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evaluators.jpgThe GUM Comfort Slide Flosser combines comfort with ease of use for maximum patientcompliance

You explain the benefits of flossing and send your patients on their way with your fingers crossed. What are the chances they’ll actually follow through? The key to maximizing flossing compliance is providing patients with a tool that makes this less-than-glamorous task easier and more comfortable. This is why the completely redesigned GUM Comfort Slide Flossers feature a wide head for maneuverability, a ribbed grip and wider control-grip handle, a widened finger rest for greater comfort and control, and an improved pick that gently cleans between teeth and massages gums. The extra strong, slippery floss slides easily between tight spaces without breaking or shredding, and the compact Comfort Slide can easily be carried in a pocket or purse for on-the-go use.

Before trying the Comfort Slide flossers for this DPS evaluation, hygienist Carrie Ohnstad was hoping to find an on-the-go floss aid that worked effectively. “The quality of floss is superior to other flossers, the shape of the flosser allows a better grip, and the pick is slender enough to use in tight areas,” she discovered. “It’s a well-made product that serves its purpose without fail,” Ohnstad added.


Ease of Sliding Floss Between Teeth

“[Comfort Slide] enables patients who have difficulty flossing to do so more easily,” said Dr. Sylvia Irwin, who described Comfort Slide as “much better than the competitors due to the ease with which the floss slides between the teeth.” She added, “It makes flossing easier and the floss was thin. With many similar products the floss is too thick.” Explaining that flossers she had used in the past were not good for tight contacts and the floss would either shred or break, Julie Carr, RDH, found that “the Comfort Slide flossers fit into tight contacts easily, and I had no problems with shredding or breakage.” Other evaluators provided similar feedback, including Allison Resnick, RDH, who said it was much easier to use than traditional floss, and the string did not break or get caught. California hygienist Diana Carr told DPS that the flosser appeared to be very strong and did not break, and she appreciated the shred-free floss. “I had a patient with generalized tight contacts who used it in his entire mouth, [and there was] NO breakage,” said Pamela Emard, RDH.


Plaque Removal/Gum Massage: Ease, Efficacy, and Access

Comments about ease of use, efficacy, and access focused on the Comfort Slide’s handle and pick and the overall quality of the floss. “The handle eliminates the need of using both hands in a small area,” said Dr. Frank Siracusa, who added, “It’s great for patients who have difficulty flossing.” When asked what she liked best, hygienist Robin Greenberg said the flossers were easy to use and it was convenient for the patient to floss and use a pick on the same device. Jessica Dusseault, RDH, explained, “The pick is pointed enough for interproximal reach yet rounded enough to not cause tissue trauma; it’s flexible and helpful with gum stimulation.” Dr. Steven Andreaus suggested adding “a textured/knotted version for greater tissue stimulation.” Jessica Wells, RDH, concluded, “The Comfort Slide Flossers slide easily between tight teeth, and the gentle pick at the opposite end can gently push food out of large spaces.”


Patient Compliance

quote.jpg“Many patients felt it was easier to use than standard floss and allowed them to adhere to daily flossing,” said Greenberg, and Emard explained that using this flosser “requires less dexterity than conventional floss wrapped around fingers.” Tammy Sjurseth, RDH agreed, calling it a great alternative for people who find it difficult to manipulate string floss, and added, “Nonflossers are more willing to try to floss with this product.” Describing Comfort Slide as a “great way to initiate basic compliance,” Dr. Andreaus discovered, “When patients get to feel what it’s like to have debris free areas, they actually like it. Initiating a simple, easy alternative allows for buy-in.” Resnick described her chairside experience with teens and college-age patients as “more positive and receptive,” and Ohnstad said her patients appreciated an on-the-go option and the mint flavor. “I was very impressed with this product,” shared Julie Carr. “This flosser will be a great incentive for those noncompliant patients who use tight contacts as an excuse not to floss.”


Overall Satisfaction

Most of the evaluators said they would recommend Comfort Slide to colleagues, including Dr. Andreaus, who said it was “easy to use, and the [large] size made it easy for patients to hold and find in the pocket/purse. The PTFE material allowed for reduced failure and ease of placement.” Ohnstad summed up her experience by saying, “It’s a well-made product that serves its purpose without fail.”


Evaluation Snapshot

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