HVEsolo Disposable Evacuation Tips

HVEsolo Disposable Evacuation Tips Evaluation

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HVEsolo Evaluation

Ergonomically designed for a clinician working without an assistant, these disposable HVE tips safely remove fluid and debris while reducing aerosol contamination


HVESolo Tips When COVID-19 surfaced in the Unit­ed States, the dental industry was impacted significantly, in part due to the virus’ inherent nature of being spread by respiratory droplets. While it’s virtually impossible to perform dental procedures without generat­ing droplets and aerosols that float around the operatory, potentially transmitting infection, using products specifically designed to reduce splatter and aerosols is a step in the right direction.


Recognizing that high volume evacuation (HVE) systems play an important role in reducing aerosols, particularly during ultrasonic scaling and other pro­cedures involving power instrumentation, Palmero Healthcare designed an ergonomic and disposable evacuation tip, HVEsolo, that helps capture splatter and aerosols before they leave a patient’s mouth.


Hoping to find a tip that “reduced aerosols while keeping ergonomics in mind,” Jessica Raymond-Allbritten, CRDH, eagerly agreed to test the HVEsolo tips for this DPS evaluation and discovered many advantages. “I love the funnel design of the tip as it prevents tissue from getting sucked into the HVE, while allowing for greater aerosol capture,” she stated. “The tips are light and easy to use due to their short length and are very diverse in application due to their design.” She said her whole team enjoys using the tips and is amazed at how well they reduce aerosols and capture debris during all types of dental procedures.


Ergonomic Design

Uniquely designed for dental professionals performing power instrumentation procedures without an assistant, HVEsolo’s lightweight design and short 2.5-inch shaft allows solo practitioners to evacuate fluids, debris, and contaminated aerosols with their non-dominant hand, according to Palmero. With a shaft length 50% shorter than other tips, there is less tension and drag from the hose, which allows a more neutral wrist position for the user.


Hygienist Dawn Hines called HVEsolo “a game changer for the hygienist who needs HVE but doesn’t have an assistant available.” Due to the tip’s short length and light weight, she said it’s very easy to maneuver and did not cause any hand fatigue. Malee Wong, RDH, described it as “more ergonom­ic and easier to use than standard HVE tips.” Point­ing out that she doesn’t have the luxury of an assis­tant to suction for her during hygiene procedures, Wong said, “These tips were fantastic because they are shorter, therefore more ergonomic, and have a slight flare. I believe I was more efficient and my wrist suffered less fatigue than usual.”


“I like how compact it was and how I was able to hold on to it with ease and clean teeth,” shared Heather Locker, RDH, who said the tip sometimes blocked her view of the lingual of the upper anterior teeth. Hygienist Stacey Abbatessa said, “I really like the design concept of this suction tip. The funnel shape is perfect for encompassing multiple teeth at once.” Suggesting that the shank could be some­what flexible for easier adaptation, she said the shorter tip allows for more control and precision.


Amber Metro-Sanchez RDH

"A quick & easy
solution for
reducing dental

Dawn Hines, RDH

"A game changer
for the hygienist
who needs HVE
but doesn't
have an assistant


Malee Wong, RDH

"Fantastic tips
that are shorter
(therefore more
ergonomic) and
have a slight flare."
Amber Metro-
Sanchez, RDH
Fort Wayne, IN
Dawn Hilnes,
Crandon, WI
Malee Wong,
Bee Cave, TX


Infection Control

“Any time an ultrasonic scaler is used, it is best to evacuate with HVE when possible,” noted Wong, who was one of several evaluators who praised HVEsolo’s ability to capture aerosols and reduce the risk of cross contamination and disease transmission, when combined with an HVE system. “I wanted to be able to use HVE suc­tion while using an ultrasonic scaler on my patients in order to reduce aerosol production,” said Amber Metro-Sanchez, RDH, who concluded, “It is a quick and easy solution for reducing dental aero­sols.” Raymond-Allbritten stated, “The funnel design of the tip helped capture more aerosols than a regular HVE tip.” Especially since the COVID outbreak, Jen Irvine-Lebo said it’s reassuring to use dis­posable tips that keep aerosols down.


Efficient Suctioning & Retraction

To maximize suction and efficiently clear fluid and debris, HVEsolo features a 3-vent design and a wide scoop tip with smooth round edges for safe and gentle retraction. “I like how the tip widens at the end to comfortably reach a wider area of the mouth,” noted Metro-Sanchez, who said the edges of the tip could be more rounded for additional patient com­fort. “The short HVEsolo tip enabled me to more easily access my patient’s mouth while using an ultrasonic scaler,” she add­ed. “It’s easy to handle without sucking up the cheeks and lips,” said Corey Skriv­er, RDH, who had some difficulty angling the tip in the lower premolar areas. Hines, who found it somewhat more difficult to reach posterior teeth due to the shorter tip, concluded, “I have less cheek and tongue suction using this product, which I’m sure my patients appreciate!”

Jessica Raymond-Allbritten, CRDH
"The tip's funnel design prevents tissue from getting sucked into the HVE while allowing for greater aerosol capture."
-Jessica Raymond-Allbritten, CRDH
Clearwater, FL


Overall Satisfaction

Metro-Sanchez said that HVEsolo im­pacted her entire practice, reporting that the hygienists were pleased to be able to safely use the ultrasonic scaler, and the dental assistant was able to suction an­terior teeth while the doctor prepped for a filling. Hines, who has already ordered more tips for her practice, said, “I would definitely recommend HVEsolo for the hygienist who doesn’t have an assistant.”



• Lightweight design and short 2.5-inch shaft allows practitioners to work without an assistant

• Disposable HVE tip safely suctions fluid and debris from the oral cavity

• Unique 3-vent design and a wide scoop tip with smooth round edges

• Captures aerosols and reduces the risk of cross contamination and disease transmission when combined with an HVE system

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 3.7
    Efficient suctioning of fluid and debris

  • 3.3
    Ergonomics for clinician

  • 3.5
    Ease of access to the oral cavity/ reach all areas of the mouth

  • 3.6
    Ease of retraction for greater visibility

  • 3.9
    Vent design to protect soft tissue/ patient safety & comfort

  • 4.4
    Ease of attaching to/ removing from HVE adapter

  • 4.5
    Convenience and safety of single-patient-use

Section A AVERAGE : 3.8
Section B
  • 3.5
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 3.5

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B




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HVEsolo Disposable Evacuation Tips
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