StarDental Identafi® Oral Mucosal Visual Enhancement System

StarDental Identafi® Oral Mucosal Visual Enhancement System Evaluation

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Identafi Oral Cancer Screening Device

DentalEZ Group

Identafi uses 3 different wavelengths to enhance the visualization of mucosal abnormalities.

The Identafi oral cancer screening device was recently acquired by DentalEZ Group. The device features fluorescence and reflectance technology with 3 unique wavelengths and helps the dental professional combine enhanced visual examination with conventional tactile examination to provide a high standard of care, according to DentalEZ.

Fifteen evaluators, 8 hygienists and 7 dentists, participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation of Identafi.

Ease of Use

With regard to ease of use, 4 evaluators rated Identafi as excellent, 6 as very good, 4 as good, and 1 as fair. One evaluator, who rated ease of use and overall satisfaction as very good, said, “It was easy to use and demonstrate to patients.” This same evaluator also said, “The device is one more tool that... allows us to educate our patients in the importance of oral cancer screenings.” A hygienist with 19 years of experience cited “the smaller wand size” and “ease of use in the mouth” as what she liked best.

With regard to patient comfort/convenience during screening, 9 evaluators rated this feature as excellent, 4 as very good, and 2 as good. In addition, 3 evaluators rated time required to perform screening as excellent, 7 as very good, 3 as good, and 2 as fair.


DentalEZ will soon offer user guides and training to Identafi customers. Beginning in June, DentalEZ will include an Easy Quick Start Guide with each unit. Starting in September, DentalEZ will offer free in-depth user training conferences monthly. While this new training was not yet available for this evaluation, the evaluators were asked to rate the clarity of instructions they received with the unit.

Five evaluators rated this feature as very good, 7 as good, 2 as fair, and 1 as poor. One evaluator stated, “I am sure that this is a fantastic screening tool if I was just given better instructions on how to use it.”

Disposable Mouth Mirrors and Storage of System in Operatory

Identafi comes with disposable mouth mirrors. The evaluators rated the convenience provided by the mirrors, with 9 rating this feature as excellent, 3 as very good, and 3 as good. When asked what he would like to see improved, one dentist said, “The mirrors fog quite a bit.”

Evaluators were also asked to evaluate the storage of the system in the operatory. Three evaluators rated this feature as excellent, 4 as very good, 5 as good, 1 as fair, and 1 as poor (1 evaluator declined to comment). When asked what she liked best, one hygienist commented that Identafi was “not bulky.”

Visibility of Lights in Oral Cavity

According to DentalEZ, Identafi employs the Identafi Multi-Spectral Fluorescence and Reflectance technology. Using 3 distinct color wavelengths (white light, violet light, and green-amber light), this technology enhances the visualization of mucosal abnormalities such as oral cancer that could go undetected by the naked eye. The evaluators rated the visibility provided by the 3 lights in the oral cavity, with 6 rating this as excellent, 1 as very good, 4 as good, 2 as fair, and 2 as poor. When asked what she would like to see improved, one hygienist commented, “I’d improve the range of area illuminated with the violet lighting.” A dentist from Vandalia, OH, cited “great visibility in the oral cavity” as a feature she liked best.

Incorporating System and Persuading Patients

Evaluators were asked about the importance of ease of incorporating a system into the normal cancer screening when considering the purchase of an oral cancer detection device. Thirteen evaluators responded that it is very important and 2 responded important. Ease of incorporating Identafi was rated excellent by 4 evaluators, as very good by 7, as good by 3, and as fair by 1. Ease of persuading patients to have a screening was also rated with 6 evaluators rating this as excellent, 5 as very good, and 4 as good.

Overall Satisfaction

At the end of the evaluation, evaluators rated their overall satisfaction with Identafi. An evaluator with 29 years of experience said, “I now feel that this type of quick screening is absolutely essential and something that I deeply want to offer to all of my patients.” Another evaluator who gave Identafi an overall satisfaction rating of very good, said, “It was the most thorough cancer screening device I have tried.”

Evaluation Snapshot

StarDental Identafi® Oral Mucosal Visual Enhancement System
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