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Jiffy Universal Ceramic Finishing System Evaluation

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With the Jiffy Universal System, dental professionals can efficiently adjust and polish any ceramic material to achieve a truly smooth surface with a natural-looking finish.


Because of the hardness of newer ceramic materials, effectively adjusting and polishing ceramic dental restorations can be a challenge. If a restoration is not adjusted and polished correctly, it can result in microfractures and abrasion of the softer natural dentition of adjacent teeth. “There is typically a need to make at least some small adjustment on lithium disilicate and zirconia crowns,” explained Debra Haselton, DDS, and “having a product that will efficiently and effectively repolish the adjusted area is important.”

Ultradent’s Jiffy Universal Kits offer a universal system with all the components necessary to efficiently adjust and polish any ceramic material—both intra- and extraorally. “The [Jiffy System] worked well to adjust zirconia crowns, which can be rather difficult to adjust and repolish using conventional ceramic polishers,” noted Dr. Haselton. “I like the fact that it is a ‘system,’ so it is very clear which grit serves which function. It has allowed me to better streamline my zirconia crown deliveries when adjustments are needed!”

Dr. Haselton, along with the rest of our team of dentist evaluators, found that the Jiffy System is a truly universal polishing and adjusting solution that achieves a smooth surface with a high-quality, natural-looking finish.

Versatility and Variety

All of the grinders and polishers in the Jiffy Universal System work interchangeably on porcelain, lithium disilicate, and zirconia. Available as an Extra-Oral Kit and as an Intra-Oral Kit, the system conveniently includes all components necessary for finishing and polishing. “I am always looking for a solid and convenient system to polish ceramics intra- and extraorally,” shared Dr. Arthur Kwan, adding that the Jiffy System offers a “variety of shapes and sizes for any given situation.”

Dr. Glen Goldstein said he liked that the system is “universal” and that multiple bur steps can be consolidated into 1 step. “The versatility of the system is useful, as it can be used for conventional feldspathic porcelain, lithium disilicate, or zirconia,” Dr. Haselton pointed out. She added, “It is great that the RPMs are listed on the bur blocks, as it is important to ensure the proper use of the product!”

Dr. Mark Hildahl said he liked the “nice sequence from gross adjustment to final finish” and recommended that Ultradent “add a knife-edge shape.” Dr. Haselton would like to see a small inverted cone in coarse green and medium yellow added to the kit for restoring occlusal anatomy if needed. Dr. Steven Schwartz summarized, “[I] just found a product that solves a problem (difficulty polishing zirconium) better than any other product on the market.”

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Ease of Use

Dr. Joseph Dautremont said he was looking for “easier chairside intraoral ceramic polishing” and found that the Jiffy System is a “nice complete kit” that “works well” and results in “better outcomes chairside.” He did recommend that the shanks be slow-speed or high-speed compatible. “This was very simple to use” and gives “excellent results,” noted Dr. James Merrett after testing the Jiffy System in his Texas practice. “I was surprised how simple this product was to use, and how great a result I got with ease,” Dr. Merrett said, adding that the system is “kinder to the opposing teeth.”

When asked to provide 3 ways the Jiffy Kit impacted their practices, Dr. Kwan said, “convenience, ease of use, simplicity,” and Dr. Tom Morgan replied, “easy to use, very systematic, did an excellent job.” Calling the kit “nicely organized,” Dr. Alan Krause said he was able to perform quicker adjustments with the Jiffy Kit, and concluded, “Less chair time makes a happier patient.”

Quality of Finishing & Polishing

According to Ultradent, the specially formulated diamond grits provide optimal smoothness and outstanding polishing results, while still being gentle on processed materials. “The product provides a finish that rivals oven glazing in much less time,” reported Dr. Steven Oliver, and Dr. Morgan found that restorations were “quick and easy to polish.” Noting that it was “much easier to get a smooth finish after adjustment,” Dr. Merrett said, “It gave a finish comparable to the glaze.”

While searching for a system that would adequately polish porcelain and zirconia after adjusting, Dr. Richard Creaghe found that the Jiffy System did this “beautifully” and called it the “best polishing system I have used yet.”

Overall Satisfaction

Overall, the dentists who evaluated the Jiffy Universal System were very pleased with the product, thus deeming it a DPS Best Product. And Dr. Schwartz, who said he was “very satisfied and impressed” with this system, determined, “In a world of overhyping, this product more than delivered what it promised.”


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Jiffy Universal Ceramic Finishing System
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