GUM Rincinol with aloe vera quickly and effectively relieves oral pain without numbness, burning, or stinging.


GUM Rincinol from Sunstar Americas’ is an oral rinse indicated for the relief of pain caused by canker sores, mouth and gum sores, orthodontia-related abrasion, denture irritation, cheek bites, and oral surgery.

According to the manufacturer, Rincinol forms a thin, invisible, protective coating that promotes healing and prevents irritation of nerve endings. Made with aloe vera, the rinse helps to soothe, hydrate, and heal. Sunstar Americas further states that because the rinse contains no benzocaine, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide, patients experience relief without numbness, burning, or stinging. Rincinol comes in unit dose sachets (36 per box) for the professional market, and in a 4-ounce bottle at retail. It is safe for both adult and pediatric patients, even if swallowed.

Nine dentists participated in the Dental Product Shopper evaluation of Rincinol. They were asked to rate the product on such features as ease of use, pain relief, and soothing and healing ability.


Ease of Use

The manufacturer describes Rincinol as a less messy, easier-to-use alternative to anesthetic gels. To use the rinse, patients are instructed to swish for 60 seconds before spitting. When asked for their opinions on ease of use, 4 evaluators rated Rincinol as excellent, 4 rated it as very good, and 1 rated it as good. One evaluator called Rincinol “easy to use and dispense,” and another noted that “swishing and spitting was much easier than applying a gel.” One dentist who called it “very easy to use” also said, “All my patients commented on how simple it was to just swish and rinse.”


Pain Relief

According to the manufacturer, pain relief with Rincinol is rapid and lasts for hours and, unlike spot treatments, it coats the entire mouth. When asked to evaluate pain-relief effectiveness, 1 dentist rated it as excellent, 6 rated it as very good, and 2 rated it as good. One evaluator said, “Some patients still felt pain/discomfort during prophy.” Another dentist said, “Every patient said the pain relief was excellent, especially for orthodontics.” After using Rincinol on 9 patients, 1 evaluator reported that “only 2 said [their pain] wasn’t better within 15 minutes.”

Of the 8 dentists who evaluated longer-term patient comfort (after leaving the office), 1 rated it as excellent and 7 rated it as very good. One evaluator said her patients “had no complaints.”


Soothing and Healing Ability

Rincinol’s ability to soothe the mouth was rated as excellent by 2 evaluators, as very good by 6, and as good by 1. One evaluator said there “wasn’t much of a patient reaction.” Another dentist said, “All my patients commented about how good their mouths felt right after the rinse.”

Of the 8 dentists who evaluated the product’s ability to heal mouth sores more quickly, 1 rated it as excellent, 5 rated it as very good, and 2 rated it as good. One evaluator noted that a “decrease in pain level will allow improved oral hygiene and, thus, quicker healing.” Another evaluator reported that “several root-planing and ortho patients loved it.”


Overall Satisfaction

Overall satisfaction with Rincinol was rated as excellent by 1 evaluator, as very good by 6, and as good by 2. One evaluator said, “Excellent results. All my ortho patients loved it.” When asked if they would purchase Rincinol in the future, 1 evaluator said she definitely would, 7 said probably, and 1 wasn’t sure. One dentist who had never used other rinses described the product as “much better than [gels].” Another evaluator said, “Patients who have used another brand have had problems. With Rincinol, they had no stinging at all.” Two evaluators said they would definitely recommend the rinse to colleagues and 7 said they probably would.

Evaluation Snapshot

GUM Rincinol
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