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Harmonize Universal Composite Evaluation

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Kerr Harmonize Composite offers exceptional handling, easy sculpting, superior blending, and enhanced structural integrity to create lifelike restorations

When is a composite truly universal? Is there really one composite that can do it all? Such questions have been on the minds of Dental Product Shopper evaluators like Dr. Edward Lew, who said he was searching for a composite that can be universally used in anterior and posterior teeth without any compromise to strength or esthetics.

Kerr sought to answer that call with its Harmonize Universal Composite, which is infused with Adaptive Response Technology (ART). The nanoparticle filler network of Harmonize is designed to provide better blending capabilities and enhanced structural integrity to ensure restorations have exceptional strength and unmatched esthetics.

After using the product for several weeks for this DPS evaluation, Dr. Lew said he found what he was looking for in Harmonize. “It not only has excellent handling characteristics, but it polishes well and has great adaptation,” he shared. In fact, Dr. Lew said he could not find any faults with the product and added, “It addressed all my requirements for a composite.”


Handling and Sculptability

kerr-harmonize-universal-composite-pe-quote.pngThe viscosity of Harmonize adapts to the situation, according to Kerr. It’s softer while sculpting, making it easy to shape, and it will not stick to instruments. When sculpting is complete, the viscosity increases, which prevents the material from slumping. “I really liked the ease of handling and the sculptability was excellent,” said Dr. Mary Gaddis. “[The material is] packable, but not too dense, while also smooth enough for precise sculpting,” she said, adding, “The placement of the composite is ideal.”

Saying it “handles better than other composites,” Dr. Thomas DeChellis found that Harmonize does not stick to the sectional matrix. In fact, after getting used to using Harmonize during this DPS evaluation, Dr. DeChellis said, “I was disappointed when my assistant handed me my old composite instead of the Harmonize because it is much stickier.” Calling it “easy to work with and sculpt,” Dr. Alfred Bassin suggested a little longer working time. Dr. Melissa Shotell said it has a “nice workable consistency for shaping,” and Dr. Steven Edelson said the ease of manipulation makes it a real time saver.


Marginal Adaptation & Finishing and Polishing

“The handling and adaptability to margins were much better than other composites,” according to Dr. DeChellis, who said this material is “great for everyday Class II restorations” and that it cures twice as fast as his previous composite. “It is great for deep fillings with multiple increments of composite because it is quick to place and cure,” Dr. DeChellis said, “and it adapts to the margins very well.” Dr. Gaddis agreed and said she “loved the marginal adaptation of Harmonize.”

Both of these dentists praised the polishability of Kerr Harmonize Composite, with Dr. Gaddis saying, “The restorations polish very nicely and the end result looks terrific,” and Dr. DeChellis adding, “[It] polishes nicely to match enamel gloss.” Dr. Lew described a case where he used Harmonize for composite veneers in the maxillary anterior. His patient had an older restoration and was not happy with the shape or the shade. “Harmonize helped me address both of these issues with its ease of handling and excellent polishability,” Dr. Lew concluded.


Final Esthetics and Shade Match

Harmonize “has great esthetic blending properties,” according to Dr. Kayvon Nezhad, who added, “With its chameleon nature, it blended into the teeth structure even if the shade picked was a little off.” Dr. Gregory Peppes said Harmonize provided “great blending and color shade match” in a successful anterior Class IV restoration, and he was able to feel assured that the color and margin would be right. Praising the “nice selection of shade availability,” Dr. Shotell said the accurate shade matching was her favorite feature and that her patients were very happy with the length of appointments and the shades.

Several dentists commented on patient satisfaction, including Dr. Lew, who said, “[Patients] really were happy with the outcome and the wow factor was immediate.” Dr. Gaddis said her “patients have been very happy with the appearances of the restorations done on anterior teeth” and that Harmonize produces “truly beautiful esthetics and shade matches.”


Overall Satisfaction

After trying the Kerr Harmonize Composite for this evaluation, Charles Kattuah, DDS, said, “Time will tell, but [my] initial reaction to this product is very positive. I am seriously considering switching over to this composite.” Dr. Gaddis had the same idea and said this is the first time she has seriously considered changing her composite. “I can’t say enough good things about Harmonize,” Dr. Gaddis concluded.


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Harmonize Universal Composite
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