Deldent Ultrasonic Scaler Inserts

Deldent Ultrasonic Scaler Inserts Evaluation

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Johnson-Promident’s Deldent ultrasonic inserts provide the same quality and performance as higher-priced inserts.

I found that the Deldent insert was very easy for me to use, accessed contours of teeth well, blasted calculus, and patients found it to be comfortable,” said one of the 13 dentists and hygienists who evaluated Deldent ultrasonic inserts.
Deldent inserts provide the same quality, performance, and warranty as other leading inserts, but for about half the price. Excellent craftsmanship and a wide range of styles ensure optimal access, and effective and efficient plaque and calculus removal


Plaque and Calculus Removal

Manufacturer Description:Deldent inserts provide users with the same plaque and calculus removal performance as other, higher-priced inserts, with a wide range of shapes and styles to meet clinician needs.
Evaluator Feedback:With comments such as “very good on calculus removal, easy to use,” and “great at removing tartar and calculus,” all 13 evaluators rated the ability to remove plaque and calculus as excellent, very good, or good, with 8 rating it as excellent.
“[It] had nice spray and was very good at removing stain and deposit,” said a hygienist who rated the inserts as very good. A dentist who gave the inserts an overall rating of excellent described Deldent as “overall, a good tip,” adding that, “the strength of the ultrasonic tip was useful in the removal of tartar.” A few evaluators commented on the spray, including a dentist who noted that “water tended to spray everywhere.”

Ease of Use and Access

Manufacturer Description:Deldent inserts fit all stacktype ultrasonic scaler units, including Cavitron and Parkell. A wide range of styles/configurations ensures optimal intraoral access.
Evaluator Feedback:All 13 evaluators rated both ease of use and ease of access as excellent, very good, or good. “My current unit had a tight fit and didn’t leak like the [other brand] inserts,” said an evaluator who reported that she would definitely purchase the inserts and recommend them to colleagues. The same evaluator went on to say, “In my Cavitron, the Deldent performed much better across the board, and I didn’t get water drips like I do with [other] inserts.” A dentist who noted that the all-metal straight 30K scaler he evaluated “became fairly warm during use” explained that, “per the manufacturer’s recommendation, thinner inserts like the one I evaluated should be used at low power to avoid breakage.” This evaluator, who gave the inserts an overall rating of excellent, then went on to say, “even at the lowest power, the insert worked well.”

When asked what they’d like to see improved, one evaluator noted, “Everything was up to standard except insertion was very tight.” A few evaluators said they thought some of the tips should be thinner, including one dentist who said it was “hard to access tight pockets due to the size of the tip,” and another who remarked that “they really need an ultra-thin tip.” This same evaluator went on to add, “The Deldent tips are just as good as the name brand ultrasonic inserts. They just need more, thinner shapes available.”

Patient Comfort

Manufacturer Description:Deldent’s ease of access improves procedure efficiency, which enhances patient comfort.
Evaluator Feedback:While not specifically asked to comment on patient comfort, a few evaluators cited this as one of the features they liked most. One such evaluator was a hygienist who described Deldent as much better than similar products, and noted, “My patients found [other] ultrasonics to sometimes be too intense for comfort. Deldent performed with better patient acceptance.” Another hygienist reported that “several patients did not think they were very comfortable.”

Overall Satisfaction

Overall satisfaction with Deldent was rated as excellent, very good, or good by all 13 evaluators. Eight evaluators said they would definitely or probably purchase the inserts, and 10 said they would definitely or probably recommend them to their colleagues.

Evaluation Snapshot

Deldent Ultrasonic Scaler Inserts
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