iVisor™ Loupe Visor and Shield Kit

iVisor™ Loupe Visor and Shield Kit Evaluation

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iVisor Loupe Evaluation

A reusable visor and face shield kit that protects from splatter to keep clinicians safe and comfortable


ivisor face maskEarlier this year when COVID-19 began to rapidly spread within the United States, thousands of dental professionals were faced with a sudden shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). To meet the unexpected increase in demand, manu­facturers quickly started producing a host of differ­ent PPE, which “felt rushed and poorly designed,” according to Dr. Bilyana Tesic. Knowing that she needed the extra security of a face shield to protect against spray and splatter of bodily fluids, an unfor­tunate but unavoidable consequence of dental pro­cedures, Dr. Tesic tried several different kinds of face shields and visors but was unable to find a solution that provided both visual clarity and splatter protec­tion. Discouraged, she was almost ready to admit that a functional face shield was impossible to find.


However, Dr. Tesic’s frustration quickly turned to optimism when she was introduced to Pac-Dent’s new iVisor Loupe, a reusable visor and shield kit that offers protection from splatter. “iVisor Loupe offers both visual clarity and splatter safety, while being comfortable and esthetically appealing,” shared Dr. Tesic. “It is ultra-light and downright comfortable to wear, does not fog, fits over my 3x loupe and light, and is long enough to offer neck protection from splatter.” Calling iVisor Loupe thoughtfully designed and well-made, Dr. Tesic was happy to declare, “FOUND: a fully functional and comfortable face shield!”


Fit & Comfort

“iVisor Loupe is so light and comfortable that I forgot it was on,” announced Dr. Clyde Ono, who said he would rate this product a 10+ for comfort. “It’s easy to wear, even during 10-hour days in the office.” Dr. Karyn Halpern agreed that “the fit of iVisor Loupe is awesome” and said it was the most comfortable face shield she has tried.


The fit is adjustable with a cinch cord, which Dr. Tesic said “makes it highly adjustable to different head sizes.” Dr. Ravichandra Juluri said the headband needed to have the ability to be tightened further, and Dr. Kent Jackson noted, “The shield fits better for female staff with hair pulled back to cushion the cinch cord.” Hygienist Brenda Buergi wondered if she needed a larger size visor because hers was tight and caused headaches, but she said the cooling vents helped keep her from overheating.


Calling it a high-quality PPE product that’s com­fortable and easy to assemble, Byron Davis, DDS, said the length that the visor sticks out from the forehead made it easy to wear with loupes and a headlight. Dr. Brandon Stapleton suggested “a flip visor to allow loupes and lights to fit better,” and Dr. George Jones said, “It was very light and comfort­able and worked great with the loupes themselves, but, unfortunately, it didn’t work as well with the loupe-mounted headlight.” After searching for a good face shield for months, Dr. Juluri was pleased with the light weight and durability of iVisor Loupe and said there was plenty of space be­tween the shield and the face to accom­modate his loupes and light.


Bilyana Testic, DDS

"iVisor Loupe
made my work
life easier. The
search is over.
iVisor Loupe is a

Byron Davis, DDS

"I think this is
the best shield
that can be worn
daily with

Ravichandra Juluri, DDS

"It's durable and
can be used with
all brands of
loupes and lights,
and I like the
different sizes
and colors."


Bilyana Tesic,
Monterey, CA
Byron Davis,
Okatie, SC
Ravichandra Juluri,
Dunlap, IL


Visibility & Anti-fogging

Noting that she liked the shield’s “crystal clear vision,” Buergi said the visor/shield allowed air to flow so there was no fogging. Dr. Ono said he had “no problem with visibility,” even while wearing loupes, and Michelle Wood, RDH revealed, “I could still see clearly and comfortably; even tilting my head was not a problem.” One hygienist reported that the shield fogged up during some procedures, while Dr. Juluri proclaimed, “It doesn’t get too hot or fog up.” He continued, “It’s durable and can be used with all brands of loupes and lights, and I like the different sizes and colors. Having multiple colors is good when multiple staff members use the visor.”


Protection & Curing Light Filter

“I have been using iVisor Loupe on every patient since receiving it and would give it a 10 out of 10 for performance and protection,” shared Dr. Ono. After wear­ing the face shield during many different dental procedures, Dr. Davis said he was amazed at how much splatter was on the shield, which was simple to clean with ap­propriate disinfectants. “I feel much safer with aerosol splatter,” he concluded. Dr. Jackson said the product is well-designed and blocks splatter effectively, and he especially likes the ability to easily replace the shield. Calling iVisor Loupe “well built, sturdy, and reusable,” Dr. Tesic said she appreciated the unique light-cure filter that’s built into the shield and praised “the level of attention to detail that went into designing this product.”


"I would give it a 10 out of 10 for performance and protection."
-Clyde Ono, DDS
Wilmette, IL


Overall Satisfaction

“I think this is the best shield that can be worn daily with comfort, and I already or­dered more,” said Dr. Davis, while Dr. Ono commended the comfort, protection, and performance of iVisor Loupe and said he would highly recommend it to others. Dr. Tesic summed up her experiences with this crucial piece of equipment by saying, “iVi­sor Loupe made my work life easier. The search is over. iVisor Loupe is a keeper.”



• A reusable visor and shield kit that offers protection from splatter

• Lightweight and comfortable with large vents to maximize airflow

• Adjustable visor and replaceable shields

• Anti-fog coating for optical clarity

• 3 sizes to fit over glasses, loupes, and lights

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 4.3

  • 4.3

  • 4.1
    Overall comfort of visor

  • 4.4
    Protection from splatter

  • 4.5

  • 4.7
    Convenience of being reusable

  • 4.3
    Anti-fog coating/ visual clarity

Section AVERAGE : 4.4
Section B
  • 4.1
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.1

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B


Press Release

Press Release

Press Release: iVisor™ Loupe Visor and Shield Kit

Pac-Dent is extremely excited to launch iVisor™ Loupe, the newest member of our popular iVisor reusable visor & shield kit line. This ultralight visor and shield kit is specifically engineered to provide the greatest user comfort while also easily accommodating any optical accessories such as loupes or lights under the face shield....

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