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Protecting the environment is a global endeavor that depends on the individual efforts of many people—just as treating dental patients depends on the effectiveness of each piece of equipment in your office. While sustainability may not always coincide with the dental profession, manufacturers like Orsing, under Directa Dental Group, are striving to bridge the gap. In 2018, they introduced Hygovac Bio, a range of fossil-free 100% recyclable aspirator tubes composed of biobased polyethylene (Green PE), made entirely from sugarcane. Hygienists and dentists who choose to use Hygovac Bio are taking a small step toward keeping the planet clean for future generations, without sacrificing effective suction and patient comfort.

“I am definitely on board with products that reduce waste in the dental world,” said hygienist Allison Koska. Along with many other hygienists, Koska gave Hygovac Bio a green thumbs-up for environmental friendliness in this DPS evaluation. Yet, the advantages the evaluators uncovered when using Hygovac Bio didn’t stop there.

Variety of Sizes and Ergonomics
The aspirator tubes still have the same diameter as previous Hygovac products, but Hygovac Bio comes in 2 new lengths, giving users the opportunity to choose a size that best suits each procedure.

Hygienist and educator Dawn Fremont was looking for an easy-to-use aspirator tube and decided, “I like the shorter, easier-to-handle length and size.” While she would love for this product to be made autoclavable, Pat Brune, RDH, acknowledged that Hygovac Bio improved operator comfort. “I liked the shorter suction since I could maneuver it easier without wrist pain,” she said. Hygienist Shelley Gessler agreed, saying it was “easier to hold and produced less hand strain while working.”

The shorter aspirator tube is 95 mm, designed to provide easier access. In addition, the dual tips—with one traditional 45° end and one S-shaped—allow dental professionals to switch out the tip based on the clinical situation. “When making temporary crowns or doing other labwork, the tip worked better than longer high-speed evacuation tips,” noted Kathy Sweet, RDH.

Patient Comfort and Eco-Friendliness
If a product can decrease patient chair time, enhance patient comfort, and increase efficiency, it may be worth a try. “Hygovac Bio is easier to use in smaller mouths,” said Tamara Fermaint, RDH, who wanted to find a product that was both accessible and comfortable for children and young adults. Sweet described a case with a 6-year-old wiggly child in which this product came in handy. “The tip is lighter, and I could hold it in place easier.”

Dawn Fremont, RDH Auburn, NY
“Suction is made easier for the assistant, patient, and dentist. The ease of use creates a drier, better working environment.”
Yudith Alcaraz, RDH, expressed how she once struggled with “drowning” patients in water while managing a high-volume evacuator. “With patients who have a hard time breathing through their noses and choke easily on water, [Hygovac Bio] is a lifesaver. I was able to use the high-volume evacuation on my own without struggling.”

Orsing believes future plastic materials should be made from renewable, raw materials. Hygovac Bio requires less material during manufacture, and when the products are recycled at the end of their life cycle, they release the same amount of carbon dioxide that was captured during the sugarcane cultivation process, leaving no footprint on the environment. “An environmentally friendly product is a great plus,” exclaimed Koska. Alcarez noted, “This was very ergonomically friendly and easy to use.”

Continuous Suction and Retraction
As a leading manufacturer of saliva ejectors and aspiration tubes, Orsing understands that dental professionals need constant suction while preventing the suctioning of tissue. Despite using less material during manufacturing, Hygovac Bio provides the same reliable suction as other Orsing evacuation products. Fremont said hygienists often need to hold the suction themselves when working alone. With this product, she noted, “Suction is made easier for the assistant, patient, and dentist. The ease of use creates a dryer, better working environment.” Sweet said, “I only use high-power suction for sealants, and I am doing this alone. Since the tip [on this aspirator tube] is shorter, it was easier to manipulate.” Laura Inman, RDH, considered Hygovac Bio a “good alternative to the saliva ejector,” providing “short suction and better control.”

Overall Satisfaction
Nearly all of our evaluators said they would recommend Hygovac Bio. Alcaraz described an exchange she had with a patient who said he was happy with his cleaning: “When I asked why, he referred to the suction. He was very pleased and felt that the cleaning was more pleasant because of the high-volume evacuation.”
Made of 100% biobased polyethylene from sugarcanes
Comes in 2 lengths, with the shorter version measuring 95 mm
Shorter length enhances ergonomics for the clinician
Same diameter and suction capacity as other Hygovac products
Reduces the use of fossil resources and carbon footprint
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Section A
  • 4.8
    Environmental friendliness

  • 4.4
    Provides continuous suction

  • 3.1
    Prevents drawing in/ suctioning of tissue

  • 3.7
    Variety of sizes- short and long

  • 3.7
    Ergonomics- design allows for comfortable grip and posture

  • 3.9
    Patient comfort

  • 3.7
    Ability to retract tissue

Section A AVERAGE : 3.9
Section B
  • 4.0
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.0

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B
Hygovac Bio
Directa Dental
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