GC Tri Plaque ID Disclosing Gel

GC Tri Plaque ID Disclosing Gel Evaluation

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GC Tri Plaque ID Disclosing Gel

GC America

GC America?s GC Tri Plaque ID Gel makes both plaque location and type easily visible to patients and clinicians.

GC America?s GC Tri Plaque ID Gel is a chairside disclosing gel that allows the clinician and patient to see both the location and type of plaque that remains on the teeth after brushing. The gel?s 3 colors identify plaque as new (on the teeth for less than 48 hours), mature (longer than 48 hours), or extra high-risk.

Eleven hygienists participated in the evaluation of GC Tri Plaque ID Gel. They rated and commented on the product?s ease of use, application and removal, and effectiveness of color changes to identify and educate.

Ease of Use: Dispensing

When the 11 hygienists who evaluated GC Tri Plaque ID were asked about ease of dispensing, 4 rated it as excellent, 6 rated it as very good, and 1 rated it as good. One evaluator indicated that the gel?s thickness led to poor control when dispensing. Another evaluator, acknowledging that ?disclosing solutions of any kind are usually somewhat messy,? said, ?I found it messy, but it was worth it.? An evaluator who called dispensing ?a bit tricky? said it ?got easier as I used it,? and 2 hygienists suggested unit dosing. ?The gel was much easier to dispense than the liquid I?ve used in the past,? said a Wisconsin hygienist in practice for 11 years.

Application and Removal

According to the manufacturer, GC Tri Plaque ID is easily spread onto the tooth and washed off without being runny or messy.

Ease of application to the tooth surface was rated as excellent by 4 evaluators, as very good by 4, and as good by 3. A hygienist from Kentucky said, ?I wish it was a little more flowable so it traveled around the mouth easier.? Three hygienists identified ease of application as their favorite feature, noting ?great gel-like consistency that?s not too runny? and calling it ?very easy [compared to] liquids that seem to get all over the body.?

When asked about ease of gel removal, 3 evaluators rated GC Tri Plaque ID as excellent, 5 rated it as very good, 1 rated it as good, and 2 rated it as fair. One hygienist said the gel was ?easily removed by polishing and scaling during the hygiene appointment,? and another said it ?seemed to dissipate a little quicker than the [product] we normally use and didn?t linger on the lips.? A hygienist who has been in practice for 30 years said, ?By the time the cleaning was completed, all the soft tissue was cleared of any disclosing solution.?

Color Changes

By allowing clinicians to immediately show patients new (pink), mature (dark blue/purple), and extra high-risk plaque (light blue), GC Tri Plaque ID allows them to educate and motivate patients while fostering clinician-patient teamwork.

When asked about ease of differentiating between colors, 5 evaluators rated it as excellent, 5 rated it as very good, and 1 rated it as good. Only 1 evaluator indicated that she had difficulty differentiating between the colors. Seven evaluators identified color differentiation as the feature they liked most, with comments such as, ?Patients thought it was cool to see the different colors,? and ?The vivid colors were very easy for patients to really see where they were missing, and showing them mature plaque was very helpful.?

An evaluator who has been in practice for 16 years said, ?[GC Tri Plaque ID is] truly one of the best educational products I?ve used.? She went on to say, ?It not only showed me what areas the patient was missing but also let the patient identify the location and how long the plaque had been there.?

Overall Satisfaction

Eight evaluators said they would definitely or probably purchase GC Tri Plaque ID in the future and 10 would definitely or probably recommend it to colleagues.

Five of the hygienists who participated in the evaluation of GC Tri Plaque ID rated their overall satisfaction with the product as excellent, 4 rated it as very good, 1 rated it as good, and 1 rated it as poor.

In summing up her exprerience with GC Tri Plauqe ID, one evaluator said, ?This product stopped my doctor in her tracks. She walked by and could see the plaque from the hallway. She loved the 3 colors.? A hygienist from Texas said, ?This is the best plaque identifier I?ve ever used.?

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GC Tri Plaque ID Disclosing Gel
GC America
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