With no etchant or adhesive required, there are less steps, which saves time
Small filler particles allow for superb polishability and excellent esthetics
Suitable for restoration of primary teeth, permanent Class III and V restorations, core buildups, and as a base or liner under composite restorations
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Section A
  • 4.5
    Ease of dispensing

  • 4.2
    Marginal adaptation

  • 3.6
    Ease of handling/ viscosity

  • 4.5
    Time savings due to less steps

  • 4.1

  • 4.0

  • 4.6
    Lack of postop sensitivity

Section A AVERAGE : 4.2
Section B
  • 4.4
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.4

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B




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