LOCATOR Retrofit for ERA Root Attachment

LOCATOR Retrofit for ERA Root Attachment Evaluation

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LOCATOR Retrofit for ERA Root Attachment System

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The LOCATOR Retrofit provides a simple, safe, and effective way to retrofit worn or damaged standard-sized ERA attachments.

Available from Zest Anchors, the LOCATOR Retrofit for ERA Root Attachment safely and effectively solves the problem of damaged or worn ERA attachments when removing a cemented ERA root post or cast ERA attachment would damage the supporting structure. Ce ment ing a LOCATOR Retrofit over the top of the ERA provides the patient with a new attachment right in the operatory.

The LOCATOR Retrofit kit includes 2 each of the following: the LOCATOR Retrofit, parallel post, and weep hole alignment pin. The LOCATOR males are sold separately in packs of 2. The system is designed for use with standard-sized ERA attachments only; it is not appropriate for micro-sized ERA attachments or when requiring a rigid connection.

Six dentists participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation, rating such features as value in upgrading a damaged ERA attachment, ease of use, and correct fit of the prosthesis after retrofitting.

Value to Practice

Four dentists rated LOCATOR Retrofit’s value in up grading a damaged ERA attachment as excellent and 2 rated it as very good. Two evaluators commented on its use for standard-sized ERA attachment only. One of these evaluators said it “should have other options to be comparable with other attachments so it can be used in a universal sense” and the other, an Alabama dentist who cited “good design and concept for retrofitting” as the feature he liked most, suggested that the manufacturer “make 1 for the micro ERA.” A Florida dentist with 53 years of experience said he would definitely recommend and purchase the product, noting that it “solves the problem with lack of retention of ERA.”

Ease of Use

Ease of chairside pickup of the LOCATOR denture cap male was rated by 4 evaluators. One evaluator rated it as excellent, 2 as very good, and 1 as good. The evaluators also rated ease of use of the weep hole alignment pin to align 2 attachments for outflow of saliva (1 as excellent, 4 as very good to good, and 1 as fair) and the ability to cement the Retrofit Attachment with or without first etching the metal (1 as excellent and 5 as very good). When asked what they’d like to see improved, 1 evaluator suggested “fewer small parts,” another suggested “some way to mechanically lock it in rather than just cement,” and a third said, “the weep hole and pin need refinement.” One evaluator, who called it much better than similar precision attachment systems, cited “ease of use and positive attachments” as the features he liked most.

Five evaluators rated clarity of instructions in specifying that the product is for retrofit of the Standard (not the micro-sized) ERA Attachment only. Three rated the instructions as excellent and 2 rated them as good to fair.

Retrofit Outcome

The LOCATOR Retrofit features a denture component with self-aligning capability to help the patient seat the prosthesis without damaging the attachment. Correct fit of the prosthesis after completing the retrofit was rated as excellent by 2 evaluators, as very good by 3, and as good by 1. When asked about patient response to retention of the prosthesis, 2 rated it as excellent and 4 rated it as very good. “Great retention,” said 1 evaluator. “The integrity of the denture is not compromised.”

Overall Satisfaction

Overall satisfaction was rated as excellent by 1 evaluator, as very good by 4, and as good by 1. Six dentists said they would definitely or probably purchase the LOCATOR Retrofit and recommend it to colleagues.

Evaluation Snapshot

LOCATOR Retrofit for ERA Root Attachment
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