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The ergonomically designed implant instruments from American Eagle Instruments are crafted from medical grade titanium and will not scratch or damage titanium implants.


"I enjoyed the ability to actually feel that I was removing plaque, calculus and matria alba with ease," explained a Virginia hygienist who treats many implant patients at a Naval base. "Excellent instruments" is how a periodontist in practice for 15 years described the American Eagle Implant Instruments and continued, "I like the angles, shank and sharpness." Fifteen evaluators, a mix of hygienists, general dentists and periodontists'participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation of the American Eagle Implant Instruments. They used the instruments for 4 weeks and rated features such as handle weight and size, blade sharpness and thinness, working angles and the ability to access tight areas.

Handle Weight and Handle Size

Manufacturer Description: With the exclusive lightweight EagleLite resin handle, these instruments are designed to reduce hand fatigue. They measure 3/8 in diameter and are 4.275 long. 

Evaluator Feedback: When asked what they liked best about the instruments, 3 dentists liked the "weight" of the handle, and a New York hygienist responded, "The weight of the handle is really light and very easy to use." Fourteen of the 15 evaluators said handle weight was an "important" or "very important" factor to consider when purchasing an implant instrument. While 2 hygienists mentioned they would like to see a larger diameter handle, a New Jersey dentist disclosed that the instruments are "nicely balanced and sharp."

Blade Sharpness and Blade Thinness

Manufacturer Description: The sharp, effective implant instruments are 100% manufactured in the USA. They can be sharpened with a diamond or a ceramic stone and are cleaned and sterilized the same as any stainless steel instrument.

Evaluator Feedback: Regarding blade sharpness, a Missouri hygienist who works in a periodontist's office commented, "They are sharper than our current implant instruments so [I] didn't have to use much pressure when scaling around implants to remove deposits." This same evaluator would like to see "a thinner blade for anterior implants." When asked what she liked best, a periodontist who has been practicing for 20 years answered, the instruments are "very light and sharp." A New York hygienist liked "the sharpness and thinness" and further revealed, "These implant instruments were perfect for scaling implants."

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Working Angles and Ability to Access Tight Tissue Areas

Manufacturer Description: American Eagle's Implant Instruments include scalers with rounded toes to enable safe access to sub-gingival areas. Designed in 4 unique patterns (3 for posterior implants and 1 for the anterior), the instruments available are the 204S Scaler, the Barnhart 5-6, the Langer 3-4 and the Nebraska 128/Langer 5.

Evaluator Feedback: "I like the new blade because it is easy to access the tight tissue areas," shared a general dentist from Indiana. A hygienist in practice for 22 years reported, "I was impressed that it did acutely fit interproximal to adjacent teeth," and a general dentist who has been practicing for 22 years concluded that the instruments "handled similar to tooth related counterparts." A Florida periodontist, who rated all features of the instruments as excellent, liked best that they are "easy to use." In practice for 13 years, a Colorado general dentist revealed, "It did what it is supposed to do. It cleaned the implant." She continued, "I love it! My hygienist loved it! Peace of mind goes a long way in my practice when caring for patients."

Overall Satisfaction

All of the evaluators rated their overall satisfaction as excellent or very good, and all would definitely or probably recommend the instruments to a colleague. A hygienist from a perio office who sees a lot of implant patients said, "There is no comparison to the implant scalers we were using and I felt like I did a better job scaling the implants." She continued, "I don't know what else could improve this product. I really liked the instruments and we are now ordering them in our office." A periodontist from North Carolina concluded, "This has everything I would want in an implant instrument. [I] cannot think of any changes needed."

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