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The alloplastic bone grafting system provides predictable clinical results—in many cases without the need for membrane placement


Before using Sunstar’s GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC Alloplastic Bone Grafting System in his practice, Kent Moore, DDS, MD, knew what he was looking for: a resorbable, hemostatic, adhesive, and economical bone grafting material that would provide an osteoconductive basic scaffolding matrix for bone healing. Ideally, the material would be minimally compressible but sufficiently strong to withstand the compressive forces of bone and soft tissue healing, while being moldable to the site as needed. GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC met each of these needs and more, Dr. Moore said. “Being able to deliver a grafting material that isn’t caustic, while not having to place a membrane (in most cases), has been transformative,” he added.

While the product should not be used in pregnant or nursing women, GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC is ideal for ridge preservations. It may not need a membrane in many cases. It is the first particulate bone grafting material designed to be syringed directly into a bone defect, according to Sunstar.

Ease of Use

Dr. Mitchell Pasenkoff found GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC to be very easy to use, especially when fixing small bone defects and extraction sites. “I love that it sets up hard [and is] easy to use,” Dr. Michael Narodovich remarked. Dr. Berry Stahl said the material “makes immediate grafting post-extraction very easy.”

Devised to simplify and expedite preparation and placement, GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC’s coated beta-tricalcium phosphate granules are mixed with a liquid activator and then syringed directly into the defect/socket. In approximately 1 minute, the granules change from a moldable material to a stable, porous scaffold and, in many cases, this eliminates the need for a membrane.

Dr. William Davidson said GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC helped him attain reliable socket grafting with no membrane, which was exactly what he was looking for in a bone grafting material. To that point, Dr. Moore also found the material to be an economical choice because it helped avoid the time and expense of membrane placement.

Bone Maturation and Soft-Tissue Healing

“The maturation of the bone in the graft sites is really great, and better than the many other graft materials that I have used,” said Dr. Lawrence Wolff, who places more than 1,000 implants and performs as many bone transplants per year. He explained, “There is never unincorporated particulate in the site when I re-enter.” GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC’s porous nature is critical to bone regeneration, according to Sunstar, with each pressure-resistant granule designed not to fragment or crumble during application. Macropores then provide space for new bone formation and blood vessel development.


“Bone maturation was excellent,” Dr. Davidson determined, and Dr. Andrew Hartwig found that the material “quickly and easily condenses into [the] socket and sets up into a fairly solid mass. Soft tissues then heal over it nicely.” A Pennsylvania periodontist who was looking for a material that would enhance predictable socket preservation and ridge augmentation said GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC ensures that he has viable bone. “When I reevaluate radiographs, I know what I am seeing is resorption of the graft and new viable bone. I wasn’t always sure when I used other graft materials,” he explained.

Restoration Stability and Esthetics


GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC is a complete system that helps provide predictable clinical results. The material is 100% synthetic and is formulated to enable complete resorption in 5 to 15 months. Dr. Wolff found that it works well with a mesh system and said, “Due to initial setting of the material, the volume of the defect in the facial bone is well maintained.” Dr. Moore noted, “The adhesive nature of this material has minimized the risk of graft loss during maxillary placement.” Dr. Hartwig said, “[It] facilitates quick, noninvasive, and affordable closure of small oral-antral communications.”

Dr. Davidson described a case involving an anterior with internal resorption, in which bone maturation without loss was critical. “The bone was preserved and final esthetics were outstanding,” Dr. Davidson noted. “I now love doing bone grafts,” shared Dr. Narodovich, “and patients say how much faster they heal compared to traditional bone grafts.”

Overall Satisfaction

“Ease of use and predictability make it a winner for me and my patients,” said a periodontist, who added that he would recommend GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC to colleagues and continue to purchase it in the future.

Dr. Narodovich called it an amazing material that presents no need for a membrane, and he was impressed that the tissue covers over in 2 weeks and results in “so much less post-op discomfort.” Calling it his “go-to” product, he added, “I tell everyone I know how amazing the product is.”


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GUIDOR® easy-graft® CLASSIC
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